Okay guys, I'm totally starting to love the whole Calzona thing and I think they're really great together, plus I love saying Calliope instead of Callie. Anyway, I had an idea for a story when I was watching One Tree Hill, it was the one where Quinn and Clay got shot and I couldn't help thinking what it would be like if that was Calliope and Arizona instead, like if they got shot. So here it is...if this goes well and people read and review hen I think I might do a sequel...Enjoy!

"There, Sofia is finally down and asleep so now I am all yours Callie" Arizona smiled as she walked back back into the room, "I swear, that girl is almost as stubborn as you are sometimes!"
"Well, at least you can get her to bed" Callie sighed as Arizona sat down and put her head on Callie's lap, "She'll barely just close her eyes for more than a second whenever I'm with her"
"Trust me, you'll totally get a hang of it soon" she promised, "Sometimes these things just take some time, I guess that it might just be easier since I work with these types of little people everyday"
"Yeah, well...whatever. So anyway, what we watching now?"
"Anything but a show with pretend talking bears that only Sofia can seem to understand" Arizona replied before handing the remote control to her wife and pouting, "Can you change it please?"
Callie laughed and took it. The pair sat in silence for a minute or two before Callie finally settled on a movie that she knew that Arizona really loved and that she herself loved too. Luckily it was just about to start.

After a while, she began to notice that Arizona wasn't laughing at the parts of the film that she usually would. Callie shook her lightly and began to talk quietly to her, trying to wake her up.
"Hey" she said and Arizona' eyes began to flutter open, "You're falling asleep, you should probably go to bed"
"Hmm, I like it here Calliope" Arizona smiled and put her head back down onto Callie's lap.
"I like it here to but you're like a rock when you sleep and you're too long to carry"
"You're mean" she replied but after she saw Callie's face she caved and let out a big, over exaggerated sigh, "Fine! But you're coming with me"

Callie was woken by the sound of a baby crying, her baby, well it was Arizona's baby too. Giving Callie the right to wake her up and get her to make Sofia get back to sleep, after all she did have a good enough reason in her own eyes.
"Before you ask...no!" Arizona spoke obviously aware of what her wife was thinking, "Come on Calliope, after all, you do need the practice"
"Sometimes you can be so...eugh" Callie groaned and flung the covers off, deliberately trying to take them off of Arizona too, a mini revenge plot.

Callie rubbed her eyes as she walked out of the bedroom door, shivering slightly when her feet met the cold wooden floor. To her surprise, when she looked around, the first thing she spotted was how the front door was lying wide open. Callie supposed it was just her mind playing tricks on her, she was still half asleep so it was possible. She just kept walking into the baby's bedroom where the crying just seemed to be getting louder much to her dismay. "Sometimes I wonder if you hate us Sofia" she joked as she walked through the door, not looking up properly, "Or maybe you just enjoy how everything looks first thing in the morning?"
As soon as she was in the room, the crying went quiet and she smiled. Callie looked up, ready to lift Sofia out of her cot but instead she was met with the gaze of somebody who shared a striking resemblance to someone that she had once known. Before Callie could say something, do anything, everything went dark.

Arizona woke practically a second after she had just gotten back to sleep, woken with a bang, a big bang at that. Well, that and the fact that Sofia was crying hard again. She laughed a little bit to herself, imagining what silly thing her Calliope might have done now. Maybe she should have gone and taken care of the baby and just have left Callie in bed instead, let her practice the next night with Sofia.
"You alright in there Cal?" Arizona smiled waiting for a response or for her wife to walk back through the bedroom door in defeat, holding the baby in her arms but there wasn't another sound, with the exception of Sofia, "Callie, are you okay?"
Arizona got up quietly, shivering slightly at the feeling of the cold floor on her feet when she left the room on the way to the nursery. Unlike Callie, she didn't notice the busted door and how it lay open to the world previously unknown to them. Just as Arizona was about to say something, she turned the corner into Sofia's room but her sight was drawn to the figure lying on the floor. Gasping, her head shot up, Arizona had been in a situation like this with Callie before and she really didn't want to go through that again. She immediately saw someone, just a figure in the the shadows and she didn't get a proper look. She wouldn't even get the chance to find out because everything faded quickly.

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