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Lieutenant Dan Taylor lay on the ground in the middle of a Vietnamese jungle. A foot from him lay a sergeant lay; dead. He couldn't remember exactly how he had ended up in this position, it all happened too fast, but he did know that this was it. He was in pain, but not as much pain as he'd be in if his body's shock wore off. He couldn't move his legs even an inch and his knees appeared to be so mutilated that you could barely even call them knees anymore. So this is the way he would go, huh?

He always knew he was destined to die in the field just like every man in his family before him had. This is the moment he spent his entire life working up to. He knew what he had to do to finish this. To save whatever was left of his platoon (which he highly doubted there was anyone left alive) and to succumb to his destiny. He picked up the dead sergeants radio and ordered that the area be napalmed.

As he made his radio call a man came running towards him and tripped over the corpse behind him. He paid no attention to the soldier. He didn't want to look at him after he had just ordered the destruction of the entire area. But that soldier refused to ignore his lieutenant. That soldier was Forrest Gump.

"He's dead!" Forrest shouted to him as he shook his shoulder. "Yeah, I know he's dead, my whole goddamn platoon is wiped out!" He shouted back and angrily shook Forrest off of him.

Forrest refused to take the hint and continued to lift him up. He started protesting vocally now; shouting at the soldier to leave him there, to go on without him and save himself. He couldn't be saved, he had a destiny to fulfill and besides, what kind of a life would await him if he did live? He was fully aware that he would never walk again.

But Forrest didn't listen. He picked up his lieutenant and carried him to the safety of the riverbed before running back into the jungle to find his best friend and fellow soldier. As he ran back Lieutenant Dan looked away. That air strike would be arriving any minute. He looked around at the soldiers of his platoon all laying there with varying degrees of serious injuries. Men with third degree burns, men with multiple gunshot wounds, and men who would also be loosing limbs when arriving at the hospital.

The Lieutenant let out a smoke flare. Soon someone would find them and they would all be returned home after being treated for their injuries. He cursed this day. He was wrenched from his destiny only to return home as a cripple. And all because of Forrest Gump.