Warnings: Suggestiveness, just plain twistedness XD

Written by request


Draco was in ecstasy. He ran his hands along the perfect roundnesses, squeezing to appreciate the firmness of the curves. The smooth skin thrilled him, left him breathless. He pressed his face into a bottom dimple, inhaling the sweet scent. He nipped, loving the way the flesh gave in under his teeth. Running his tongue along the opening, he savored the sweet juices inside. He didn't notice the two shadows just outside the shed door.

Lucius pressed his hands against his eyes and rubbed, as if trying to erase the sight of his son rolling around in a pile of apples. "How much must I pay you this time to hush this up?" he asked the farmer.

"Twenty galleons."

"That's highway robbery!"

"Well, I can't sell them apples, now that they've been... violated."

Lucius sighed and started counting coins. He slapped them into the farmer's outstretched palm, then marched into the shed and grabbed Draco by the ear and dragged him back home to Malfoy Manor.


"Dear Mr. and Mrs. Malfoy,

Thank you so much for the apple-scented, bubble bath, shampoo, and lotion. I love them so much, I'm going to use them all every day. You can be sure I will be apple-scented when I attend Draco's party this Saturday.

Sincerely Yours,

Astoria Greengrass


"Alone at last," Draco sighed. He rolled the shiny green apple between his hands, then brought it to his lips. The crisp crunch it made as he bit into it was almost as delicious as its flesh. "There is nothing in the world as beautiful as you," he said, "I will devour you until there is nothing left." He moaned as the juice ran down his chin.

There was a pounding on his bedroom door. "What are you doing in there?" his father demanded.

"Nothing! Can't I have some privacy?" Draco shoved the apple under his pillow, then undid his trousers and untucked the front of his shirt. Just as his father Alohamora'd the door open, Draco shoved one hand down the front of his pants. "Can't a bloke have a wank in peace?"

Lucius blinked and turned red. "Oh, I-thought you might be up to... never mind." he turned and hurried out of the room, slamming the door shut behind him.

Draco got the apple out from under his pillow. "Now, where were we, my love?"