I watched Annie the other day. I got the part of July when our school performed it a while ago! Fun, fun, lots of fun!In this short + random one-shot fic (the best kind!), July has some pent up feelings towards the beloved redhead.

It was a hard-knock life alright. Because Annie got to go Oliver Warbucks' house himself, and I got stuck with all her chores.

"JULY! Quit your slacking, you still have to wash Annie's windows!"


Mizz Hannigan strolled by lazy and too skinny, stinking of alcohol and crawled her disgusting nails up my back like spiders. "Hurry up, kid," was her final remark before she moves on. I beat the dirt out of the floor and scrubbed harder, ignoring the way soapy water and cold air made my knuckles red, chapped and painful.

The girl was in the paddle closet and had tried to run away! Didn't that tell them anything? For all that lady knew, Annie was a mini delinquet. Although I guess in Mizz Hannigans opinion, we all are. Whatever. I scrubbed harder and sloshed water and scrubbed harder and cleaned up the spilled water and scrubbed that floor tilll it was as raw and smooth as my knuckles.

Then I worked on Annie's windows.

Lucky Annie.

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