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Mommy's Little Baby

Akane was on her morning jog when she saw them, two small children on the side of the road on laying in the others lap. As Akane got closer, she saw it was a little boy and girl who looked very young.

"Hey, Are you okay?" Akane said, reaching her hand out to the little boys shoulder. His eyes flew open , looking panicked and scared. He's landed on Akane and he scooted himself farther against the wall.
Akane seeing that he was frightened put her hands up in front f her and said in a gentle tone "I'm not going to hurt you. I just wanna know if your okay and what your doing out here all alone."
The boy didn't speak , he just stared .
" Are you hurt?"
Again the boy didn't say anything but he nodded his head no.
"Are you hungry?" The boys stomach growled in response but he said nothing.
"Wait here and I'll get you some food." Before Akane could get up the boy grabbed her shirt , and stared at her. "You don't want me to leave you?" The boy shook his no. "Okay then, well do you want to go to my house to eat and then we can look for your parents. How's that sound?"
"Yes" The boy replied in a soft voice. Akane smiled to herself , she had gotten the boy to talk even if it was just one word.
"My name is Akane, what's your name?"
No response.
"Is that your sister?"
A nod of agreement.
"Well I think we should go before you starve. Do you want me to hold your sister for you while we walk?"
The boy looked down at his sister then back up at Akane and nodded.

Akane bent over and picked up the little girl noticing how hot her body was and how light she felt. The boy stood up and Akane again noticed how little the boy looked and how skinny he was. The boy held on to the hem of Akane's shirt and they walked back to her house.
~ ~

I wanted to get home as fast as i could, I'm pretty sure the little girl I'm holding has a fever and the little boy who is walking beside me hasn't eaten for a while.

After what seemed like forever we reached my house. "I'm home!" I called out.
"Remember to take your shoes off sweetie" The boy nodded and took off his shoes, I somewhat struggled taking off the shoes of the girl I was holding.

"Kasumi can you call Dr. Tofu, and I've brought guest." "Oh my!" Kasumi said as I steeped into our living room with two kids. "Who are these kids?"
"They were sitting on the corner of the street and I think that this little girl is sick and this boy needs some food"
"Well, I'll call Dr. Tofu. Grab the leftovers from the fridge while I make the call."
"Um.. you know Kasumi, why don't I get the phone and you get the food."
Wouldn't want Dr. Tofu actin goofy when we need him.
"Hmm , Okay Akane." I handed the little girl to my sister, and as I did so the boys hand tightened on my shirt.
I stooped down to his level " It's gonna be okay, were not going to her your sister. Were just trying to help. She has a really high fever. Why don't you sit on the big pillow by the table and I'll come right back."
The boy didn't budge. " Or you can come with me as I make a call."
At that the boy looked up at me and I gave him a big smile and picked him up.

Dr. Tofu came about 20 minutes later . He checked both the kids, and left medicine for the girl he also told us he'd make a police report as he goes back to the clinic.

After eating the boy fell asleep in my lap. He must of been so exhausted . I'm really glad it's summer break, I wouldn't have wanted to leave them here by themselves. Well besides Kasumi, I don't really trust the others to watch over kids.

The boy started tossing on my lap, then he blinked a few times and sat up.
"Hello sleepy head" He looked at me and then looked around for a minute.
"where am I? Where's my sister?" he said a bit panicked. "Your at my house, and your sister is fine. She's sleeping upstairs."
He looked up at me and asked "Who are you?"
"I'm Akane. What's your name?"
"I'm Kai, and my sister's name is Ari."
"Nice to meet you again" I said. He looked a bit confused, then I saw his face change into understanding.
"Oh, your the lady from earlier who gave me food."
"Yes that's me."
"Thank you" "Your welcome. Now , can you tell me how old you and your sister are and what you guys were doing out there?"
"I'm 5!" Kai said showing five of his fingers "and Ari is 2 ", Kai said again using his fingers.
"Wow your 5, your such a big boy"
Kai smiled up at me.
"So where are your parents?"
Kai looked down sadly "Papa and mama died"
"Aw, I'm so sorry Kai." I said hugging him. "My mama died when I was little too but I still have my dad and sisters like you have Ari."
"Mmhmm" he agreed muffled by my shirt. "So where have you been staying?"
"Me and Ari had to go, no more moneys for house so we haves to go and that's why we wonder round lookin for a place to stay."
"Well you guys can stay here till we can find someone in your family to take you. Okay?"
"Okay" he said muffled again by my shirt.
"Now I think you should get some rest." Kai didn't respond because he was already drifting asleep.
I carried him upstairs to my room and put him in my bed next to his sister.

I walked back downstairs to find Kasumi and Daddy to see if we could let them stay for a while. It was already late noon and everyone was gathered around the table for snacks and tea.

"Um.. okay, I don't know if Kasumi told you guys about the guest I brought home earlier today" Out of the corner of my eye I saw Kasumi shake her head no.
"Um well... there names are Kai and Ari and I was wondering if they could stay for a while until they find some that okay?"
"Sure Akane, I can't wait to meet them."
"Well actually you can come see them but you have to be very quiet."

The group quietly followed Akane upstairs to her room where she opened the door slightly to reveal the two little kids sleeping in her bed.

"You didn't tell me they were children"
"Sssshhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh" "Well, there children"
"I don't know if we could take care of children Akane."
"It's okay I can take care of them, plus Kasumi knows a lot so i could always ask her and if something gets worse I can always ask Dr. Tofu."
"Im not sure about this Akane, there kids not pets"
"I know that daddy but who would take care of them. There parents are dead and they were on the streets."
"Well then they can stay, but only till we find a relative of there's."
"Thank you daddy"

So came it that Kai and Ari would get to stay at the Tendo home.