Chapter One: Daddy?

National Treasure Three, my version. I'm still a bit hazing about what treasure they should go after. My two choices are Atlantis or Roanoke Colony. If you have any ideas, let me know because I'm stuck on what to write about. I just wanted to post the first chapter and I'll make everything clear in the next chapter. It should be out by next week if I'm lucky. Writer's Block and I'm writing a story for my FictionPress Account for NaNoWriMo...

"Ben, Abigail. I have something to tell you." I sighed. "Your pregnant?" Abigail's face lit up. I glared at my boss and friend.

"Why is that the first thing that comes to mind when anyone says, 'I have something to tell you'?" I rolled my eyes. Ben went to say something when Riley walked into the room. "About time, Ri. I called you three hours ago." Abigail mumbled.

"Sorry, I had my car towed…again." Riley rubbed the back of his neck. Abigail crossed her arms. "He backed up rather than going forward." I smirked. Abigail chuckled.

"So what's going on, Raven?" Ben asked. "You may want to sit down for this." I said. Ben sat on the edge of couch arm. Riley plopped into a large armchair, Abigail sat next to Ben.

"I went by the Federal Prison and found some very interesting information about my father." I started. I wasn't sure how I was going to tell them what was happening. "My father and three other men broke out of prison." Abigail covered her mouth as she gasped. Riley rubbed the back of his neck. Ben stood up and started pacing.

"You know who he broke out with." I said. "Shippen, Viktor, and Phil. I thought they were in different prisons." Ben said. I shrugged. I didn't know that part of the story. I needed more information on this.

"The only way I can get that info about what exactly happened is going there." Ben knew where I meant. "I'll make the call." Ben left the room to call Sedusky.


"Raven, you know I can't tell you this information." Sedusky said. "Sedusky, this is important to me. I don't want my friends and family to get hurt." I said. Sedusky looked around the room.

"Do you like ducks?" I raised an eyebrow. "Really? Ducks? How many times have you told that to Ben Gates?" I smirked. Agent Sedusky rolled his eyes.


"So you couldn't tell me there. Why? I know I consider you as a friend and ally. But why are we out with the ducks?" I asked. "Because inside I'm a federal agent and I don't think they would appreciate that I told you this with them around." I nodded. He had a point.

"How did you find out about my Father? Its happened 3 weeks ago." I said. "We got a tip that four inmate were planning an escape but I was following you guys in your latest treasure hunt." I chuckled.

"I didn't think he was the one who was going to escape prison." I rolled my eyes. "I figured at some time since I got some interesting news." I said.

"What exactly?" He asked.

"That Wilkinson was with my Mum when we were going over the custody agreement in court. My Mum is alive and my Dad lied to me." I said. Sedusky rubbed the back of his neck. I nodded.


"Ray, come on. Come to bed. Its been 3 years since your Dad broke out of prison." Riley said. I glanced up from my MacBook. I looked at the time that was at the top right corner of the computer. It was past 3AM. "Just a little…" I yawned before I could finish. "Its been 3 years, Raven." I glared at my boyfriend.

"I know its been three years, Ri. I just don't want anyone to get hurt with him around. He could be anywhere, planning his revenge." I said. Riley came over to me and kisses my forehead. "He won't be able to hurt us. We have a Federal Agent around us 24/7 now. We are protected." Riley said. I nodded slightly.

"Now, come to bed…you need rest." Riley said. He took my head and led me to our bedroom.


Its been 5 years since our last treasure, Cíbola, The City of Gold. Ben had been researching but nothing has good enough for us to discover. We have been a treasure hunts and finding what we wanted but we didn't have major threats to the treasure like normal. I hoped that will change. Ben and the President have been discussing about page 47 and he's been doing his research without us which is understandable but its just weird that we can't help yet. I walked towards my car across the street from the National Archives in the dead of night. I worked mainly night shifts since Abigail has been going home early to be with Ben. I messed with the engagement ring that Riley gave me. Yep, we're engaged. I heard something from behind me. I looked over my shoulder and seeing a shadowily figure in the alley by the Archives. I placed my hand inside my bag that I kept hidden. I reached in and touch my gun. I quickly turned and pointed my gun at the alley way. I heared the shadow laugh. "Impressive, daughter. Impressive. Ben has changed you." It was my Dad. I didn't lower my gun, I put my finger on the trigger. "Get any closer, and I will shoot." I hissed.

"Don't be funny, Raven. You won't shoot your own father." Dad stepped out of the darkness. "I like to try everything once." I smirked.

"There's your sense of humor." Dad stepped closer to me. "I said don't come any closer." I yelled. Dad put his finger to his mouth. I rolled my eyes. I'm next to my car, since I've upgraded my phone…I found myself butt dialing a lot more than I thought I would. Riley always seemed to be on the other side of those calls. The perfect time to make it work.

"Dad, why did you lie to me?" I asked with the gun still aimed at his chest. "About?" Dad ran his hand through his hair.

"About Mum." I pulled the necklace from under my shirt.

"Its was about time you figured it out." Dad chuckled. "Not really. Wilkinson has been dead for 5 years. He didn't tell me a thing." I said. Dad face grew grim.

"Dead, huh? Not too bad." Dad said. "Why would you care? Mum was having an affair while she was with you." My Dad glared at me, I smirked. It was true. I didn't think I would have him give me this information like this.

"How did you figure that out?" He asked. "I put two and two together once I found a note that Wilkinson had from Mum addressed to me." I said. Dad motioned his hand and I raised an eyebrow. A hand covered my mouth and nose with a cloth. I felt myself getting drugged, my vision blurs and I felt my body fall backwards. I collapsed into someone's arms.

"Daddy, why did you do this?" I asked. "Because you need to learn your place if you want to be a Howe." Dad said.

"I don't want to be a Howe! I'm becoming a Poole." I hissed. I was using all my energy to continue to talk with my Dad. "Bad choice." A shot rang out and I felt a sting in my left shoulder. My eyes rolled back in my head as I passed out. Oh, I hoped Riley got the message.

Riley's POV:

My phone buzzed on the table next to me. I glanced at the caller I.D. Raven? At this time of night? I picked up the phone and listened.

"Dad, why did you lie to me?" Ian is with her? Dammit, with no federal agent by her side. Curses that job of hers. "About?" I heard Ian's voice call out.

My eyes widen. Please don't ask about your Mom, Raven. Be smart! "About Mum."

"About time you figured it out."

"No really. Wilkinson has been dead for 5 years. He didn't tell me a thing."

"Dead, huh? Not too bad."

"Why would you care? Mum was having an affair while she was with you." I closed my eyes, she had to go there. Ian was probably pissed off now. Nice going there, Raven. "How did you figure that out?"

"I put two and two together once I found a note that Wilkinson had from Mum addressed to me." Great way to tell your father, Raven. I heard muffled noises on the other side, I wanted to say something but I don't want her to get hurt. "Daddy, why did you do this?" Raven was gasping for air and whispering.

"Because you need to learn your place if you want to be a Howe."

"I don't want to be a Howe! I'm becoming a Poole." I closed my eyes, she had to mention that to her father that she wanted to become a Poole. God, this was going to backfire. "Bad choice." I heard a gun being fired and collide with some body part of hers.

"RAVEN!" I yelled into the phone but the phone went dead. I sighed and slammed the phone on the table. I needed to get a hold of Ben and Abigail.


"Ben, open the door!" I banged on the door. "Riley, you do realize its 3 in the morning right?" Ben said. I rolled my eyes.

"Can I have Sedusky's number? We have a problem." I said. "What exactly happened?" Ben closed the door behind me.

"Ben, who's at the…Riley…" Abigail groaned. "Sorry but Raven's been kidnapped but her own father. We need to call Sedusky, now." Ben and Abigail nodded.