Mark was going about Empire Records, a small record shop in Jersey City, dusting when he came across a girl at the listening station. She was dancing ballet in place with her eyes closed. He couldn't help but how beautiful she was or how majestic she looked as she danced along with the music that he couldn't hear.

A grin appeared on his face as he figured out how he could sneak up and kiss her. He pretended to dust along the windowsill as he walked up behind her. He leaned in to kiss her cheek when she opened her eyes, sensing a presence behind her, and turned to face him. Seeing him there she was startled and almost lost balance as she had only one foot on the floor at the time.

Mark caught her foot that was up in an Arabesque Penchee so that she wouldn't fall. She smiled up at him innocently and he giggled. He then took the feather duster that was being held in his free hand, dusted her foot with it as he smiled and then he let her go and skipped away.

She stood there with a look of amusement plastered to her face. Mark skipped his way in to the break room and put away the duster. He didn't achieve his goal of kissing her, but he was noticed, which he counts as a better victory anyway.

He thought about her the rest of the day, Rex Manning day, and could not stop picturing her as he danced around singing Rex Manning's famous "Say No More Mon Amour!". It was a small victory, but a victory nonetheless in his mind. Besides, what he didn't know is that his mysterious ballet girl would be back and his original goal would be obtained then.