An NCIS FanFic

By NiteJasmine

Inspired by a recent episode with a 'Shannon' flashback. I wanted to find a way for Gibbs to get a woman into his life to chase away all the pain and loneliness… I just love these strong leading men with their poor tortured souls! This is T for now, possible M later.

First NCIS fic ever… reviews are heartily encouraged and very welcome!

Chapter 1

Shannon and Jethro Gibbs stand in a misty flower garden, embracing each other lovingly.

Shannon looks up and smiles. "Jethro," she says gently. "You need someone. You shouldn't be so alone. Remember what I said? How are you ever going to get what you need if you never let me go?"

"What?" Gibbs says in disbelief. "Honey, I don't need anyone else." He grins reassuringly. "I'm with you. And I'm staying right here."

Shannon touches his face gently. "You can't," she says, shaking her head sadly. "You can't stay Jethro."

She pulls back from him slightly, and he looks hurt and confused. "What are you doing? I don't understand…"

"We don't have much more time," she interrupts. "So please… listen to me. You've been hurt so much, by so many. It's time for you to let go… and let someone in. I can't stand seeing you in so much pain. And so alone. So let me do this for you. I will find you someone very, very special. Someone who will love you, who will never leave you, and will never hurt you. Someone you can trust…. someone you can love."

"No, Shannon," he pleads. "Please don't do that. Please… I can't love anyone else… I won't…"

"Do it for me, Jethro… Please… Just try… Do it for me. I'll find a way to make sure you know it's her…"

She smiles at him, and she begins stepping backwards from him, moving further and further away.

He wants to chase after her, but he can't move. He is frozen in place.

"No… wait…" he begs. "Shannon… no… don't go…"

"I'll send her to you Jethro…" she says, nearly gone from his sight.

"Shannon… Shannon…" he calls over and over. "Shannon!"


The ambulance gurney hurtles quickly down a brightly lit hallway and bursts through the ER doors, carrying a bloody Jethro Gibbs strapped to it. Gibbs is mumbling and calling Shannon's name, with a pained look on his face. Urgent voices are heard as an oxygen mask is put over his nose and mouth, silencing him. The voices swirl around him as he slips into unconsciousness and his eyes flutter shut…

Adult male… Multiple gunshot wounds... Left abdomen, right shoulder. He's lost a lot of blood… BP's dropping fast… Respiration shallow, pulse thready… Prep the OR stat... We've got to get this hemorrhaging under control or he's gonna bleed out right here…

As the doctors work frantically to stabilize Gibbs, McGee is watching worriedly through a small glass window. Tony and Ziva burst through the hallway doors at a run and quickly approach him.

"McGee," Ziva said, nearly breathless. "We just heard. Where is Gibbs? Is he…" Her voice stopped in mid-sentence as she turned and looked through the window.

"Took two hits," McGee said evenly. "They're working on him now."

"And the shooter?" Tony asked.

"Dead." McGee answered firmly.

"Good," Tony replied. "What the hell happened?"

McGee took a deep breath. "It was a total ambush. I mean, I don't understand it. Gibbs barely got out of the car before this guy points an AK-47 out the front door of a house across the street and opens fire. Full auto. Gibbs went down. I returned fire and got the guy. Still waiting on an ID. And a motive."

McGee clenches his jaw. "It's just dumb luck that I was on the wrong side of the car," he said angrily. "That gave me cover. I should have been driving. It should've been me. I should be the one lying on that table in there…"

"Hey, whoa, whoa," Tony said gently. "Easy Tim. C'mon. There's no way Gibbs would let anyone else drive." Attempting to diffuse the tense situation with a touch of humor he added, "Especially a probie. Besides. Gibbs is always OK. He's a Marine. He's gonna be fine. Right?... Right?"

But Tony's attempt at levity fell flat as the three of them solemnly watched the doctors work on their wounded boss.

"It's bad, isn't it?" Ziva finally asked quietly.

McGee pauses for a moment. "Yeah. It's bad."

To Be Continued…