I had an idea for a back-story for Sam and wanted to introduce a new character from his life.

This is set a few months after S2 finale when Sam and Andy are back at work and they are together.

Disclaimer: I do not own Rookie Blue.

Part One

"We need to find her!" said Jerry with a look that is mixed with worry and urgency.

"I know!" Sam replied.

"We can't have a vigilante cop from out west running around our city doing God knows what, Sammy."

"Well… let's see what we know about her. She came down because she was looking for the guys who hurt her child" Sam said as he was walking back and forth in the parade room, scratching the back of his head with his right hand.

"But we are still missing a huge chunk of the story" Jerry interjected "and while we are waiting for the background check on that cop, we are useless. Where is McNally anyway? Wasn't she supposed to be here by now? Wasn't she supposed to talk to someone out west who knows that cop? I mean, who is she? What the hell went on?"

"Relax buddy, ok?" If McNally is not here yet then she's still busy doing what you told her to do. I'll check on her in a few minutes if it will make you feel better". Before Sam could finish talking, Andy came in into the parade room. She didn't even look at Sam, which made him wonder if everything is all right. But, this was not the time for personal issues.

"So here's what I got" Andy began talking while looking only at Jerry. "After making a few calls to some of Frank's contacts out west I finally got to speak to her sergeant. Her name is detective Matilda Roe but everyone calls her Matty, which is why we thought she was a guy at first. About three months ago, her daughter, Brynn, was kidnapped by some gang members in retaliation of her arresting one of their leaders. They demanded his release for the girl. The police found where the girl was held and there was gunfire. Somehow, the girl was hit in the back and she has been paralyzed since - can't walk. Her sergeant said that Det. Roe has been grief stricken since and has taken some personal time to be with her daughter in the hospital and through rehab. Now here is where it gets interesting…" Andy continued to talk to Jerry while Sam listened closely. "Apparently, about a week ago, the doctors said to Det. Roe that her daughter might never walk again and that she should start making peace with it. According to her sergeant, that was her breaking point".

Before Andy could continue Sam interrupted her. "That's it?" he gave her a look as he always does when he's looking for answers, with both eyebrows raised. Only this time, he was also looking for a clue to what is it that is bothering her so much that she wouldn't look at him.

"Well, no!" she answered him while finally looking at him. "Her sergeant said that she went off the grid and he wasn't at all surprised to hear that she is here in the city. Apparently some gang members that kidnapped Det. Roe's daughter managed to escape and he heard that they came here but nothing was really concrete. And here's the kicker, he said that there is only one person who will know for sure what is going on with Det. Roe"

"Her husband?" Jerry asked eagerly.

"No!" Andy replied looking at him with an angry face.

"Then who, McNally! I'm not playing 20 questions here with you!" Jerry exclaimed.

"Her partner" Andy replied. Then she turned to Sam while tilting her head to the side a bit. Sam noticed that she is mad, really mad. And then Andy added "Detective Swarek. Detective Lillian Swarek."

Suddenly it all became clear to Sam. He couldn't address the issue right now with Andy.

He looked at Jerry and saw his astonished face.

"Swarek?" Jerry raised his voice while looking Sam in the eyes. "Is this a coincidence? Do you know her?"

"I do" Sam said in a calm voice. "Just give me a second, ok?". Sam took a step to the side of the parade room while both Andy and Jerry looked at him. They were both a bit surprised and angry at the same time but each of them for different reasons.

They saw Sam take out his cell phone and place a call. Sam was standing there breathing heavily as he waited for someone to pick up on the other end of the line but a voice mail service answered. Andy and Jerry could hear Sam leaving a message: "Hey Lily, it's me. Call me as soon as you get this! Something has come up and I need to talk to you… right now!". As he was done, Sam returned to Jerry and Andy. Both looked at him looking for answers. Sam turned to Andy and asked "Did the sergeant say anything about Lillian?"

Andy was still looking for answers from Sam but she knew that she needed to be professional and focus on the case. She shook her head and said "he said that Det. Swarek left the force two months ago and moved back here. Apparently she's a local". Andy looked at Sam as now she was the one looking for clues as to who this Det. Swarek is to Sam?

'Could it be an ex-wife?' She wondered… but there was no time for that.

"The sergeant also said that we will have better luck tracking her down here since he doesn't know her address or anything. She didn't contact him yet".

"Sam! What is happening?" Jerry raised his voice at Sam once again.

"I don't know Jerry, but I will fill you in as soon as I do. We need to find Lillian!" Sam yelled as he walked out of the parade room with determination.

Andy saw this behaviour before. It was obvious that he was worried about this woman – whoever she is to him. At his point, she didn't know whether to be mad at him, go help him or both. She knew that she needed to go after him and so she did.

Jerry joined as well. They saw Sam sitting at one of the computers in the squad room. He was entering data into the police database.

Before Andy and Jerry could see what he found, Sam already got up and said "McNally, grab your stuff we're going to visit Detective Swarek!".

"You found her?" Jerry asked.

"Yes, I did!" Sam stated.

"But… " Andy started as Sam looked at her. He gave her that look that she knew all too well – it was his T.O. look saying "Do as I say and I will fill you in later". "... Um...Ok…" Andy said and left to take her things.

As Andy was walking away, Jerry looked at Sam and said "I'm not comfortable with this Sammy. You guys are together now and…." Before he could finish, Sam interrupted him. "Everyone else are out canvassing, we are the only ones you've got. Don't worry so much!" Sam smiled at Jerry with that cheeky smile "We'll be fine".

"May I remind you that I still don't know what is going on here" Jerry smiled at Sam in return.

As Andy was walking away, she turned around to look at Sam and Jerry to maybe catch some of their conversation but she couldn't hear anything. 'This is going to be a disaster' she thought to herself 'what am I walking into? Who is this woman?'

When Andy came back to meet Sam, he was still standing there with Jerry.

"You're ready?" Sam asked.

"Yes" Andy replied. She noticed that Jerry didn't look as concerned as he was before. She figured out that Sam had filled him in already.

"Let's go, McNally" Sam said as he started to move towards the exit door.

Andy followed him but not before looking at Jerry with a confused look on her face. Jerry shrugged his shoulders and gestured her to follow Sam.

Just before they left the barn, Jerry yelled "Keep me posted!" and the barn door closed behind them.

They were driving for about five minutes without talking.

Andy struggled on how to start this conversation. She needed answers on a personal level but she also needed answers on a professional level and she didn't want to mix the two. On the other hand, 'how can mixing the two be avoided?' she thought.

"It's not what you think, Andy" Sam broke the silence with a calm voice.

'Andy... so this is personal' she thought to herself.

"What am I thinking?" Andy asked as she looked at Sam with one eyebrow raised.

Sam was reassured a bit since he knew that expression on her face. He knew that she might be still mad but at this point she was just looking for answers. "She's not my ex, Andy. Ex-wife... I don't have one" he replied.

Andy sighed with relief. She knew Sam heard her and she didn't care. "Well, I know she's not your sister. Unless... you have another one that you haven't told me about?"

"No, there's only Sarah" Sam replied and smiled at Andy.

Andy smiled back. At that moment they were both at ease. But Andy wasn't finished with him yet. She wasn't about to let him off the hook that easy. "Sam, seriously, what is going on? Who is she?"

"Lily is my little cousin" Sam spoke as he was looking at the road "we grew up together and got very close. I do consider her my baby sister. It's just how we grew up" Sam finished the sentence looking at Andy.

"You are so close and yet you didn't know she was back in town" Andy asked in a tone that wasn't meant to be judgmental but curious.

"I guess it seems weird" Sam replied. "She moved out west because she wanted to become a copper on her own merits and abilities. She didn't want to be 'Officer Swarek's cousin' or 'the other Officer Swarek'. We kept in touch. She would call, I would call and we would talk every week. Then she met a guy and I started working undercover a lot so we lost touch a bit. She married that guy and took his name. That's how I found her, she's Lillian Porter now." Just as Sam finished talking, they were already pulled over in front of a house. Sam got out of the car and Andy followed.

They came up to the front door and Sam knocked.