Title: Secrets
Author: Bernarde
Rating: ALL of the M
Summary:Inhumanely sharp teeth nip at his ear, drawing blood, and he can't help but gasp for air as he's pulled further underwater.


He resists only slightly, more from instinct than anything, as his body is enveloped in wet warmth. Inhumanely sharp teeth nip at his ear, drawing blood, and he can't help but gasp for air as he's pulled further underwater. Just his chin is above, and he forces himself to relax into Spy's grasp.

"You knew what you would find down 'ere, didn't you," comes the direct question. Spy isn't angry, he almost sounds… pleased.

"Yes." A chuckle is Spy's response, and tendrils slip up his pant legs. He shudders.

"Sniper told you?"


"He is so mouthy. Wonder if you are as well… but I suppose that we will find that out, won't we?" Suddenly, the soft limbs wrapped around him are gone, pushing him out of the water. "Take off your clothing unless you want it ruined."

He does so, watching his hat float away carelessly. It fell off when Spy grabbed him, what was he supposed to do? He has others like it. Suddenly it is presented to him, wrapped in a slick blue tentacle.

"Thank ya," he whispers, and sets it atop his boots and goggles on the dry cement lip. Soft metal clinks echo through the wide tunnel as he unhooks his overalls and removes them, then his shirt, his undershirt, his briefs, his socks. Finally he is naked, he clothes in a wet and soggy pile before him. He turns around, head slightly bowed. He feels embarrassed.

"Into the water, cher." He does as he is instructed, the chest-high water sloshing around him. He is embraced again and Spy captures his lips, kisses him passionately until he is breathless. The tentacles have wrapped around him, warm and soft and muscular.

"Spah," he gasps as the kiss breaks, and leans to kiss the other man's neck. He doesn't ask why Spy is like this, he doesn't care. All he can think of are the words Sniper told him, how good it felt, how wonderful.

The Australian didn't lie.

A tendril wraps around his already aching shaft, squeezing and pumping, reducing him to a groaning mess.

"I do not take long, hard hat," Spy tells him. He nods in response, but isn't expecting that. The spreading of his thighs as a slim appendage slips into him, wriggling erotically. Oh, god! It widens as it goes deeper, deeper inside of his body, stretching him wide open.

Engineer cries his lover's name again, trying to reach out and touch, anything, but his arms are easily restrained behind his back. Spy is fully in control here and will not tolerate any deviances from that.

Greedy kisses trail down the nape of his neck, his spine, sucking and biting. Drops of blood dissolve into the water, making Spy's hunger all the more determined. Engineer groans when the tentacles are removed from his hole and cock, and then Spy is close to him again.

"Be still, this will 'urt."

The Texan screams. It feels like his body is being split apart. He doesn't know if it's Spy's cock up there or a bigger tentacle or what, but oh god it feels like he's breaking. He kicks involuntarily, he fights, but Spy's extra appendages are appallingly strong. They restrain him as if he were a mere child.

"Stop screaming, you will attract the others," Spy chides him, and the thing inside of him has seated itself fully. He hopes. Neither partner moves.

"What… what is that?" Engineer gasps. The thrusts that stun his body are his answer, and he cries out again in some kind of surprise, or pain, or pleasure. He really isn't sure. His body is full of something large and blunt and it won't stop moving. "Spy!" But oh mother of god, it feels so good. Spy rocks him back and forth, fucking him so stupidly hard.

Again, he wishes he could touch Spy, and shifts his arms. Nope, not going anywhere. He resigns to being wholly passive, and enjoys the sensations flooding his body. His cock is painfully hard between his legs, and he whimpers as the water stimulates it.

"Please," he whispers, but even that minor sound echoes in the cement tunnel. A smooth tendril wraps around his mouth, effectively gagging him, and then another snakes around his cock. Rubbing, squeezing, clenching. Oh fuck.

He bucks back against the thing thrusting into him, longing for more, groaning into the flesh wrapped around his face. Spy hasn't made a sound, but he wouldn't have registered it anyway.

"Take a deep breath," the French accent coos into his ear. He does, and then that tendril fattens up to cover his nose and he is brought beneath the water fully.

Engineer panics, struggling again, but is quickly overwhelmed with pleasure. Spy's movements are increased several fold and Engineer sobs silently as he is fucked harder than he has ever been before. The object in his ass is insistent, pervasive, rubbing along sensitive nerve endings and assaulting his prostate on every single movement. It's so big, bigger than anything he's ever had there. The tendrils wrapped around his cock move tirelessly, jerking him furiously.

He's suddenly aware that he needs to breathe, and thrashes in Spy's many-armed grip. It does nothing but tire him out more and the lack of oxygen makes him dizzy, so dizzy, but oh god he's going to come!

Spy feels Engineer go limp as the human comes, passing out from overexertion, lack of oxygen, and too much stimulation. Allowing Engineer to breathe (whose body takes large, deep lungfuls of air), he continues his ministrations, molesting the unconscious man. His lack of surprise indicates that this is a common occurrence for him during sex.

The warm human feels wonderful around him, and his pace picks up just that much more until, ah, there. He releases with a pleasured sigh, sinking his fangs into that soft neck and emptying himself fully into Engineer's body. Cradling the form, making sure that his toy's head is indeed above water, he relaxes against the cement lip of the tunnel and allows himself to rest.

He didn't hear the cries of the third man in the tunnel, wrapped in his own release as he was. Sniper carefully tucks his spent cock away and zips himself up. Slowly, he crab-walks farther back into the dry, intersecting tunnel that he's hiding in. He smiles devilishly and hefts himself onto the ladder that leads back into the base.

So that's what it looks like…

-_-_-_- Spah's sappin' mah sentry! -_-_-_-