Mommy's Little Baby

Hey guys! So here's another fic that's in the process of being rewritten for easier and clearer readability. I love stories with little kids, and anything with kids and babies because they are amazing.

This is actually the second rewrite? I'm not actually changing the plot or anything, but fixing grammar mistakes and making sure the sentence structure fits. Also adding a bit more reality into me know if formatting is a bit wonky!

Anyway! I hope if you were an original fan of this story, that you like the re-edit! And if you're new, I hope you like this brand new story!

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Akane had been enjoying her regular morning jog and had decided to change things up a bit by going on a different route before ending her run and heading home.

Hearing the faint sound of a whine, she stopped and looked around. It was just barely 6:30 and she hadn't seen nary a person all around her job except one or two elderly people who were watering the lawn.

Deciding to follow the noise in case someone or something was in trouble, it took a while to find the exact location, using a method of hot and cold and how loud the noise was.

Nearing a back alley, it was almost difficult to see, but the sun just coming up in the sky gave her a clear enough view to stop and gasp.

Her heart lurched, there was a little boy and he was holding a little girl who looked no older than one. He seemed to be trying to comfort her to no avail. He hadn't noticed her yet and Akane didn't want to startle him and scare the baby anymore.

Stepping a bit closer, the movement catching his eye, she gave a smile, keeping her distance. The boy's face was dirty and his clothes looked worse for wear, her heart pounded and hurt to know that these children were out here for however long.

"Hey there little one... are you okay?"

When he didn't say anything but merely stared, she wondered how old he was and if he understood the situation is was in.

"My name is Akane Tendo..."

He held the squealing baby tighter, perhaps scared, Akane was worried, she didn't know if either one of them were injured and didn't want him more scared or traumatized then he could possibly be.

Thinking quickly, she remembered her water bottle and pulled it out. "I've got some water here, I don't want hurt you sweetheart.. I'd like to help you if I can.

Unscrewing the cap, she placed the bottle in reaching aim of him. She held her breath waiting to see if he'd move.

When he didn't immediately move but instead stared at the water bottle then from the water bottle and from bottle back to her she picked up his unsureness.

"Here, I promise, I don't want to hurt you. I'll step back some so you can drink."

Against her best judgment, she backed up till she was closer to the entrance of the alley. He seemed to relax at that, adjusting the baby who was still fussing. He grabbed the bottle, guzzling it down, then awkwardly offering some to the baby, who drank from it as well, if only to quell the crying some.

When he was done and sat the bottle back down, she moved to where she stood, except this time coming just a step closer. She really needed to get them seen by emergency services as soon as possible.

This time he didn't tense as she slowly inched closer. "Do you know how you got here?" she asked, once again trying to gain information from him.

He shook his head, and despite not knowing more, she was glad for the progress.

Trying to think of the list of questions to ask if someone where in an emergency she racked her brain for the training.

"Are you hurt anywhere? Any owies?"

He shook his head and she took a relieved breath, next question, "Do you know if she's hurt anywhere?"

He looked down at the child he held, a baby taking care of a baby.

He seemed unsure and that worried her, she needed to move into action.

"Is she your sister?" for the first time he nodded his head yes and she smiled. "You're a good big brother taking care of her..."

His eyes and mouth widened as if that was the first compliment he had gotten.

Lifting her hand, slow in order to check his reaction, and when he didn't stop her, she patted his head.

"You've been a good boy taking care of her, and I'd like to help you, to make sure she's okay. I'd like to get you some help..."

She paused to make sure he was following, he seemed to be listening and had begun to trust her just enough to come close and touch him.

"I won't leave you behind if you don't want me to..."

At that he looked up, eyes searching hers. " gon' help?" he asked, his voice raspy from either disuse or dehydration.

She nodded gravely, "I really like to help you if you let me help you, we can get you some food and everything..."

"Really?" he asked, the r coming out mumbled, she nodded her head. "Yes really, now can I hold your sister?"

He paused, "You're not going to hurt, just help?"

Her heart ached again, "Yes honey.."

He seemed to take her word and let her gently scoop up and cradle the baby.

She put her small babysitting knowledge to use, gently rocking the baby, and rubbing her back until her she calmed some, resting her against her shoulder, she carefully stood up and offered her hand to the little boy.

Bending down again, she easily scooped him up as well.

'He's so light...'

He seemed to be amazed that she was willing to hold him, his tiny hands clutching her shirt. Looking at those tiny hands, she made a promise to herself that to as much as she could, she would not let anything ever harm such a young one ever again.

Picking up her pace, making not to jostle her little load, she headed straight for Tofu's clinic.


Tofu's Clinic didn't have all the equipment like a big hospital, but as long as he didn't see any major issue or underlying problems, he could treat them there.

Tofu had been quite shocked to open the door to an out of breath Akane holding two children. The little boy who was busy taking in the new place, didn't seem to pay much mind as Akane gave Tofu the basic rundown of events.

Tofu now understanding the situation offered to take the child who only increased his grip on Akane's shirt.

Both adults felt sad for the possible reasoning for his reaction,

"It's alright honey, he just wants to make sure you're alright. He's name is "

Tofu smiling gently in order to reassure him said, "It's okay Akane I think I can check him while you hold him."

Calling for a Nurse to prepare a changing table and necessities for the baby, Akane sat on the doctor's table. Letting the little boy sit beside her, almost clinging to her side as the nurse came in.

"The doctor has notified the police about the situation, I'll bring a basin and some clean cloth sections, if possible can you clean them up for examination? I don't think they'll let us get too close to them without fuss and we wouldn't want to further traumatize them."

Akane said "Of course" adjusting the baby in her arms. The little girl had fallen asleep by the gentle rocking of her rush to get to the clinic.

Spreading her out on the table, she stood, in order to clean her up, the little boy adjusting his position as well.

Noticing his eyes on her as she unwrapped the child, she explained what she was doing and why as he listened intently.

She was happy to note, no major damage to her skin, a little irritation on her bottom, probably from wearing the diaper for so long.

She just hoped that any damage inside was minimal like outside. As she finished, she turned to him, he seemed apprehensive but willing to let her go ahead more out of curiosity.

While she cleaned his face, she decided to calm him by telling him some about her. She told him about her two older sisters and her father, when she finished talking about that, she began talking about the silly neighbors and things that may have interest to him.

She talked partially to calm him, but also to calm herself as she cleaned him, she could see impressions of light bruises and scratches covering him head to toe.

When she finished, helping him change into a new pair of clothes the nurse had prepared in between her cleaning, she smiled, he now looked a lot healthier and brighter.

He gave a small smile back, "Tank you" he murmured out, her heart absolutely melted, and without thinking she gave him a hug, careful not to squeeze too hard. Hesitant at first, he seemed unsure before his little arms round around her neck and hugged her back with all he had, letting his tears out.

As he cried with all his heart, she picked him up completely, letting him hold onto her as she gently rocked him, rubbing soothing circles into his back.

She was unsure how much time had passed, but she let him cry out and comforted him until he slowly calmed down in exhaustion then slowly fell asleep.

Once he was definitely in a light slumber , came back in.

He smiled at the scene, "I'm sorry I took so long, I was on the phone with the department for a long time. I'll try to make the examination quick. I'll send their records into the system to see if we can find out who they are what could've possibly happened to them.

I had to talk them into letting them stay with you for the meantime. And if at all possible, try to see if he can tell you anything about how he got there.

I would not recommend major prodding for information since we do not currently know what state of mind he may be in. "

Akane listened carefully as he spoke, solemn. She looked down at the kids, she didn't even know his name but she wanted to help him so dearly.

As Akane took in all the information, Tofu went ahead and began the examination, careful not to wake either one.


Examine complete, Tofu dug out a baby carrier from their medical supplies and provided a list of things that she would need, and food to buy in case either was sensitive to solid foods.

From what he could tell the boy was about four, and the speech issues could be a result of a number of things. He was a tad smaller for his age and that could be a lack of nutrients. The baby girl was about one, she had grown a few teeth but was probably still on a mostly all milk diet.

She also had to fill out several documents,several that needed her approval and some as policy while they were in her care, between all of the events it was late evening and almost seven at night.

With both kids still asleep while leaving the clinic, Akane pulled out her cell phone and called Kasumi.

"...Hey, so you might not believe what happened today..."