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Slowly the plane began to empty, finally the opening made its way to Jo's row. Quickly grabbing her rolling suitcase and sholder bag she made her way down the aisle and out to the gangway. She stared straight ahead as she followed the crowd to the exit.

It was already past ten at night and she still had at least an hours drive ahead of her. Exhausted after her week all she wanted to do was get home and curl up in her nice warm bed. She fleetingly thought about turning on her phone to check for any messages from Henry but quickly changed her mind. Her voice mail was more then likely full of messages from her father and older brothers with questions about Zane.

Adjusting the strap on her shoulder bag, she passed to the other side of the secured area. A familiar voice caught her attention and caused her heart to stop. An impossible voice, a voice that belonged to someone who was a billion miles away.

"Looking good Lupo.".

Jo stopped dead in her tracks and turned toward the sound of the voice. It had to be a mirage. She rubbed her eyes and blinked rapidly but he was still there.

"Are you going to just stand there? He said as he smiled at her. "Or are you going to come over and say hello?"

"Zane? Oh my God, Zane!". She dropped her rolling bag and ran over to him, almost knocking him down as she leapt into his arms. Her fingers brushed his cheeks before he ran them through his hair. Hesitantly not believing this was real, she brushed her lips on his. Groaning with weeks of longing and months of hesitancy, Jo deepened the kiss. Like every time before the kiss made her feel like she was coming home.

Several minutes of passionate kisses later they broke for air. "Please don't tell me this is some crazy hallucination or dream that I'm having" she pleaded, kissing his cheek.

The left side of Zane's mouth curled upward. "As long as you don't tell me that the only reason your wearing my Grandmother's engagement ring is because it's stuck to your finger and not because you actually want to marry me."

"Well I really do want to marry you." She breathed.

"Well in that case I am not a hallucination or a dream." He punctuated his statement with another kiss.

Wrapping an arm around her shoulders, he pulled her over to the discarded bag.

"How are you here?" Jo snaked an arm around his waist and snuggled into his side.

He kissed the top of her head. "Without getting into the sciency details, which you will probably hear over and over in the next few days. We figured out how to get the ship home about four hours ago. Made the jump three hours ago and GD has helicopters that Henry insisted I use to beat you here. Apparently he's a hopeless romantic."

Jo smiled as she enjoyed the warmth of his arms as they walked out to her car. "I hope I get to keep my job long enough to hear those those sciencey details."

"Whaddya mean?" He pulled her closer.

Jo sighed "I am chief of security and we temporarily misplaced a huge project and many of Eureka's brightest scientists. The DOD is no longer confident in my abilities. I may soon have to look for a new job."

"They can't do that." he started, indignant at the thought of Jo being redacted.

Jo stopped, now at her car. "Let's not talk about that now. Right now let's celebrate the fact that you're home. Alive, safe and home."

Zane pushed her against the car and his lips captured hers once more. "I love you Josefina." He mouthed barely audibley against her lips. "My biggest regret while we were gone is that I never told you that. I left you a note with my proposal, but I hadn't told you that I love you."

"I let you leave thinking I may not be here when you got back and without telling you just how much I love you too." Jo pulled back and looked deep into his blue eyes. "I love you, only you. But more then that I want you, no, I need you in my life."

For one long moment Zane didn't say or do anything. Jo was beginning to think she had some how said the wrong thing. Closing her eyes she tried to push him away but he held her pinned in place.

"I have never needed anyone or been needed by anyone before you Jo. It scared me to think of putting my happiness in anyone's else's hands, but without realizing it I did just that. I can't breath when I think about a life without you. Marry me JoJo?"

Unshead tears filled her eyes. "Yes, yes I will marry you."

"Then let's get home so I can give my fiancé a proper hello." He kissed her softly using all his self control to pull back.

Jo smiled. "I like the sound of that."

Three days later the happy couple stood in Zane's lab. Thankfully the DOD had let Jo keep her job. Angry calls from Fargo, Henry and Allison had swayed them in the right direction.

Using an eye dropper Zane put a few drops of a solution onto Jo's ring finger. With a slight fizz the substance cementing ring to finger dissolved leaving both her finger and the ring fully intact.

"There you go." He said as he stoppered the solution.

Jo took the ring off her finger and stretched it for a moment before returning the the ring to its proper place. "Thank you. It was beginning to itch."

"I like the way it looks on that finger." He said as he raised her left hand to his lips.

"It will look even better with a second ring on it too." She smirked back. "Oh I have something for you too." She took a small box out of her pocket and handed it to him, trying to keep her features from betraying the laughter bubbling underneath.

"What is it?" He grinned already opening the box. Jo had never been more glad for his curious nature.

"Aw Zane you just have to open it and find out."

The moment the lid was off a holographic life sized Zane sprung into existence. Only this Zane's hair was cut into a high Mohawk. He was wearing black eyeliner and matching lipstick. The tight black tank top this copy was wearing was bedazzled with a British flag. His shorts were ridiculously short, tight blue jean cut-offs. Finishing off the outfit was a pair of black leather thigh high platform boots.

"What the..." Zane started to say but was cut off by extremely loud music. The hologram began to dance and sing.

"Yo I'll tell you what I want, what I really really want..."

Zane watched in horror as the impersonation gave an embarrassing performance of the entire Spice Girl song 'If you Wanna be My Lover'.

Jo was doubled over with laughter.

"What the hell was that?" Zane pointed at the spot where the hologram had been standing a moment ago.

"Payback" She gasped between laughs. "I borrowed the technology from Taggert's Christmas Carolers, Zoe helped choreograph the dance moves."

"So this is revenge for the ring stunt?" He aske. Slightly in awe of her deviousness.

"That is just the tip of the iceberg. Its voice activated whenever anyone but you says your name. Oh and its also not based on a set period of time. It will go off four more times before you're free." She walked over and kissed his cheek. "You can expect a different song and a costume change each time. If you need me I'll be in my office with our friends watching the security feeds. Vincent brought snacks."

Still unable to speak at the crazy prank this woman was pulling on him, he watched her walk towards the door.

She turned her head and spoke over her shoulder. "Oh and don't even think about hiding in your lab all day, do that and we'll be showing these at Cafe Diem's next movie night. Love you Zane." Hurriedly she left the room.

At the mention of his name the hologram appeared once again. In another ridiculously outfitted holo-Zane began to gyrate his hips as The Macarena began.

Well played Jo, well played Zane thought. Maybe he deserved this for gluing the ring to her finger. God he loved that brilliant, devious, evil woman. If you can't beat 'em, he thought, join 'em and he might as well put on a good show. He started to sway to the music and joined in on the dance steps. Singing at the top of his lungs, he waved at the security camera. "Hey Macarena. All right!"

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