A/N: I just had this weird urge to write about Ahsoka. Actually not that weird when I sit around watching Clone Wars clips. In German. (Yes, of course I am insane. Why do you ask?)

The endless stream of ships and speeders passed the window of their shared quarters in the Jedi Temple. Ahsoka Tano yawned and distractedly tugged one of her striped lekku. They seemed to be getting longer and longer these days. She secretly wondered how Togruta like Master Ti coped with waist-length lekku. The padawan didn't want hers getting that long any time soon.

White eyebrows met in a small frown as the young girl thought about the future. What would become of them?

Ahsoka blinked and looked around the empty, quiet apartment she shared with her Master, wondering how long it be until he came back. he had already been gone for several hours, and it was getting late. The girl wondered where he was... He had only told her he was "going out". But his emotions had bled darkly through the Force.

The padawan wished her master wouldn't try to keep so many secrets. She was his padawan after all, it wasn't like she was going to rat. Besides, she had her suspicions anyway. Not that she would tell Anakin that. She understood that he needed to get away from the demanding Jedi Council. Leave was all too short. But still, Ahsoka worried for him... Where are you, Skyguy?

The padawan shook her head free of distracting thoughts and tried to concentrate on the datapad she supposed to be comprehending. She heaved a sigh. She could care less about irregular Twil'leki adverbs...




A pale face.

The ruined walls of her beloved Temple, clogged with smoke and ridden with bodies of the dead. Tears sprang to her eyes. No! Ahsoka would be strong... But could this be the will of the Force? A blaster bolt whizzed past her montral. Ahsoka whirled around, ready to defend herself...and was met with charching clones. What! She felt a shot hit her leg, and heard herself scream. Then someone was calling her name - Ahsoka tried to respond, tried to help, but she felt herself sinking, falling, sliding...she couldn't stop, she couldn't understand she couldn't see! Master! Help me! And then he was there, pulling her out of that sucking, clinging Darkness...But something was wrong with him... very wrong...she could feel his blackened emotions swirling around him like Sith's cloak. Then he spoke. "You shouldn't have come here Snips." Even his voice was wrong. Now he turned towards her and she gasped in shock, for his eyes, Anakin's blue eyes, burned with an angry, yellow fire.

The young Togruta's eyes flew open. No! That was impossible. Skyguy would never betray the Jedi like that! She knew he wasn't exactly the model Jedi, but he would never fall to the Dark Side! But then Ahsoka remembered times when he had been so angry, times when he had risked everything for those he loved, and she remembered times she had seen the anger, flashing across the bond they shared.Ahsoka realized that night had fallen, and Anakin was missing. The padawan reached out across their bond only to be met with high shields and a vague sense of pain... Where are you, Skyguy?

Not my best work...I'm pretty happy with it, though. DarthMihi said it was too short, but I disagree...What do you think? I know the part about the lekku was kind of a non sequiter, but I was trying to show how Ahsoka's mind would wander. Also, this wasn't supposed to have a happy ending. All the chapters will be alternate futures, shown to different people. PLEASE REVIEW AND TELL ME WHAT YOU THINK! ~RandomCelt and DarthMihi, the editor.