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Chapter 1 – Home


I'm sitting in the back of a cab, trying hard not to fall asleep. I look out the window and it's already dark outside. I barely see the buildings and the people walking outside as we pass by them. The streets lamps are almost blinding my sleepy eyes. I'm exhausted, I feel like I left home three days ago and have been on planes and taxis the whole time since. It hasn't been that long, though; only hours. Painfully long hours.

I didn't truly leave home either, since it wasn't my home anymore; and it's the reason why I'm here. The place I've been calling home for the past four years was in France; Paris to be more precise. Living there has been bliss. Well, expect for the last couple of months when everything started to fall apart and the desperate need to escape grew inside of me.

I'm back in Seattle now, to my old apartment. I haven't been in this city, in this country for a while; since last Christmas when I last visited my parents, I think. Alice will be thrilled that I'm back, I know that she misses having me around. This unexpected turn of events will definitely make her happy, even though it means we'll have to share the apartment I'd been sub-letting her, at least until we come up with an arrangement. Because even though she's my baby sister and I love her, I know we can't stand living with each other for too long. Her natural exuberance is really enjoyable, but when you live with her it can get quickly draining. And the mere thought of all the girly pink and purple shit she decorated the place with gets me nauseous.

The cab finally parks in front of the building and I get out, pulling out the three bags from the trunk that contain everything that's left of my life.

It doesn't really bother me, though, that I had to leave practically all my life behind and start over. I consider it a fresh start, a new exiting life just waiting for me to embrace it. I've always been a positive person, and nothing has ever truly brought me down. I will certainly not let a girl have that kind of effect on me.

I take a deep breath, feeling happy that I get to surprise my sister in a few minutes, and walk inside. I always kept a key to my apartment, even though I haven't lived here for years; it's still my place, officially. I walk confidently to the elevator, my surroundings feeling oddly familiar after all this time. It's unexpected, but I feel home.

I open the door to my apartment and call out to Alice, but I'm a little disappointed to see that she's not here to welcome me.

I walk straight to the guest room and it makes me smile. I can already see the temper tantrum she's going to throw when I ask her to move out of the master bedroom to give it back to me. It's actually going to be fun, messing with her again like when we were younger.

I put my bags down at the foot of the bed; I'm too tired to unpack now. I open one of my bags and pull out my sweatpants, t-shirt and boxers and head straight to the bathroom. I desperately need a shower, and a good night sleep.

I'm somewhat surprised that the bathroom isn't filled with dozens of girl products of all kinds. It doesn't look like Alice; no makeup sprawled next to the basin, no hair products of any kind, and no nail polish in fifteen different colors. It's actually nice to see she has grown up since we were living at our parents'. There're just a few bottles neatly arranged.

I turn on the water and quickly undress before walking into the shower. I instantly relax under the hot spray.

I'm home.


I hate this. I'm standing in the corner of the room, trying hard not to look bored, but I can feel the fake rapt expression on my face fading as the long minutes pass. My feet are killing me, and for a minute I even consider taking off my heels; but let's face, there's no way that would go unnoticed by all the people gathered in the room for the occasion. I never even realized that so many actually worked here.

I shift uncomfortably from one foot to the other, attempting rather unsuccessfully, to ease the searing pain in my feet while pretending to be interested in what's occurring in front of me.

To be honest, it's a good thing that a new lawyer is joining our firm. And it's also a good thing that we get to know who's going to be working with us. But it didn't really require a three-hour get-together, a buffet and certainly not a thirty-minute speech from one of the senior partners and the new guy.

It makes it even harder to feel concerned that I won't technically be working with the famous Jacob Black. I'm an assistant, and as every other assistant, I'm working with one particular lawyer exclusively: Emmett McCarty. And I'm glad that this new addition to the firm won't change anything.

As the new guy's speech goes on and on for what seems like hours about how great it will be working together as a team, I notice Emmett discreetly walk to me from the opposite corner of the room.

"Hey, Bella. How are you doing over there?" He whispers to me, keeping his eyes on our talkative new colleague.

"I'm slowly dying of boredom," I murmur dryly, looking in front of me as well. "You?"

"The same," he groans. "This guy was the best lawyer in San Francisco, I'm really glad we got him to work here with us. But can't he just shut the fuck up already so we can go home?"

We exchange a quick glance and both try to stifle our laugh.

Emmett might technically be my boss, but we've been friends for a long time and it never affected our work. He was actually the one who offered me this job when I needed one. It was supposed to be temporary, only for a few months until I found something else. But we work so well together that I never even looked for another job.

I realize the monologue is over when the entire room starts clapping loudly.

"Thank God, finally," Emmett sighs.

"I'm going home, now," I say tiredly, "No way I'm going to stay here another minute."

"I'm going to shake the guy's hand, you know, pretend to be polite and stuff; and I'm out of here too," he says as he starts walking to the front of the room, and winks at me.

"Ok, see you tomorrow," I smile at him.

I politely say goodbye to the few colleagues around me and exit the room.

As I walk to the parking lot and during the entire drive home, I can only think of one thing: taking my shoes and clothes off and taking a long hot shower. I can't even wait until I'm inside the apartment, I start kicking off my pumps in the hallway.

I have my shoes, my purse and my jacket in my hands as I fumble with the keys to open the door. I feel my phone buzzing in my purse and laboriously reach for it. It's a text from Alice.

Movie night tomorrow at my place?

I quickly type a reply to let her know that I'm in, and put my phone back in my purse. Without thinking I grab the handle and open the door. I pause for a second, wondering whether I just unlocked it or not, when it dawns on me that the door was in fact already open. It never happened to me before to leave it unlocked.

I slowly walk inside and stop dead in my tracks. My stomach flips when I see light coming from the bathroom and hear the water running.

I try to calm down and analyze the situation. It's not a burglar, otherwise he wouldn't be in the shower. So who the fuck is using my bathroom? The only person I gave a key to is Alice, but it can't be her since she just sent me a text.

I take my phone back and quietly put my bag, my shoes and my jacket on the floor. I consider calling the cops any way, but they would take longer than a shower to get here. Maybe I could call Alice since she's not asleep; but it'd be useless. She would freak out even more than me and wouldn't be of any help.

I finally decide to move from my spot in the hallway and slowly walk to the bathroom to see for myself who's in there. I make a quick detour on my way to grab a knife from the kitchen.

I always found it stupid when I saw girls do that in movies. I have no experience in self-defense, and I would probably end up hurting myself with the knife; or providing the intruder with a weapon if he didn't already have one.

I sneak down the hallway, the loud beating of my heart resonating in my ears, and slowly push the bathroom door open, hoping to take by surprise whoever's inside.

I open it just a little and stay frozen in astonishment as I finally see. There's a naked man in my shower.

I want to yell at him, ask him what the hell he's doing there, how he even got in. But no sound is coming out of my mouth. The words are trapped somewhere between my brain and my lips, unable to get out. All my body seems to be capable of right now, is stare at him.

He's facing the opposite wall, his back turned to me. My eyes travel from the stream of water pouring on his light brown hair, cascading down his strong back. The water seems to undulate over his muscles and deliciously flow down his perfect ass. He has a tattoo on the left side of his back and I can see it continues over his shoulder and around his waist, as well as one around his right forearm; but the water is blurring them and from where I stand I can't really discern either of them.

He shifts to his side, his profile to me now; and before I can force myself to look at his face, my eyes catch sight of his torso, his defined abs, and his long, thick, erect penis. I don't even know this guy, and more importantly, I'm supposed to be worried that he's in my apartment; but I can't think clearly. I've never seen a man so…tempting before. My eyes are roaming all over his body and I find myself licking my lips. In my inexplicable lust-induced daze, I let the knife slip from my fingers and fall loudly on the floor, startling me back to full consciousness.

I quickly walk back to the living room, afraid that he caught me seeing him. I'm not even sure why I feel guilty when this man has absolutely no valid reason to be here.

Because you were ogling him like a perv, that's why!

The sound of the running water instantly stops and I hear rumbling in the other room. I steel myself for the confrontation, and suddenly I regret forgetting to pick up the knife from the floor.

I hear the door open and see the light pouring into the hallway.

"Al?" the man asks coolly.

Wait, why is he calling Alice? Who is this guy?

Just a second later he walks into the living room, wearing only a pair of sweatpants hanging dangerously low on his hips. I struggle to stay focused and finally put the pieces together.

The man in front of me isn't a stranger, a burglar, or someone who broke into my apartment. He had a key, he knows Alice. It all makes sense; it's her brother, Edward.

It hits me. He's not the intruder here. I'm only subletting this apartment to Alice. I'm the one living in his apartment.

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