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"Danny, we've got some news." Travis' words echoed in Danny's mind. News. That's what he'd heard in his dream. Right before…

"What news?"

"They finished the tests on Nicholas." Travis slowly let a smile creep onto his face. "Everything's gonna be fine. No brain damage."

Danny was glad he was sitting down at that point otherwise he feared he may have collapsed. He couldn't find a way to speak; the relief was too much for him, rendering him unable to string two words together. He could only smile back at Travis who patted his shoulder.

"The doctor is gonna bring him back down here in a minute, ok?" Danny nodded at Travis' words. "I just have to run back to Nicholas' flat, he asked me to grab his bags." Before Travis could leave, Danny found his voice again.

"He asked you… he's awake then?"

"Yep, and already asking to see you." Danny's joy felt indescribable. He watched Travis leave the room and only a few minutes later, Nicholas was wheeled into the room.

"Hey." Danny said, standing up and approaching the bed.

"Hey yourself." Nicholas' voice was still weak but the smile he gave showed that he was ok.

"Should I ask how you're feeling, or is that a stupid question?" Danny gave a small laugh when Nicholas smacked him on the back of the head.

"You got off lightly, that's only cos the bin is too far away." The pair smiled as Danny pulled his seat over and dropped into it. Nicholas soon noticed the expression on his partners face was a far cry from the usual happy one. "Danny, what is it?"

"I'm sorry, Nicholas."

"I… Huh?" Nicholas didn't understand. "Sorry for what?"

Danny was once again unable to get his words out, but this time it was due to the sobs he was trying to fight back. "I… I'm sorry for leaving you."

"Leaving m…" it suddenly dawned on Nicholas what Danny meant. "Oh, no no no… Danny, don't you be thinking like that."

Danny looked up from where his gaze had been pinned to the floor. "But… I thought you… I assumed that you thought it was…"

"What? You thought I'd blame you for what happened?" Nicholas couldn't believe it.

"You should. This is all my fault."

"No, Danny. None of this is your fault."

Hearing Nicholas say those words, hearing them actually come from his mouth, gave Danny a bit more reassurance that they were the truth. Travis may have told him that it wasn't his fault and he may have said it on Nicholas' behalf, but hearing it come directly from his partner had been what he needed. He felt a hand grab his own.

"Promise me you won't ever think this was your fault." Danny's nod wasn't enough for Nicholas, who tilted his head and waited to hear the words.

"I promise."


Travis arrived about half an hour later with Nicholas' things and after a brief discussion, he had to leave to do "a considerable amount of paperwork."

After Travis had left and the doctors had done another quick check on Nicholas' vitals, he motioned for his bag.

"Danny, can you grab something from my bag for me?"

"Sure, where is it?"

"It's just in that little front pocket. No, the other… yeah, in there." He watched as Danny reached in and pulled out the only item that was in there. He couldn't stop the smile creeping onto his face as Danny's eyes lit up at the Big Ben beer opener in his hand.

"Thanks, Nicholas!" he grinned.

"Well, I promised, didn't I?"


Once Nicholas was released from hospital, he and Danny were driven back to Sandford. Nicholas had insisted he was fine to take the train, but Danny had insisted he didn't. Once they reached Nicholas' cottage, it was agreed that Danny would crash there for a few nights, just to be there if Nicholas needed any help. Well, it was more Danny forced Nicholas to agree.

"Why? I appreciate the offer, Danny, but I'm fine."

"But I wanna be here if you need me. And no you're not fine, you almost died. Twice! So you are definitely not fine."

"Can't we just agree to disagree?"

"Not this time, Nicholas. I'm staying."

So there Danny was, sleeping in the spare room in Nicholas' cottage. The first night was fine, as Nicholas was so tired that he was out before his head hit the pillow. Danny remembered wondering to himself how someone who had spent most of the past week unconscious could possibly be tired.

It was the second night when the problems started.

According to the clock, it was about 1:30am when Danny was woken up by a noise. At first he couldn't figure out what it was, but after a few moments he realised that it was coming from down the hall. From Nicholas' room. Danny shot out of bed, rushing along the corridor before opening Nicholas' door.

His friend was lying on the bed, his arms thrashing about, his head turning from side to side. As Danny stepped closer to the bed, he noticed tears were pouring down his cheeks and he was mumbling something. It sounded like "Let me go."

Danny wasn't sure what to do. He knew it wasn't always a good idea to wake people up when they were having a nightmare, but he was worried that Nicholas might hurt himself. He approached the bed and reached out a hand to Nicholas' shoulder. The second he touched him, his eyes shot open and his arms began to wave about in an attempt to hit away the intruder.

"Nicholas. Nicholas!" Danny felt awful grabbing Nicholas' wrists the way he did, but it was the only way he could prevent either of them being injured. "Nicholas, stop. It's me."

Nicholas' movements came to a halt and he blinked a few times before staring back at him. "Danny?" he then moved his gaze to the hands holding his wrists. Danny realised his mistake and quickly released him.

"I'm sorry for scaring you, Nicholas. But you seemed to be having a nightmare…" Danny crouched next to the bed. "I didn't know what to do."

"S'ok…" Nicholas began. "I'm sorry for freaking out… it's just…" he looked back down to his now free wrists. "That's what he did…" Danny understood what he meant and shook his head, sitting on the edge of the bed and putting his arm around his friend as he began to cry into his shoulder.

"I didn't realise." Danny let him sob, not wanting to tell him to stop. He knew first hand that people telling you to stop crying is the last thing you want to hear when you're upset. So he let him cry. "It's ok though, Nicholas. He's not gonna get you now. You're safe now."

And Nicholas knew that he was.