Hello fanfic world! This is my first Bade story. I though this up one night while watching Victorious. It is very slightly based of my life, VERY VERY slightly.

AN: I used Elizabeth Gillies' real birthday for Jade's, just in case you were wondering.

Disclaimer: I don't, and will probably never own Victorious :(

Jadelyn August West was born on July 26, 1993 to James and Elizabeth West. They had only been married a little over a year but were happy to start a family together. A month after Jade was born James left. In that short month he realized that he wasn't ready to be a father. He packed up his belongings and left leaving Elizabeth to raise Jade all alone.

Jade and her mother lived a happy little life together. Not many people know this but Jade's favorite color used to be pink. She used to love to wear big puffy dress and pretend she was a princess. She loved to play with Barbie's and stuffed animals. Jade used to be shy, but was trying to overcome it. When she met new people Jade would just say a sheepish hi and wait for them to talk. Despite this she was always talkative around her mommy. They would have hour long conversations about the strangest things. But one day her happy world came crashing down. Jade and her mom had just finished eating her favorite dinner, pasta with shrimp. It was her birthday in a few days. She would be five a big girl to her. Her mom promised to take her out for ice-cream. Elizabeth would have to work that night and she said they could celebrate that Friday. Elizabeth and Jade got in the car and headed to Freezy Queen. They sang the whole car ride. Jade loved to sing and had a beautiful voice, a gift from her mother. They were stopped at a red light when Jade asked: "Why don't I have a daddy?" Her mother responded by explaining she did have one, but that he didn't feel comfortable being a daddy and left. The moment Jade heard the word "left" she decided that her daddy was a ban man and she never wanted to see him, EVER. The light turned green and Jade got more excited as they approached the ice-cream shop. They were a block away when a speeding car slammed head on into their car. Elizabeth West was killed instantly and Jade's body was badly crushed. (Later, when she got older, Jade learned that her mother had thrown herself in front of Jade that day. She wanted to protect her baby, even if it meant sacrificing her own life.)

Jade spent three months in the hospital recovering. She recovered but was still traumatized and still had some memory lapses. One day a nice lady came in and told Jade she could go home. Jade was so excited to see her mommy again. The lady got a sad look on her face. She sadly explained that her mommy was no longer here, but in Heaven with the angels. Even at Jade's young age she still understood. Later that day, Jade and the lady went to a big building. It must have been a zillion miles high. The lady took Jade to a medium sized room with lots of toys. She found a few Barbie's and started playing. About an hour later the lady can back with a man and a woman. As nervous as Jade was she wanted to make a good impression and took a shower and went to bed. She really didn't sleep to well and woke up a couple hours later. That was when she heard Jacob and Emily arguing.

"Don't get attached to her like you did with the last one," said Jacob.

"But she's so cute," said Emily, "She is just like Jenna when she was little."

"But remember what Martha said?" Jacob proclaimed.

Martha must be the lady from the hospital Jade thought.

"Yeah, they're still trying to find her father, but we could raise like our own if they don't," protested Emily.

Jade never wanted to see her daddy. This thought brought her back to that horrible day. She quickly shook the bad thoughts from her head. Even though she had only known them for half a day, they seemed nice and cared about her. She was a little happy about tomorrow. New people to meet and become friends with. She could get used to this new life.

AN: As I kind of explained (not really at all), this is slightly, very slightly based off my life. I was from and orphanage in China and was adopted as a baby. My mom says I'm kind of attachy because I was left. I don't really know. Sorry, you guys probably don't care about my life's story but anyway, I though one day what if Jade was almost adopted and the had to leave. This could explain her attitude. OK enough of me talking. Please review and tell me what I can improve on!