Chubby Luffy

by LuffySama

Pairing: Sanji x Luffy, Sanlu

Summary: Sanji has a new challenge, to fatten Luffy up!

Warnings: Yaoi and future M-rated action.

Day 21.

The smell of sugar and fruit permeated the galley.

Candied apples. Toffee banana fritters. Blackforest cherry gateau. Fruit splits. Jelly surprises. Mango trifles. Day after day, Sanji prepared dishes of beautifully prepared fruit desserts just for his captain.

Luffy was not in the least suspicious, gobbling it all down without a second hesitation. In fact, the captain had been rather attached to Sanji after such a change in feeding habits. Sanji almost considered Luffy to be a pet who had automatically grown closer to the hand who fed food.

Luffy was there now, sitting on the table and slurping down the last of his tropical cream trifle, stuffed with goji berries and mango chunks. He whistled as he patted his tummy.

"Delicious. Thank you Sanji!" He grinned.

An arm extended out to give Sanji the last plate to wash. Sanji dunked the licked-clean dish into the warm soapy water.

By the time he was finished washing and turned around, Luffy's eyes were already drooping with post-feeding sleepiness. Sanji dried his hands on his towel as he walked over with a smile, then pet the boy's tangled dark locks of hair. Luffy was remarkable cute, not to mention quiet, when he was properly fed.

Luffy hummed and closed his eyes, rubbing his head up into the hand.

"Mm sleepy," He mumbled incoherently, promptly dropping back down onto the wooden table. His legs swung in mid air, nudging against Sanji's legs.

Sanji smirked.

Luffy had conked out to sleep. Now was his chance.

Hands nervously reached to unbutton down the red vest. Luffy's body was revealed, and Sanji's hand trembled slightly as he touched the soft flesh, ecstatic with the visible results.

Luffy was gaining weight.

Luffy was getting fatter!

Sanji almost squealed in delight as he ran his hands lovingly over the now tenderly soft chubby flesh, now covering up all that lean muscle of Luffy's body. His nipples looked rounder and pinker. There was a gentle slope towards his tummy where most of the fat had gathered, creating an attractive cushioned bulge. His shorts clung tightly to his hips, his now chubby hips squeezed out a little over the top.

"Sugei," Sanji murmured, stroking the soft chubby body, even pinching it from area to area to measure the fatness.

Luffy snored loudly and hummed under the soothing touches.

"Beautiful," The chef commented to himself again, grabbing two handfuls of Luffy's hips for a good squeeze. "I wonder…"

Tentatively, he grasped the hips and pulled the boy closer off the edge of the table. His hands supported the weight of Luffy's lower body, and he delighted in the feel of Luffy's chubby thighs through the thin denim shorts.

God, he murmured, his larger hands squeezing the two fleshy arse cheeks. They were perfect!

"He has gotten fat hasn't he."

Sanji whipped his head around, turning bright red at the surprise voice.

Zoro was chuckling. Shoving Luffy back onto the table, the chef brusquely buttoned the red shirt back up. He felt embarrassed for having let his guard down – if anyone else had seen… Sanji shuddered.

"Put that booze back, Marimo," he grunted, straightening himself up.

The Marimo head grumbled.

"It's a small price to pay," the swordsman retorted. "I'm letting you make our captain turn into a ball of chubb. Don't you think that's worth a few bottles?"

Sanji raised an eyebrow. "Oh? So that's why you're keeping your mouth shut."

"Partly," Zoro chirped happily. "Also I want to see where this is going."


The blonde chef lit his cigarette impatiently, mildly irritated that his time had been cut short exploring Luffy's new body. He eyed Zoro suspiciously as the swordsman sauntered over to the table. A strong arm reached out, coarse hand sliding up the red vest and exploring…

Sanji gritted his teeth and kicked the hand away furiously.

"Ahoka! What do you think you're doing Marimo!" He blasted.

Zoro winced slightly as he shook his bruised hand, but there was a smug smile on his face.

"Thought so," he laughed, as he headed for the door. "You're so obvious."

Sanji shook his fist as the swordsman made his escape with three bottles of prime rum. He sighed however, realizing that it was indeed a small price to pay for his dignity. If any of the other crew mates had discovered what he was trying to do, he would probably never be able to live it down.

Trying to get Luffy fat? What kind of perversion was that?

He ran a hand through his hair in frustration.

Luffy was still snoring away on the table, oblivious in his food coma.

Sanji swallowed thickly.

Really, he wondered. What kind of perversion was that? Was he seriously that fascinated by Luffy's soft round body? Was he, dare he even think it… attracted to those types of curves?

His mouth felt dry as he stubbed out the cigarette.

Luffy's body.

Carefully, he lowered his face to press against the soft flesh of Luffy's tummy.

"Sugei," he couldn't help repeating, rubbing his cheek against the smooth flesh. His hands kneaded at the rounded hips, squeezing gently and massaging the plumper body. He was so absorbed, that he had not noticed the boy beginning to sit up.

"Nnn…Sssanji?" Luffy grumbled.

"Nnn…Sssanji?" Luffy grumbled.

Sanji froze.

Shit! His mind screamed. He jerked away quickly, turning a bright red as he stumbled across the galley.

Luffy sat up, eye's suddenly wide and alert.

"What were you doing?" He blinked, looking down at his crumpled red vest, still revealing his tubby tummy. "Were you using me as a pillow?"

Sanji spun around to hide his face, hurriedly looking for his packet of cigarettes. His heart pounded as he hurriedly slid one out of the packet and rushed to light it. Once he had the fag between his lips, he felt infinitely more relaxed. He sighed.

"Of course not, Ahoka," Sanji said finally.

"Hnnn," Luffy didn't sound entirely convinced. "You were lying on top of me."

"I was… I was checking for your pulse."

"In my tummy?" Even for Luffy, the excuse was feeble. "That's not where my heart is."

Sanji laughed nervously. "I was.. I was checking for your tummy pulse. It tells me what you want to eat the next time you're hungry."

"Really! Wow!" The captain's eyes widened. "In that case, listen some more! I want some meat this time. Lots of meat!"

Before Sanji could speak, he felt two hands grab his face. The elasticated arms snapped back, dragging Sanji's head and his body along until his face was smushed against Luffy's soft tummy again. Sanji spat his cigarette out in surprise, face heating up rapidly as Luffy rubbed his tummy against him.

"Hear it?" Luffy grinned. "Meat!"

"Ahoka," Sanji yelled, grabbing the boy's hips.

So soft.

He rearranged himself onto his knees, finding himself staring at the smooth flesh again where he had imprinted his face.

"Ahoka," he whispered.

Then leaned forward to kiss Luffy's tummy.