Prompt Word: Lost (or Alone… or even Lesson)

Summary: Donna writes from the heart; or is it from someone else's.

Disclaimer: I own the paper this is written on, for what that's worth.

A/N: Written for the Big Bang Challenge at bbcland.

Lost Rain In My Heart


"It rained today. Not much, but enough to make a difference. Enough for me to know.

I reached out to touch a leaf as small globules of water caressed its surface, like pearls of wisdom on the platter of life; sitting there without being absorbed into the tissue beneath. Harmless, life-giving, rain.

I knew in that moment how much I missed you; how much I wanted to reach out and caress your skin one more time… but I can't. I can never do so again. For you are lost to me forever, always out of reach, always a breath away like a word on the tip of my tongue.

I need you so much; far more than a leaf needs the rain. You are my life, my heart, my song. Where you go I will follow. You are my point of pilgrimage, my anchor, my soul. And you have gone, beyond my realm to exist for another.

All I feel is numb as the rain falls upon me without washing me away. I held life once. I held it within my grasp and secured it against my chest. Only once; then it was gone. And I wept. I wept for me, but most of all I wept for you. There is no one else who will anymore.

The wind will change, the clouds will part, and the sun will shine once more. But why will I care? It will always rain within my heart to fill the void you left behind. I feel you there; so there you'll stay. Forever."

She stood trembling, clutching the piece of paper that held her precious words; hoping against hope that someone would say something nice or at least be a bit encouraging.

"Yes, but what does it mean, Donna? Who are you writing about?" the evening class teacher asked as the whole of the creative writing group gazed at her in puzzlement.

Donna stood there in a daze, unable to form any words let alone a cognitive thought. "I don't know," she admitted, speaking very softly. "Just someone I dream about sometimes."

"Sounds like her fancy man," joked the man sitting closest to her, trying to lighten the mood that had descended upon the class.

"Or her complete fantasy man," someone else put in, and a few people chuckled.

"He was real," Donna stammered out before she could stop herself. The trouble was she had no idea who this 'he' was. All she knew was the fact he meant a great deal to her; had meant the world and even the universe to her.

Why had she broadened that thought out to include the universe? How weird had she become since her accident? Not that she tended to tell people about it, or the fact she had mysteriously lost almost two years of her memories. All gone now…

The teacher noticed her discomfort, and smiled sympathetically as she said, "Thank you, Donna."

For some reason Donna waited for the word 'brilliant' to be added; but it never was.