Summary: This is after Episode 9. Caroline decides to make it up to Tyler by serving up someone and herself for dinner, only to be surprised by the one man who made Tyler as he is. Her question to herself; Forgive or take action.

She made herself, only this time, to give into her vampirism. She wanted Tyler back and kicked herself for not opening her mouth. She wanted him to see that she did care for him, but something like that, being loyal to the fiend that was hurting her friends. She couldn't have that, but the fact that he didn't hurt anymore. It didn't cause him pain. And he tried to save her life, so she wouldn't get hurt and as far as she heard. Katherine and Stefan killed Mikael so they really didn't need her help. But he was right, she wouldn't have left, but now she couldn't think about the past, only her future. And every second that passed, she thought of everything she and Tyler had been to together and the more she thought about it. The angrier she got.

Klaus ripped that away from her and yet she could tell him thank you for taking away the pain from Tyler.

She sighed, getting her head back in the game as her thoughts began to linger on Klaus and his good looks and his attractive accent. She always swooned when he spoke, but all this was about Tyler. She couldn't just walk away from that.

She gave herself a firm nod and set to work. She was going to get Tyler back, no matter what the price. She had too.


~Two days later~

Caroline laid out on her couch, dressed in red and black silk; her breast were pushed together, making a deep perfect V, the see through material was along her body like a cover, but barely covered much of anything. Her red fluffy heels were slipping off of her feet and inches away from hitting her carpeted floor, but she clenched her toes to keep them from falling. She fluffed out her black robe and pulled it up higher, letting it hang around her waist as she stared at her front door before letting her eyes shift to the girl that was passed out on the other side of the couch.

She was a random person meant for food. She would feed off of her with Tyler, indulge in crazy sex, and beg for forgiveness. She could give up her Stefan attitude for once, especially for Tyler. She could do it.

She would do it.

She yawned, looking up over head to check the time and was starting to regret ever calling Tyler earlier. The voice mail was what she received and it took her twenty minutes to get to the point because she was scared of what would happen, or more scared of herself. She wasn't sure, but she told him to meet her at her house exactly at three and here it was three thirty.

She yawned once more, letting her eyes close as she drifted to sleep, hoping that he would come. Plus she deserved a little shut eye before he came. He would and they would make up and they would get over the fall in their relationship. It was small, nothing major.



Someone was touching her, their hands were cupping her breast, their mouth was along her stomach and she wondered, for a split second, if it was Damon. A distant flash of a small memory between them when she was laid out, him kissing her skin before tearing into her flesh and then she hoped it was Tyler because that would be a nice sight to wake up too.

She felt his mouth over her belly button, his tongue dipping there, tracing the circle with the tip of his tongue, laving it up before moving his lips upward, his hands slipping underneath the material, taking off her bra with a rip. She heard the threads pull apart and it hit the wall. The cool air sweeping over her nipples making them harder, her back arching off the surface she laid on, her hands turning into fists, a loud thud noise could be heard as she struggled, realizing her hands were tied down to something. She wiggled and only got a loud deep growl as a reply. She lay there, knowing it would upset him. He was enjoying himself and Caroline did do this for him.

She reassured herself that this was just a game.

She turned her head to the side, moaning loudly as she could. His hands were touching along her sensitive nub through the lacy see through material, cupping her there. He growled louder and Caroline never heard Tyler growl like that during sex, never, but it sounded like a hint of anger was there.

He was probably still mad, she thought as his mouth found her nipple, sucking her tip with harsh lips, his other hand pinching her other tip, tweaking it between his fingers. A loud moan escaped her lips, vibrating through the room; surrounding her, covering over her like a warm blanket, and also covered him as he continued. He bit down on her nipple causing her to gasp low in her throat, sucking away the pain before letting it pop from his mouth as he shifted towards the other, doing the same thing to the other nipple except he held on, tugging on it harder. She gasped louder, wanting to scream, but couldn't seem to find the strength as he let her breast pop from his mouth and travel down her body. His fingers inching her panties to the side and holding it along her thigh, leaving her bundles of nerves and folds exposed, the cool air snuggling them. She shivered, never ever having this feeling done to her before.

Her body tensed up as his lips found her belly button once more, tracing it with his tongue before moving on going lower to her core. Her body tightened up, coiling up like a snake when his lips brushed against her sweet spot, kissing it as if it were her lips.

"Oh god!" She shouted in pleasure when his mouth latched onto her bundle of nerves, sucking on it, his fingers entering her with one swift motion, pumping her along his fingers. She wiggled her hips, trying to get away from him as he sucked and pumped her faster. Her walls clenching around his fingers like no other, her body rattled, her hips rolled into him. She wanted more. "So close, please so close." She whimpered, arching herself off the bed, tilting her head back, her eyes finally open to look around.

She was in her room, tied to her bed with her shredded black robe. She felt herself grow hot at the sight, well even hotter, knowing he had tied her up with her own clothes. Her orgasm began to build within her and she wanted to look in his eyes as she came undone, because he never done anything like this before. She straightened her head, peering down to look and noticed things completely wrong with the situation.

One, blonde hair, not black was between her legs, his long tongue running along there before dipping his head further down, flicking his tongue between her folds, slowly moving his fingers within her. Two, he was kneeled before her, half his body on the bed and half off and before she could speak, say anything to ask who the hell was between her legs, pleasuring her as so, he looked up.

She froze, her mouth falling open, her eyebrows twisting into all sorts of shapes as she looked at his eyes, looked deeply into his eyes.

It was Klaus.

She wasn't sure how it happened or why it did when she realized who was doing all the pleasuring, but she came, milking his fingers with everything that was pent up inside. Her head fell back, showing off her throat. She moaned out her long waited release, her body slowly working its way to a relaxed state and before she could even lift up her head, wanting to make sure that she had saw Klaus and not imagined him up, he sank his fangs in her inner thigh and she came all over again, screaming out her satisfaction in a chorus of moans.

She felt black spots cloud over her eyes and she fell against her restraints, losing herself in her pleasure.


It seemed like hours later that she awoke from her bliss, pulling herself to a sit as she eyed the man in front of her with fear dancing through her eyes. She swallowed hard, her eyes watching his before she realized what had happened.

She had came with Klaus, on his tongue, and on his fingers. She had moaned in pleasure because he had given it to her, better than Damon and Tyler. Her blue eyes locked on him, focusing on his features through her dark room. His hair was a mess on his head, his shirt was gone and off, showing off his chest. She had an urge to lick his nipples and bite him, forgetting that he was the big bad evil, terrorizing through town, and he had tried to use her in a ritual. She leaned forward, but didn't move far. The restraints held her back. Her eyes took him in, learning his body, her own growing hot and warm from devouring him with her curious eyes. She bit her bottom lip, fighting against her head board, wanting to loosen her hands to touch him.

But she had to catch herself because it was wrong. This was Klaus, the and only Klaus. He tortured her friends and even killed Tyler, the man she dressed up like this for, but she couldn't seem to move, because she was a riled up baby vampire and she could try to escape. She pulled hard, hearing it rip as she did.

"I wouldn't do that, Caroline. I would hate to compel you. I came here for different reasons and found you stretched along your couch like a willing meal. I had no control, this time." His tone was low and husky, and she stopped pulling only to look back at him. Her eyes catching on his lips and she shivered, never ever believing that he could give her so much pleasure.

And she had to remember that he was one of the originals and probably had lots of experience compared to all of the three men that she had been with, well technically four.

"I did this for Tyler, now let me go." She went back to pulling, not caring about him or his words. She wanted to slap him silly because of the things that he had done to Tyler, but she had to remember that he took away Tyler's pain, so was him tasting her a way to say thank you?

"You dressed yourself in the most attractive wear I've ever seen and if I couldn't handle myself. What would you think my little hybrid would do? He can't handle you, Caroline. He'd spoil his pants before he even touched you." He blurred in front of, straddling her down, her head meeting the head board as his lips brushed along hers. "You taste divine."

Caroline felt herself shake at his words, wondering what exactly Klaus was doing there anyway but couldn't seem to form the words, because they were stuck in her throat as he moved his lips along her jaw. His hands were cupping her breast, massaging them in his large hands. She tilted her head back, letting out a soft moan, closing her eyes as he tugged on her nipples once more, not realizing that he was undoing his pants near demonic speed, letting one hand fall from her breast to finish the task.

"Oh god, oh…" Her head turned to one side, arching her body off the body as she could, her legs wrapping around his waist, mentally deciding and agreeing with herself that Klaus was very good with the whole sex act, mostly his mouth.

He moved down to her neck and nibbled along her skin there, adjusting himself to slide his pants off without hesitation, his cock pulsating, throbbing to be inside of her. He wanted to break her underneath him, stretch her inhumanly possible and do it all over again. He let his other hand fall to wrap around his cock, pumping himself a couple of times, his eyes locking on her lower body, at her swollen lips. He nibbled on his lips, biting the inside of his cheek, using his free hand to move her around, grabbing one leg at a time, using one to throw over his shoulder, the other tighter around his waist. He braced himself, his face tight and tense as his body.

He hooked his fingers into her underwear, pumping himself a bit faster, but not too quickly. He didn't want to lose control and release all over her. He wanted to be inside of her, fuck yes.


She asked breathlessly as she turned her head back to him. She knew it was wrong to sleep with the enemy, but she couldn't seem to get up. She could have, but she didn't want too.

He said nothing, scooting forward, having his head near her entrance, dripping with his own juices as more flowed from hers.

"I'm going to make you lose your fucking mind." He chuckled, darkly, his entire body vibrating for a moment as he pushed forward, her lips wrapping around, edging him on to go deeper inside of her. Her heels digging into his back and shoulder, wanting him even deeper than that, needing him deeper than that, and he groaned because she was so fucking tight that he never remember having something as such and she moaned loudly, rolling her hips into him because he was so big, bigger than anything she had ever had that she actually screamed in pain for a moment.

Klaus stilled, wrapping his right hand around her right ankle, holding her leg straight, holding it up as he buried himself all the way to the hilt before pushing back, his eyes watching closely as her folds released him. He groaned, his head dipping, his chin touching his chest as he pushed forward, his eyes nearly popping out of his head because she was still so tight.

"Fuck." He said, excitedly.

Caroline tugged on her 'cuffs' wanting to touch him as he brushed against her, in her 'heavenly' place. She dug her heel deeper into him, her muscles tightening under the pressure she was pushing onto him.

Klaus rocked his hips, his nails digging into her smooth flesh as he plunged into her over and over, tilting his head back, parting his lips as his head leaned to the side, grunting with each thrust that was more powerful than the last.

The bed creaked underneath them, as they moved, as her hips rolled into his, circling herself around him feeling every inch and dip along his solid shaft.

She whimpered as he pulled completely out of her. She looked at him with slight anger in her eyes, watching him with a heavy breath.

"Finish it." She whispered to him with a harsh rough tone.

He smirked, not really saying much of anything as he pushed her leg off of him, reaching forward to grip her hands and pull on the black thread, ripping it from the headboard and pulling her towards his chest. He fell back, landing on his back with himself still buried into her. She looked down at him, swaying her hips from side to side, biting her lip to muffle the sweet moan that wanted to give herself away that she was enjoying herself to much, and she was.

"I'm going to finish it. Who said I wasn't?" He replied moments after she leaned off of him, bouncing along him, her nails scratching along his chest, leaving deep claw marks that swelled up with blood. Her nostrils flared when the scent of blood hit her nose and she threw her head back, her blonde waves, flying through the air as she rode him. Her heels digging into her bed, her tightly wound up toes digging into her sheets, tearing them.

His hands met her ass and he cupped them, pulling her back and forth along his cock, his head hanging off the edge of the bed. His eyes closed, his body trembling with pleasure as she moved at near vampiric speed.

"Fuck, don't stop." He was losing himself as he shouted out his words, his hands smacking against her ass, making them a deep blood red.

She shook her head. She wasn't going too. She never felt like this before and was it odd to say that Klaus was the best of her lovers?

Not like she was going to say that out loud, to him of all people.

He drove his hips upward. She felt the power, the raw power in his thrusts. She screamed out loud once, feeling her orgasm pulse through her.

He moved at demonic speed, giving her firm hard thrusts, hitting her g-spot each time he propelled himself in.

Her hands found her breast and she cupped them, pinching and tugging, losing control.

She was becoming an animal.

And even though, he couldn't see her. He could feel it in her body; how she moved, her hips were moving frantically against his, as if she was holding back and letting go, letting go everything that was pent up inside.

He couldn't help but bring that out as well, finding it slightly odd that he came there for information about where Stefan could have been and he found her asleep on the couch. The beast and man within had growled at the sight. He had certain unexplainable feelings, well if he wanted to explain it, lust towards the blonde. She had a sharp tongue and from what he knew from Hybrid Junior, she was excellent and most of the time he was around him, he could smell her, all of her and it made him hard with need.

So he had to at least try something, it wasn't like he could take her serious with her dressed like that.

And here they were, her on top of him, well…

He rolled them over, lifting up his head so he wouldn't bruise himself as he lay on top of her, his hands grabbed onto the white sheet of her bed and he dug his nails in hard as he slammed into her, grunting. Her upcoming release blinded him, making him come to a still, his hips moving slower.

Her hands had fallen from her breast when they rolled and was clawing down his back, making long scratch marks that welled up with blood, they healed as fast as she had done them, and she only made more. He growled his eyes fading to black, veins appearing down his cheeks as his mouth parted wider to show off his fangs. Caroline bent her head back, showing off her throat, giving in, wanting to be bitten by him.

He bowed his head, dipping his head to lap around a faint vein, before sinking his teeth into her neck, bringing them both over the edge into eternal bliss.