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Warning: violence, some fowl language


The Crimson moon shined bright, Joey tried to looked away but couldn't. His body soon started to pulse; a low and deadly growl escaped his throat as bright red aura surrounded his body, his eyes turned red and his pupils turned to slits. Black tattoo like markings covered his entire body. Joey's claws and fangs grew longer and sharper, a second wolf tail sprung out and his hair stood up spiky and on end. He pulled on the chains and the ripped out of the wall as if they were made out of paper. Once on all fours, he opened his mouth. Suddenly a red ball of energy formed in mid air. He fired the red energy ball at the door and it destroyed the entire wall. Joey dashed out of the room on all fours at lightning speed, a angered snarl come from his fang baring lips.

[End of Recap]

Kaiba was in his room, staring up at the ceiling think of his wolf when he heard a big explosion then he heard an angry snarl. Kaiba's eyes widened.

"Oh, god…no" he whispered. He dashed out of the room and down stairs to see Joey in crimson mode. He slowly walked toward Joey. Joey's ears twitched and he quickly turned around, growling and snarling, his eyes showing complete rage.

'He knows me…he wouldn't hurt me…' Kaiba said trying to make it sound like a fact instead of a hopeful wish. He stepped toward Joey once more.

"Pup….it's me, seto. Remember?" Kaiba said, reaching out to him. Joey growled and opened his mouth and the red energy ball formed. Kaiba started to run away, Joey fired at him. Kaiba dodged it only by a little bit. The energy ball destroyed the dining hall. Joey then dashed out side and on to the roof of the mansion. He let out a roar into the night sky. ( Authors note: think nine tails naruto's roar) Then he started killing some of the security guards. Kaiba came out to see Joey's hands and face covered in blood. There were at least 50 dead vampires laying around.

"J-Joey…please stop." Said Kaiba, his eyes pleading. Joey just snarled at him then swiped his bloody and at him, as the blood came near Kaiba it suddenly turned into blood colored daggers. One of the daggers hit Kaiba in the leg, the other in his right arm and the other into the ground a few feet away from him. Kaiba gritted his teeth in pain and pulled out the blood daggers. Suddenly Joey pounced on to Kaiba, sending him to the ground. Kaiba couldn't get him off, no matter how hard he tried. Joey growled and snarled at him. Kaiba thought of an idea, it was proably going to get him killed but it was worth a shot. Kaiba grabbed Joey by the hair and pulled him down, kissing joey's teeth actually. Kaiba shut his eyes tight; he couldn't help but cry a little.

'J-Joey…come back, please…I want my puppy back. I don't want this angered wolf…Joey, come back to me…please, joey, d-don't you love me…?' Kaiba thought, praying to god with all his soul for his puppy to be on top of him and not this snarling enraged wolf. Suddenly, the growling and snarling stopped. The red aura faded away, his nails and claws went back to their normal length and sharpness, and his hair became unspiky and didn't stand on end anymore. The second tail went away and soon his eyes turned back into that dark rich brown. Joey soon realized that Kaiba was kissing his and that he had tears coming down from his closed eyes.

'Seto...I'm so sorry I scared you. My master, my love...' Joey thought, he cradled Kaiba's face gently in his blood covered hands and kissed kaiba back with his eyes shut.


Kaiba and Joey pulled away for air looking into each other eyes, out of nowhere it started to rain. They didn't bother to get up they just laid there looking into each other eyes.

"Joey…" Kaiba said, blushing slightly

"Yes, Seto?" Joey asked.

"Marry me…please." Kaiba said, slightly afraid he would say no, even though it was sort of an order. Joey smiled at Kaiba.

"As you wish, my lord. After all, an order is an order." Said Joey. Kaiba pulled Joey into a passionate kiss, not caring that they were soaking wet by now.


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