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WARNING! This fic contains MAJOR spoilers for Star Wars: The Old Republic: Revan. You have been warned, so don't read this if you don't want to be spoiled.

Star Wars

The Old Republic


Dramatis Personae:

Meetra Surik, Jedi Knight, The Jedi Exile (This name is CANNON.)

Revan, Jedi Master, Prodigal Knight

They stand there, two Jedi and a Sith, facing the greatest evil the galaxy had ever, would ever, know. Then Scourge's blade enters her shoulders and time stopps as the Exile fell.

There is no time in the Force, for what need do the dead have for time?


Revan watches Meetra fall in shock, and the momentary distraction costs him dearly. Lightning, bursting from the emperor's fingers, courses through him, setting his flesh aflame. Dazed, he can only watch as Scourge lifts his lightsaber high, the Sith only awaiting the Emperor's command.

A command never given. Thus does time end. There is no time in stasis. Only an endless eternity. So Revan lives, lives on in a place beyond time.


Meetra watches her commander, her master, her friend, sorrow etched on her translucent features. She has chosen to remain by his side, chosen not to enter the Force just yet. She will, in time. Soon perhaps. But not yet.

The dead have no time and soon may be an eternity yet, before she joins the Force. For now she helps Revan. What the Emperor drains, she replenishes. She will not let the evil one win. She cannot let the evil one win. And though there is no time for her, and no time for Revan there is time for the living.

Every day they stave off the inevitable is another victory. Fifty years, and Bastila and Atton will never know another war. A hundred years, and Vaner will have lived out his life in peace. Two hundred, three hundred, and maybe, just maybe, they would have a chance. A chance at victory.

She leaves now. She will visit Atton and Bastila. Atton has a right to know what happened to her, and she will watch over Bastila for Revan. And Vaner after Bastila. And Vaner's children after him. And their children, and their children's children.

And when the time is right she will make certain that there will be someone to rescue Revan.


Revan is glad for Meetra's presence. Were it not for her he would have been lost long ago. If there was a long ago. How long has he been in stasis now? He wonders, sometimes, why Scourge betrayed them. His instincts tell him that it was not as simple as it appeared, that something more fueled the Sith's decision.

He is fighting the Emperor, fighting in the only way he can. The Emperor takes knowledge from him, and he takes some in exchange. The connection works both ways. Revan plays on the Emperor's paranoia. His warns caution. And unconsciously, the Emperor heeds his prisoner. Yet the reverse applies. The Emperor draws on Revan's fears, his guilt, his pain. It is a war fought in the halls of their minds, and it is a war Revan cannot win. But he can win the battles, and so long as he can he will not end his fight.

The battles are hard though and always, always, the shadows call to him. They promise strength; they promise victory. Even the Dark Side does not want the Emperor to win, for the Emperor would consume it, too. Just as he consumed Narishma, leaving the planet a barren wasteland where the Force no longer even existed.

Meetra has gone now. it is the only sign Revan has of the passing time. When she returns she will tell him of the galaxy, of Bastila and Vaner, let him no what has occured inhis absense. She will let him know that time has passed.

But for now he is alone, and for the first time it upsets him. The years he was kept prisoner by Scourge and Nyriss it nether bothered him. He always had the Force. Yet now machines drain his very life, his very existence from him. Perhaps the problem is not that he is alone. Perhaps it is that he is not, for the Emperor is always there, always draining him, always ready to pounce on any weakness.

So it with relief that Revan sees a new being appear. It is not Meetra, but it is still a friend. At least, he hopes it is a friend. They had been enemies when last they had met, but he had been under the Council's influence, and the other under the Emperor's. Revan speaks, and the words come from his mind and heart, not his mouth.

"Hello Alek."


AN: Well, you were warned about the spoilers. Revan and Meetra were betrayed by their Sith ally, Scourge. Meetra was killed, and Revan was placed in a stasis chamber by the Emperor. He doesn't age while he is there. The Exile chose not to enter the Force. Instead she is sticking around to help Revan. Vaner is Revan and Bastila's son.

This story is taking place during the 300 or so years that Revan is in stasis. The lack of clarity is done on purpose. For Revan and the Exile time simply does not exist.