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It is a quiet world, standing behind this unassuming pane of glass and looking through into the realm of the likewise unassuming mortals.

I see them. They do not see me.

I've watched them for a few days now, running amongst each other like rats scurrying to their next meal, desperate and angry and careless. They remind me of someone…

That is usually when I choose to tune them all out.

The mirror I inhabit is but an easier method of observing the creatures without the need to step over fully into their world. I am on Earth, true enough; in the realm, in the world.

But I am also not. Not fully. Not yet.

I seek to watch them for a time before deciding whether they warrant my merciful intervention….

So far I am disgusted, for the most part. I come here every day and watch them from the mirror attached with no true purpose to the side of this large and useless building filled with fashion stores and loud demanding patrons. The mortals on the street pass me by.

They do not see me. But I see them.

I see them stop and look into the glass, primp their hair and straighten their ties. Smile and pick at their teeth. I struggle to fight the urge to reach through to the other side and knock those horrid, revolting teeth down into their throats.

By the second week I am done. If the entire Earth is like this, it deserves more to be destroyed than conquered.

But I will not give up on them entirely. They are in such a desperate way, after all….

And so I move, silent and cold and invisible, to another mirror in another corner of the world.

And I start my observation over again.

I find it amusing really, how bright the fates smile down upon me. It is dark here in this reflection, but I was drawn inexplicably to it so many weeks into my research. Something called me here, a keen of shuddering power that rattled through to the other world I inhabit; the still, unloving world of the Earth's parallel, its mirror existence, a void of nothing but the exact likeness of all that it is…only silent, unassuming, and so, so cold…

I can hear them talking, hear the unease in this mortal's voice and the sharp, commanding bark of the other's.

I can see the thing that called to me, its blue glow bright and crackling with an energy that longs to exist in my veins, to course through them and bring me to a higher state of being. It is something that pulls at me like nothing else, threatening to bring me from my shadow-world into the hot loud rage of the real.

Instead, I whisper to this mortal, this nervous wreck of nothing that is so brittle and weak I feel I could crush him with but the right hum in my voice:

"Well, I guess that's worth a look…."

And he falls into my hands like the loosest of women.

As the glow is cast back into its solitude I can only smile at the men who so carefully stare and whisper and seek to protect it.

I believe I may spare the Earth its destruction.

They are intelligent after all, and in need of guidance.

"I could guide you, little humans. I could rule you."

I shake my head and sink back into my non-existence.

I can hear them. They cannot hear me.

Another cast of fate, I feel, has brought me to this window to the world. I am uncertain at first as to what it was that has brought me, aside from an itch in the recesses of my mind teasing me to stop and wait.

I am confused, here. It is not often I bother with looking into the lives of the mortals personally.

But then I see you.

Short in stature and fiery in spirit, I see you, striding past this oh so unassuming mirror with your nose pressed into your precious little notebook. And I know instantly who you are.

And I think I know why I am here.

And I think I know why I shall stay.

You, Jane Foster, are a mortal worth observing.

Yeah. Mirror-Loki. Done before, yes. But I love the thought of him just...watching. And I'm trying to tap into Avengers-Loki a little more-it's great fun. ^.^

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