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Joey's ears twitched, his claws craved his name into the old stone wall of the monsalum. Joey sighed.

"I hate bein' the only werewolf out of all my friends. It's borin'. Why couldn't Yugi be bitten by a werewolf like me?"Joey asked himself. He rolled his eyes.

"But nope, that bloodsucker Atem just had to fall in love with him and turn him" suddenly a familiar scent hit his nose. He swiftly turned around. Joey's ears were flat against his head, fangs and claws bared and his tail curled in fury. The shadowy figure only chuckled, his fangs shining in the moonlight.

"Hello, mutt. How are you this fine night?" The figure asked walking closer to Joey his blue eyes glowing bright blue with hunger and...Lust? Joey pushed that aside and growled at him.

"It was perfectly fine till you ruined it, Kaiba!" he snarled. Kaiba smirked.

"Oh, the puppy is mad at me. "He replied with sarcastic fear."I'm shaking." Joey growled, he lunged forward. Kaiba stepped aside and pulled out a sliver wolf shaped whistle. Joey noticed this.

"W-why do you have that?"Joey asked pointing to the whistle.

"You know what this is?" Kaiba asked, raising an eyebrow.

"Ya, I do." Joey replied. He shoved his claws in his pockets and walked passed him. Kaiba smirked and blew the whistle hard and loud.

"Ahh!"Joey shouted in angish, falling to his knees as a sharp painful ringing sound rang through Joey's ears. Kaiba blew the whistle louder, tears poured down Joey's cheeks. Suddenly as kaiba watched the blonde werewolf's reaction he, for some reason, wanted to stop and kiss away the mutt's tears.

"B-but why? He's nothing but a filthy dog" Kaiba thought. He was pulled out of thought when he heard a whimper.

"I-I'll go...just stop...please stop" Joey whispered as he laid there on the ground, tears pouring down his cheeks but his eyes were empty of emotion, his tail between his legs.

Me: so what do you guys think?

Kaiba: damn, I'm a jerk.

Joey: I'm like a puppy; this sooo doesn't help my bad boy rep.

Me: what rep?

Kaiba: anyways, when do I get to claim the mutt?

Joey: w-what? *blush*

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