10:50,only ten minutes from closing time at Liberty Federal

Bank.The small group could'nt get any faster in the souped up Cartel

Banshee."10:53! Hurry this up, we want people there.We aint doing a

sneak in job ya'know."said a slick spanish-type girl."We is a going

as fast as this beast goes."A look of anger entered the girls face.

"I dont give a shit! You take it faster or there will be a rather

large hole in that ugly columbian face of yours!" Without hesitation

the young Cartel worker went faster putting his foot at the gas


The other two Cartel men ignored the girls feeble threats and

continued loading the 12 guage shotguns.Other than the girl, know as

Catalina, was a young man."Hey John, you ready for this!"Asked one

of the Cartel men. John grinned as the speeding car went to a hault,

his brown coat was starting to show the two pistols tucked away.He

he put them back in and responded "Yeah fiirst job should be promising.

Hopefully we get the amount we want."

One of the Cartel laughed as he jumped out of the car and got his gun

in hand.Before they jolted in the bank they checked for cameras.None

in sight , but there was a single customer in line, with one teller.

"Okay we do this my way, or we go to jail.Me, Catalina, is not gonna

be seen in an orange suit due to one of you newbies."She looked over

to the driver and the young man. John Kayleson.John in quick

description, was a who was sick of the law, and wanted to live

his own life in his own rules.

The 4 people waltzed into the room sausion, while hiding their guns.

As the last customer left a voice was heard. "Excuse me, it is closing

time so if you could just..."Suddenly Carlos, the Cartel driver,

pulled his gun out and quickly shot the camera out. The others already

aiming their semi-automatics at the scared teller. The frightened

teller instintively raised the hands in the air, and waved them .

Carlos started whispering to them."She is signaling the police.We

hace to get out of here." Catalina just looked at him.

"Okay, you a better listen good,cuz' im only saying this once.Fill

this here suit case up with hundred dollar bills only. If any ink

grenades find their way into this here suit case, you will

have led in your head. If any cops are signalled you will

hace led in your head.Do you get that senoir!"Without looking back she responded

to the lady. "Y-yes. Here you go." She immediatly pulled out a small

steel box from the register compartment.

"Well open it where you are!" The girl reveiled 6 large staks of 100

dollar bills. "Good, now if you would like to live youd better fill

the suit case full of those bills.Catalina kicked the suit case to

the teller and the teller picked it up. "You have two minutes

hurry."said Catalina as if she was enjoying the fright of the bank teller.

She was wathcing the girl fill the case with the money.

"1 minute is up."Catalina reminded the teller.John just sat there and

stared at the escape door. He definetly wanted out of the current