Summary: A drabble AU series of meetings between Agon and Sena. There will be a relationship between the two. This will be updated when I get the time, but I'm a full time college student, and I work, on top of dealing with my family. Never doubt I love them but sometimes it takes everything I have not to kill them, or chew my own arm off to escape.

Pairing: SenaXAgon

Rating: T for now, maybe M later will see I don't have this planed out.

Chapter 1: First Time

The first time I saw that chibi trash was when the trash demon's team played against the trashy cupid's. Ditching my chick of the night, still slightly hung-over, I wandered onto the Tenkia Field watching all the trash run around like headless chickens setting up the equipment for a game. Koigahama Cupid's versus the trash demon's team, the Deimon Devil Bats. Pathetic, they were prey, everyone was prey, and the only one even remotely close to being a predator was that backstabbing demon. Might as well watch the demon's trash team lose to an even trashier team, and make fools of themselves.

The useless Cupid's were flaunting their girlfriend's, is that the only way they could get laid, by having a steady relationship, how pathetic. What would they do if I came up there and took their girlfriends? All I had to do was walk up and the bitches would throw themselves at my feet panting and drooling. Would the trash start a fight or would they back down like the weak prey they were, recognizing the fact that I was the top predator here. Watching the demon's trash team get pissed over the flaunting was funny, though it was even funnier when the demon set the sprinklers on them after stealing the chicks from them.

That demon once again had pulled players from other sports, he just can't seem to get, or blackmail I should say, permanent players. It was just him and that fatty as permanent players; I see two basketball players, and a track runner. Well it seems the track player is a little bit useful he scored a touchdown; though hurting himself wasn't surprising, I call it karma for the demon. But then that demon pulled out his ace in the hole, a chibi cheetah. Watching that little cheetah charge past the trash linemen, leaving them in shock. Taking only a few seconds to get past and score a touchdown. For a few seconds I saw another predator, weaker than me and that trash, but a predator all the same. At least until he tripped and slid in the mud and wet grass and turned back into a prey, chibi trash, prey that could act like a predator.

I could see why the trash would want him, the fact that he could run was a plus. But for a moment that trash demon's team had two predators, one a demon and another, a cheetah, a chibi cheetah. A hidden predator or just some unusually fast prey?

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