Consuming Shinobi

by: Uzunaru999

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Chapter 2 Home Sweet Home


Kotetsu and Izumo were bored. They were always bored, having to watch the Konoha gates. They were also sad, just like must of the shinobi force. They missed their favorite blond haired prank master.


"Izumo wake up."


"Izumo wake up please."


"DAMIT IZUMO WAKE THE HELL UP YOU JERK!" screamed a very angry Kotetsu. Izumo yelped as he fell off his chair. Kotetsu chuckled at his friends misfortune. Izumo growled as he got back into his seat.

"That was really mean man, I was having a awesome dream about chick we met in grass country. You remember her right."

Kotetsu scoffed, "You also remember she turned out to be a Iwa shinobi and she almost chopped off our dicks after she found out we were from Konoha don't you?"

Izumo groaned, "Yeah but you have to admit we had a good time with her and her friend. It was only after she saw our headbands in our bags the next morning that she went on a rampage."

Kotetsu sighed, "Yeah, anyways any news on Naruto?" The other chunnin shook his head.

"Sorry man but most of the search parties have been recalled. The only one still out are Anko's and Kakashi's. Its been five months man, its not like Naruto's going to come up to our post, yell hello, then run to Ichiraku Ramen."

Just then a blond blur ran past screaming, "Hi Kotetsu, Hi Izumo, good to see you Bye!"

Both Chunnin looked at the dust cloud that filled there vision. After it died down Kotetsu turn to his friend.

"Izumo next time say, "Its not like a hot chick will come and ask us out for a drink."

Izumo growled and bonked his friend. "Forget that, call the ANBU you idiot! If that was Naruto the Hokage will want to know as soon as possible!" Kotetsu nodded franticly and ran to alert the nearby ANBU.


Ayame sighed as she watched a lot of people pass the ramen stand. Ever since Naruto went missing their income went down hill. The thing was once her father allowed Naruto to eat at their stand only a few other people came by. Once the word got out that the 'Demon Brat' ate at their stand...well you can guess what happened. They lost over 80% of their usual customers. Though even through that Ayame and her father feed Naruto. They liked the boy, and they missed him dearly.

Ayame was about to close the stand when she heard something that raised her spirt.


Ayame quickly looked out of the stand to see a older looking Naruto making a bee line straight for the stand. Ayame smile would have rivaled Gai's as she saw Naruto. She went to the back of the stand and yelled at her father.

"Tou-san get the ramen pots going, Naruto is back and his hungry for ramen!" Her father smiled and quickly fired up the stoves. Ayame went back to the front of the stand to see a bouncing Naruto. He was drooling at the thought of Ramen, he was in withdrawal. He kept on chanting "RAMEN!"

Ayame really wanted to talk to Naruto but she was worried. The last time Naruto went without Ramen, which was for a month, he went on a pranking spree. The Hokage declared that Naruto never be held from ramen as punishment ever again.

Naruto's eyes shined as the first ramen bowl appeared in front him. Naruto bowed his head and thanked Kami, the Shinigami, and most of all Kyuubi. He picked up his chop sticks and slowly brought the first bite of noodles to his mouth.

"GET HIM!" To Naruto's surprise he was pulled out of the stand by a group of ANBU.

"No! No! Don't take me away from my ramen! Please I beg you, I haven't had ramen in five months for Kami's sake!"

The head ANBU tied Naruto in chakra wire, which was hard to break. Even for Naruto's new found strength.

"Sorry Naruto-san but the Hokage wants to know where you have been." Naruto wailed as the ANBU dragged him away from the ramen, anime tears falling down his face.. In his mind he plotted to get back at the horrid ANBU that dared take him away from his precious.


Naruto grunted as he was dropped on his ass in the Hokage's office.

"What the hell was that for you-" Naruto didn't get to finish as he was pulled into a warm hug. Naruto looked at who was hugging him. He saw it was his surrogate sister Anko Mitarashi. She was crying as she held him.

"Thank Kami you're ok!" cried the purple haired woman. Naruto, who had not had any human contact for a while was shocked. He slowly raised his arms and hugged his sister back.

"Its good to see you nee-san." Though for Naruto the warm hug was short lived as Anko broke it. She then bonked him on the head.

"Where the hell have you been? Do you even know how worried you've made everyone! Just you wait after this is all over I'm using you for target practice!" Naruto shivered under the gaze of his older sister.

"Give him a break Anko." Sounded a gruff voice. Naruto looked over to see Ibiki, Naruto quickly got behind the man in an attempt to protect himself from Anko's wrath.

"It wasn't my fault I was kidnapped! Blame that damn snake pedophile and the cripple!" The room went silent at Naruto's words. The Sandaime Hokage sighed from behind his desk.

"Naruto why don't you start from the beginning."

Naruto frowned, "It was about five months ago, I was coming back from training with Anko-nee-chan and Hinata-chan. As I was going home some snake bit me, after a while I passed out only to wake up strapped to a table. I soon found out the ones who kidnapped me was two men, Orochimaru and Danzo."

Killing intent leaked out of the adults in the room. The most was coming from Anko as she gripped the curse mark on his neck. Naruto ignored that and continued his story.

"The men kept on telling me how they were going to mold me into the perfect weapon and take over Konoha. The did horrible experiments and pumped me full of drugs. The tortured me, trying to break me, not to mention they messed with the Kyuubi's seal."

Hiruzen paled and then looked at Naruto with a sad face, "So you know?" Naruto nodded but didn't say anything.

"Thankfully the Yondaime put a seal underneath the Kyuubi's so that they couldn't place any other seals. They also tried using a Yamanaka to wipe my mind. Thankfully Kyuubi, or I should say Kurama killed the man the second he entered my mind."

Ibiki looked confused, "Kyuubi has a name?" Naruto nodded and told him that all of the tailed beast have names.

"Anyways it was during the fourth month that they tweaked with the seal to make more of Kurama's chakra into my system. They tried to increase the power of the filter seal so that I would have all of Kurama's power. But there was one thing they didn't know, Kurama's chakra was killing me slowly. Every day I would be racked with waves of chakra that would burn my skin, only to heal me again."

Tears went down Anko's face as she imagined what Naruto had to go through.

"It was earlier this morning when it hit me the worst. The wave was so powerful that it burned off all my skin and some muscles. And I mean all of my skin." The Hokage and Ibiki shivered understanding what Naruto meant.

"Anyways I met with Kurama again and begged him to kill me so I wouldn't have to bare the pain anymore." All the adults now had tears in their eyes.

"But Kurama didn't let me, he told me that even if he did Danzo or Orochimaru would just seal him into another child. I couldn't place my burden on anyone else. It was later that Kurama gave me a way out. But it came at a cost." Naruto finished with a whisper. Hiruzen, Ibiki and Anko looked at him with worry.

"To put it simply I'm not human any more." Naruto looked at the adults and guessed what they were thinking.

"No I didn't become a demon, half breed or anything." The adults sighed, knowing if he did become anything related to demons the village would stop at nothing to kill him.

"He gave me something he called 'Blacklight'. After that he blasted me with his chakra to kill me. After that I faced the Shinigami and fought him. Well not much of a fight, though I did punch him in the face!" Naruto finished with a happiness in his voice. The others just stared at Naruto in wonderment.

"Anyways the 'Blacklight' stuff changed my body, as you can see. Once I came back to life I broke from my binds and killed all the doctors and occupants in the room." The smile on Naruto's face freaked Hiruzen out.

"Naruto, you killed them all?"

"Yes and I consumed them so I could find the way out of the base." Now the others were confused.

Anko blinked in confusion, "What do you mean you consumed them?"

Naruto focused and with a lot of concentration morphed his index finger into a long dagger.

"The Blacklight from what Kurama told me caused my 'DNA', what ever that is, to become broken. I have the ability to consume who or what I kill. Once I killed the doctors I broke them down and consumed them into my own body. I got their memories and from that I found a way out of the bace."

Naruto returned his finger back to normal. Hiruzen pulled out his pipe and the others looked at the Hokage, waiting to hear what he thought. After a while he spoke with authority.

"Naruto I want you to go into hiding for a while and train in your new abilities. I know you won't like it but the longer we keep this under wraps the better. You will be able to visit others but only in disguise and if Anko is with you. Ibiki I want you to get all that know about Naruto and tell them the same thing. I have a plan that will need Naruto to be 'Missing'. When everything is ready we will get Danzo and if possible get Orochimaru as well. Do you all understand?"

"Sir, yes sir!" Sounded the shinobi.

"Can I go back to my ramen now?" asked a hopeful Naruto. The others laughed, Hiruzen said yes but only if he could do it without getting seen. Naruto nodded and ran to get his ramen again.

Anko turned to the Hokage, "So how are we going to do this Hokage-sama?"

Hiruzen scowled, "Danzo has crossed the line, no one and I mean no one messes with my grandson. I will have his head by the end of the month! Anko I want you to get two others from the academy that you think will work well with Naruto. I want you to train them to become even stronger then the Sannin when they were still respectable. Ibiki I want you to find Tsunade, tell her to return at once. I don't care what it takes.

I need her to take a look at Naruto after all the drugs and stuff they put into him. Also get Jiraiya I need him to look at the seal and fix the crap those traitors did to it. Finally call back Kakashi, I want him here to help training him, especially in Naruto's fathers stuff. That is all, dismissed!."

The shinobi acknowledged and left the room. Once they were gone Hiruzen called a ANBU and gave him some instructions. The ANBU left in a poof of smoke. Hiruzen growled as he looked out his office window.

'No more mister nice Hokage. Those Bastards have crossed the line!'