It was quiet in RST Video, as it usually was, and Randal Graves sat on top of the counter reading some magazine that promised to reveal the latest secrets of Hollywood's newest blockbusters. He was skimming through the pages looking for something actually interesting rather than news about who was sleeping with who on the set of some romantic comedy he couldn't even be bothered to know remember the name of once his eyes left the words.

In the back of the magazine, shoved in some corner column as if to hide it in a way from the readers, was a short four sentence statement about Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back. His eyes were drawn to it, like a strong magnet drawn to a refrigerator, despite the words being almost too small to actually read. He read the information quickly and taking in every word.

"Blasphemy!" he yelled as he threw the magazine away from him and threw his legs over the counter and on to the floor.

Dante just had to hear about this.