This is my first ER fic so I'm a little nervous. More than a little and I don't really know if I want to post it at all but I'm going to. Anyway please read and review and slag me off all you want :P

This is set on the night before Mark and Elizabeth's wedding and it's just a small little thingummy. Enjoy!

Elizabeth Corday was putting her hair in rollers. It was a simple task that she did every night almost without thinking but that night all that was running through her head was 'I'm getting married tomorrow'. She'd expected to be calm and controlled about it and up until the last few days she'd been thinking about it in the same way she thought about an operation; logically and factually. But she'd started to stress and her mother wasn't helping.

'Elizabeth! There's a leftover milk carton without any milk in the fridge, should I throw it out?' Isabelle Corday's voice didn't exactly float up the stairs but Elizabeth heard it loud enough and growled under her breath. She had told him about doing that so many times she might as well have stuck it on a record player. Taking a deep breath, she shouted back.

'Yes! Throw it out! You might as well throw out the whole bloody contents of the fridge! I'm sure there's nothing in there a pregnant woman should be eating!' mid-rant, she heard the door open and her soon to-be-husband enter the house 'Mark! Get your arse into the kitchen and clean out the god-forsaken bloody fridge!' as she heard her fiancée's footsteps coming towards her instead of the kitchen she opened her mouth to scream again but as soon as the door opened, the sight of Mark Greene standing in the doorway soaked from head to foot melted her heart a little.

'Hey' Mark smiled at his pregnant, exhausted wife-to-be, trying to ignore the thunderstruck expression on her face 'It's raining outside, I hope it clears up by tomorrow'

'Yes but it won't, will it? Because the entire universe is determined to spoil my wedding!' Elizabeth's voice was climbing back up to a shriek and he stepped forward to wrap his arms round her.

'Our wedding, Lizzie. Our wedding' he smiled fondly down at her and her ice cold glare melted a little 'And it'll be perfect, I swear. Even your mother will be impressed' that made Elizabeth chuckle slightly but she still looked far from relaxed.

'Yeah well, I have my doubts about that' she sighed and sat down on the edge of the bed. Mark came to sit down next to her and slid his arm round her shoulder.

'Elizabeth, calm down. Please, you're stressing me out. Tomorrow, we're getting married and soon, we're having a baby. It. Will. All. Be. Fine' he kissed her forehead 'So please calm down because with that look on your face, you look scarily like your mother and it's creeping me out' Elizabeth laughed softly and her posture relaxed.

'I hope Rachel's flight will be okay… What if it's cancelled because of the weather?' after less than thirty seconds, the worried look was back on Elizabeth's face.

'Well, it would be a disaster but as long as I'm there, you're there and a priest's there, we can still get married and I promise you that I'm going to show up, even if your obvious cold feet run you away' Mark kissed her forehead again and she smiled.

'Don't worry- my cold feet aren't carrying me anywhere. And they're getting toastier by the minute' the bride and groom kissed softly and Elizabeth felt her feet indeed getting warmer by the minute.

So it's not great but this is the first time I've written an ER fic at all and never tried these characters either. So all types of criticism is welcomed, even if you want to tell me how awful it was. I know that I haven't got the characters voices and tone exactly right, but I'm working on it.