Sharpay sighed, running her hand through her hair. She'd found her laptop. The one Rachel confessed to breaking. She couldn't be that mad at her. She did say to not be sorry about something that happened in the past, and Rachel was right; it happened in the past. She was still upset that it happened. All the kids' baby pictures were on that laptop. Now they're gone. Completely. She was sure there was a way to get them back, but she didn't even want to deal with it right now.


Sharpay looked over to the doorway and she smiled, seeing Rachel. "Hi, Honey."

"I'm sorry about your computer."

"Come here."

Rachel sucked on her bottom lip before walking over to Sharpay. As she was picked up and placed in her mother's lap, she rested her head on her shoulder.

"How come you were playing with my laptop?" Sharpay asked.

Rachel shrugged. "I dunno… I just wanted to see how it worked. You never let me on the computer."

"Sweetie, you and Mikey have your own computer to play on. This laptop is Mommy's laptop for all of our personal stuff."

"Like what?"

"Pictures, medical records, allergies, shot records, hospital visits."

"I'm sorry, Mommy…" Rachel said as her voice cracked.

"Don't cry," Sharpay said, running her hand over Rachel's back and kissing her head. "I'm sure there's a way to get it back. But my point is, you keep your hands to your own stuff so this doesn't happen again, okay?"

Rachel sniffled and she nodded. "Kay…"

"Okay… Wanna start our lazy day? I think Daddy's getting ready to leave in a little bit."

"Can we make it a lazy week?"

"Nope, you have school on Monday."

"That's why I wanted the lazy week."

"Wheeere's Katy?" Sharpay asked, draping a receiving blanket over Kaitlin's head. "Where'd you go, Katybug?"

Kaitlin babbled loudly and pulled the blanket off her face and Sharpay tickled her belly. "There she is!" Sharpay said, kissing Kaitlinn's cheek.

Kaitlin laughed, kicking her feet and her chubby hands buried themselves into her mother's newly dyed red hair.

"Ah, ah, ah. I know what you're gonna do. Don't pull Mommy's hair. It's not nice," Sharpay said, getting Kaitlin's hands from her hair. "I love you, but I don't love it when you pull my hair."


Sharpay looked at Kaitlin for a few seconds. "Oh my god… Peyton! Come here! Quick!"

"What! What's wrong? What happened?" Peyton asked, running into the living room.

"She said my name!" she said, picking Kaitlin up and kissing her cheek. "Oh, I'm so proud of you!"

"Good job, Katy. Mommy almost gave Daddy a heart attack."

Kaitlin laughed and gave Sharpay a sloppy kiss on the cheek before laying her head down on her shoulder. "Are you tired?" Sharpay asked. "We're gonna start our lazy day as soon as Daddy leaves."

"Oh, so I'm not worthy enough to stay for your lazy day? Those are the best kind of days."

"Well, it's a Mommy and kids lazy day. We'll have a Mommy and Daddy lazy day next weekend. Maybe I can convince Troy and Gabriella to baby sit for a day or two."

"No. They like Troy better than me."

"Only because he teaches them how to play basketball. I'm not leaving my kids with Chad."

"Smart choice. Troy and Gabriella it is."


Sharpay looked towards her bedroom door, hearing the front door close. That was Troy's voice. He hardly ever came in without ringing the doorbell first. She let out a small breath and carefully sat up, not wanting to disturb Katy, who was sleeping on her chest, or wake up Michael and Rachel. Once she got off of the bed, she walked downstairs and put up with Troy in the middle of the staircase. "What is it?"

"Gabriella's in labor. She wants you at the hospital. You weren't picking up your phone."

"I must have been asleep. I just woke up about five minutes ago. Is she okay?"

"Yeah, she's just scared. But we have to go. Like, now."

"Help me get the twins to the car. I have to get Katy's carseat out of mine."

"We'll just take your car, but I'm driving."

"Fine, get the twins."

"What? Why do I have to get both of them by myself?"

"Unless you want a baby sucking on your tits, you'll get the twins."

"I'll get the twins," he said, walking past her.

Once they got to the hospital, Sharpay was assured that a daycare assistant would take good care of the kids. She was hesitant, but when she heard Gabriella start cussing the nurses out, she and Troy quickly got the kids situated and got into the delivery room.

"I hate you!" Gabriella shouted, squeezing Troy's hand.

"I know, I know, it's all my fault; please don't break my hand. The right one is very important," Troy said.

"Only because it's your best friend when Gabi says 'no sex'," Sharpay said.

"That is not true."

"Yes it is," Gabriella said.

"One more long push, Gabriella, and your baby will be here," the doctor said.

"You said that three pushes ago," Sharpay said. "You did the same thing to me when I had my kids."

"You had your kids in New York," Troy said.

"Not Katy."

"Can we focus on me, and not where the kids were born?" Gabriella asked.

"Alright, Gabriella; push long and hard," the doctor said.

Sharpay's eyes widened when Gabriella's grip got tighter, and she let out a small whine, catching Troy's attention.

"Now you know how I feel," Troy said.

"Oh my god, I feel so bad for Peyton," Sharpay said.

Their attention moved to the doctor once they heard a scream, which was Gabriella, and then the most beautiful cry in the world. Sharpay smiled as the doctor held the baby boy up and she looked over to Troy, who had tears forming in his eyes.

"Oh my god Troy, look at him… He's gorgeous," Gabriella said as her voice cracked while the doctor handed the baby to her.

Troy kissed her head and nodded. "He is."

"He's beautiful," Sharpay said. "And you said you couldn't do it. You did it."

"It hurt like hell," Gabriella said.

"Well, of course it did. You just pushed a baby out of a quarter sized space that strethches to the size of a grapefruit."



Gabriella looked at the baby for a few seconds, before looking at Sharpay. "You know, we're the twins and Katy's godparents. I think it's only fair you return the favor and agree to be his godmother."

Sharpay looked at Gabriella for a few seconds and smiled. "…Really? Seriously? You mean it?"

"Yeah. You're an amazing mom. There's no one else I'd rather leave him with than you in an emergency."

"That's really flattering, Gabi…"

"Sooo, is that a yes?"

Sharpay laughed a little and nodded. "It's a yes."

"Gabriella, if you could hand the baby over to someone, I'm going to clean you up and then we'll get the baby weighed and measured," the doctor said.

"You wanna hold him?" Gabriella asked, looking at Sharpay.

"Of course," Sharpay said as Gabriella handed the baby to her.

Sharpay walked over to a chair in the corner of the room and she sat down, smiling at the little boy as she looked at him. "…You are a very, very special little boy, you know that? You are… Your mommy and daddy were told they couldn't have babies, and then you came along. Right on time, too," she said. She couldn't help but keep a big grin on her face. He was beautiful. She almost felt like she was the one that had given birth to him because she was so proud that he was finally here.


Sharpay looked at Troy, not noticing that he'd walked over to her. "…What?"

"His name is Hayden Andrew."

Sharpay smiled. "You named him after me? Why?"

"Well, because you're my best friend. Always have been, always will be. Besides. Sharing a name with his favorite auntie is special. Now we have two Haydens."

"That means a lot, Troy…"

"I know it does. That's why we did it. You mean a lot to us, too."


"Really. Don't forget it."

Sharpay smiled and she stared at Troy for a few seconds. "Thank you."

Troy grinned. "Anytime," he said, pecking her lips lightly.

Sharpay winced as the front door creaked open. She and the kids were just now getting home from the hospital. It was almost midnight and she felt bad for having the kids out so late, but she didn't wake them up. She let the sleep. Troy walked in after her with the twins in his arms and she closed the door behind him quietly.

Once they got upstairs, Sharpay put Katy in her crib and she helped Troy with the twins. Once they were done, they met up in the hall, staring at each other for a few seconds.

"So…" Sharpay started. "Thanks. For helping me get the kids in. Naming Hayden after me. Making me his godmother. Allowing me to witness his birth."

"Is there more?" Troy asked playfully.

Sharpay laughed a little. "Thank you for being the bestest best friend ever. I don't know what I'd do without you."

"I don't know what I'd do without you. I think I would have been a nervous wreck if you hadn't come to the hospital. It means a lot to Gabriella, too."



Sharpay smiled and stared at Troy for a few seconds, before he broke the silence. "Well, I better get back up to the hospital. She'll kill me if I don't get back soon."

"Okay… Congratulations. He's beautiful. And thanks again."


Sharpay and Troy looked at each other for a few seconds, and they both leaned in a little. Troy closed the gap between them and kissed her lips lightly, resting his hand on her cheek. Sharpay returned the kiss, placing her hands on his neck and they finally pulled away after about thirty seconds.

"Um…" Sharpay started.

"I-I'm sorry… I shouldn't have done that…"

"It's fine. Don't worry about it. Go be with your wife."

"Are you sure?"

"Yeah. She needs you. Go."

Starpay watched Troy walk downstairs and she let out a small breath, running her hand through her hair. This is gonna be a twister.