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This is set two weeks after the season finale.

It was such a small thing, Jo thought, such a tiny box, small enough and light enough that she could pick it up with one hand. There was not absolute certainty as to what the box held because for the last two days Jo had been refusing to open it. No certainty but she had an idea of what that box held. And she wasn't sure how she felt about her suspicions especially since things hadn't been settled when Zane left. Now that the ship had disappeared what that tiny box contained could either hold the key to her happiness or break her heart all over again.

Jo pulled the box closer to her. When the ship disappeared two weeks ago, she had been on her crazy walk about trying to find herself. Well she did find herself, right back in Eureka desperately wishing she could erase the last few weeks. Wishing she could throw herself at Zane and promise to wait for him, forever if need be.

Instead she sat here with a box that Zane had left for her with SARAH. He gave specific instructions to the AI to only give it to Jo when Jo knew what she wanted. So after days of SARAH poking, prodding and asking Jo all sorts of uncomfortable questions the house had decided that Jo was ready. Andy had dropped the box and note off at Jo's office on Monday morning.

On Monday she had all but forgotten it due to the craziness of the day. Tuesday Jo had chosen to ignore the call to open the box, making sure to leave her office when the call to open it became strong. Today she sighed and lifted the box in her hand. The contents probably weren't what she was thinking they were any way. It was probably some joke, something he thought would make her laugh or something that would make him laugh when he heard about her reaction.

Taking a deep breath she opened the letter first. Her lips quirked at the sweet letter that was still so very much Zane.

My JoJo,

This one is mine to give. I was hoping that you would hang on to it while I'm away. No pressure, just take so time to consider these three options.

1. Give the ring back for good this time and tell me to go take a flying leap off a tall tower

2. Hold on to the ring until you are ready to take the next step (I know you still have the chain in your desk) or

3. Where it proudly on your finger and you can plan your fairy tale dream wedding to your very own ruggedly handsome prince charming. But be warned, once you put that ring on it's yours to keep and I can't take it back.

I know you said you didn't know if you could wait for me but I plan on waiting for you. You may be a half billion miles away but you are always in my heart.(Ok that was really cheesy but I mean it)

And JoJo, personally I hope you pick option three, because I am 1000% sure of what I want.


Your Zane

She read the letter through three more times before she picked up the box again.

Her fingers trembled as she opened the small velvet case. Inside was that small familiar gold ring that she had worn around her neck for months. Well this was this Zane's ring not exactly the same one she had thrown back at him. Closing her eyes she weighed her options.

The first option wasn't rally an option she planned on taking. She had the chain in the top drawer of her desk (it scared her how well Zane knew her) she could easily wear it around her neck. Peeking through one eyelid she noticed again how the ring sparkled in the light. Now opening both eyes she continued to stare at the ring.

Carefully lifting it out of the box she placed it in the palm of her hand. She knew exactly how it would look having placed the original ring on her finger many times; there was no real need to see how this one looked. Right? But this was this Zane's ring and trying it on didn't mean she chose option three. Maybe she really wanted option three. Zane wanted option three. When did she become the commitment phobe.

Damn why did this have to be so complicated. Zane was missing and may never come back and here she was contemplating what something that weighed about an ounce meant.

Sliding the ring onto her left hand Jo once again stared. It felt like it belonged on her hand. Sighing Jo snapped the ring box closed and placed it in her top desk drawer. No harm in wearing the ring in the privacy of her own office. Carefully folding the letter she put it in her pocket, sure she would read it over and over again. Time to get back to work, she thought unenthusiastically.

For the next few hours she reviewed various eyewitness statements from the launch as well as the updated reports on the computer system diagnostic. Her eyes and heart both ached from the strain of the investigation. Her phone beeped. "Lupo." She said as she answered.

"Hey Jo it's Jack. Can you meet me in the directors office Henry has something he needs to go over with us."

"Sure Carter. I'm on my way." Jo hung up and slid the PDA into her pocket. Almost forgetting the ring when she saw the sparkle, she quickly pulled out the box. The problem started when she tried to remove the engagement ring. It was stuck.

It wasn't stuck like hey my finger is swollen stuck. It was stuck like some crazy bad boy genius particle physicist wants to mark his territory stuck. There was no way it was stuck on accident that frustrating jackass did this on purpose.

The curse words flying out of her mouth would have made her brothers blush. Damn that man Jo thought. How dare he presume? Well damn it, she put on the ring but ughh.

Crap she had to meet Carter and Henry. They would notice the ring in a matter of minutes. Shit the first time she showed up in Café Diem the whole town would know about the ring. This was a town full of genius; it would take a millisecond to equate an engagement ring to Zane since everyone knew they had been involved.

If that man made it back in one piece she was going to kill him. Well maybe not kill him but he was going to pay for this.

Shoving her left hand deep into the pocket of her jacket, she left the safety of her office and headed to see her friends. On second though she was going to kill him.