This is story written from one of my "Supernatural reject letters", called Conner Crowley. That rejection letter was inspired by Kirallie's 'Family dealing', and Winchester-Colt's 'Demon King Daddy.' (May she rest in peace.)

Please read those stories, as they are really wonderful.

Prologue; given away.

Vernon Dursley dragged the sobbing form of his 5-year-old nephew out of Number 4 privet drive. Sadly, this wasn't such an abnormal sight, given the tempter of said man.. He had dragged Harry out of the house countless times before. Nearly all the neighbors had grown accustom to it over the years… Only this time he was dragging the boy out by the roots of his hair.

Little Harry Potter winced hard as he kept his eyes closed shut. He had both hands on his head around his skull, trying to relieve the pain. It didn't work. Every hair follicle his uncle pulled was agony to him. But the pain ended after Vernon opened the car door, and the loosen his grip on Harry's head…

Only to be shoved violently into the back seat of Vernon's car. Light tears started to fall down Harry's face as the door slammed behind him, not even bothering to put him into child's car seat that was already in the backseat.. Harry nearly start hyperventilating in fear. His uncle had always been cruel, but this was overboard even for him. Harry was terrified of what his uncle was going to do next. He had never seen his uncle this angry before, and for the first time the little child actually feared for his life.

He laid still in the back seat. Shaking in fear of his uncle… He knew that he had done something bad, something freakish. He knew he was going to have to pay for it now, as well.

"Hair growing back, overnight…! Unnatural, freaky, unclean little… All your parent's fault…" Vernon mumbled under his breath, as if Harry wasn't even there anymore. He looked over to a small box that he had in the passenger seat with him.

"Well… So be it. Once a freak, always a freak… No helping him now.. Got to get rid of him… Can't have him in the house anymore, no…"

Vernon glared at the little boy in the back of the car, and Harry frowned at the hate and fire in his eyes.

"You've gone to far this time, BOY!" The man yelled, as put more speed in on the car.

"I'm getting rid of you now… Getting rid of you for GOOD…."

Harry was utterly terrified… and sure that he was going to be murdered by his uncle..

Vernon drove the boy out into a dark, empty road with gravel on all four sides. A crossroads. Vernon grabbed the small box next to him, as he counted off the objects inside of it.

"Herbs… Photo.. Coin.. Cat bones, Thank god old Figg had about a dozen of them in her back yard… yep… Everything they listed in the book…" Vernon turned and looked at the cowering, shaking form of his nephew in the back seat. An evil smirk crossed his face as he spoke cruelly to the boy.

"Do you know what I'm going to do to you, BOY?….." The man yelled. Harry sank down even lower in his seat, as he stared at his uncle. Fear then paralyzed him, and he couldn't move anymore. Vernon smiled, apparently enjoying the torment he was inflicting on the little child. Harry's poor little heart was racing so much, he was sure it was about to burst. And he silently hoped it would, so that way he wouldn't have to suffer anymore of his uncle's cruelty.. But that was not to be his fate.

"What you did back there, Boy.. Was MAGIC…Filthy, disgusting, abnormal magic! So… I looked some things up in the library.. And found that there is a branch of magic that comes from DEMONS. From women and men that sell their souls for power… Just like your PARENTS…."

Harry's eyes went even wider. MAGIC? DEMONS? HIS PARENTS? What on Earth?…

"That's right, boy… you're parent's didn't die in a car crash.. They where Blown up. By MAGIC… The same kind you just used to grow your hair back!"

Harry's heart crack a little at his uncle's words… His parents.. They were blown up.. They where freaks, just like him… And he just used the same kind of power that killed them… Tears started to fall down Harry's face, but Vernon refused to stop tormenting the boy. He started to tell him how his mother died and burned to death in his nursery, right in front of his crib. Where he was sleeping. How his father was found by the door. As if trying to run away, like a coward…

"So, now.. BOY… I'm going to do something I should have done long ago…" Harry blinked in confusion. Vernon snapped close the small box he was looking into, and then opened the door to the car. He got out, and opened the back door, grabbing the boy by the hair once again and yanking him out of the car.

Vernon marched over to the crossroads, dragging the poor boy as he kicked and screamed in pain. Vernon took the box, and nearly shoved it under the gravel and dirt. Harry howled in pain again, and his uncle just shook him by the hair.

"My word, what on Earth do we have here?…" A silky female voice sounded from behind them.

Vernon turned and looked at source of the voice, his eyes wide and guilty as he quickly released Harry… dropping the poor boy upon the gravel.

The woman was tall, with dark black hair that wore a lovely red dress. Not a ball gown, but a full-length silk number that made her look like something out of a romance novel.

"What… I… Um.. Oh, my word." Vernon stuttered, as Harry sobbed and rubbed his abused head. "I was actually… Expecting.. A…."

"Demon?…" The woman said, as her eyes then turned a deep crimson red… just like her dress. Vernon gasped in shock, and jumped back… It was now his turned to be wide eyed and terrified.

"You! You are one of them!" Vernon then spat… Harry sat frozen on the ground, as looked at the beautiful yet terrifying woman in front of him… So that was a Demon… He had never seen one before

"YOU!" Vernon spat at the woman, as he pointed to Harry. "DEMON, I demand that you take this… This… Freakish witch-spawn away from my family! NOW!"

"Pardon me?…" The woman said, with a glare. Apparently she was not used to be ordered about by fat, ugly men.

"This… this… THING was born from a witch! His mother and father died, and we got shafted with him! Now, he has POWERS… and he's daring to use them IN MY OWN HOUSE! I want him OUT… You lot can have him back! I want him gone from my house! NOW!"

Harry looked up in horror at his uncle… So that was what he meant… He was giving him away to a demon!

"Uncle, Please, no!" Harry screamed in terror… His uncle only backhanded him back into the gravel.

"Shut up, you worthless piece of trash!" Vernon spat down at the injured boy.. Even the demon looked angry at the Man's actions. Vernon just looked to the Demon, hate still shining in his eyes.

"Take the boy or leave him here to die. I don't care… I just want rid of him." Vernon said, as he turned and walked back to the car. Harry tried to run after his uncle, but before he knew it, he was swooped up into the very strong, but very soft arms of the woman in red.

Harry screamed for his uncle to come back, and not to give him to the Demons. But Vernon ignored him. He got into the car, and started the engine. And as Harry started to cry, for the fifth time that day, His uncle turned the car around, and drove away.. The tail lights of the old sedan being the last thing that he saw…

Everything went black as he fell limp in the arms of the demoness.

Harry woke up in a comfy, plush bed. It was easily the softest bed that he had ever slept in. It was a huge, king-sized, and swallowed him up…

The first thing that he noticed was that he was no longer in pain. It was as if all of his uncle's hits and beatings had never happened. The second thing he noticed was the room he was it.

The dressers and fixtures in the room where high-class and obviously expensive. The drapes and trappings around all matched and looked dark but regal at the same time. Harry took in the whole room with a small sense of awe. He had never seen a bedroom so well put together except in magazines and on TV before.

The third thing he noticed was that he was dressed in a silk nightshirt that was far to big for him. He toyed over the soft, sleek fabric with his fingers. He smirked at how funny he must look. A little kid in a huge bed, with a huge shirt! To his 5-year-old mind, it was hilarious. He laughed a little…

"Well, then… I see you're finally awake." Came a Scottish accent. Harry's smile dropped immediately as he looked towards the person standing in the doorway. He was sure that their was no one in the doorway a moment ago. It was a tall, regal man. He looked stocky and well-dressed with a widow's peak at the top of his hair-line. But his eyes… Harry didn't know if he should be afraid or if he should try to get on his good side.

The man had a deep, dark, mischievous look that Harry just couldn't place. Harry just stayed still, and didn't say a thing. He was almost to afraid to.

"Don't worry, Lad… I'm not going to hurt you." The man said as he walked forward. "You ARE my new ward, after all…" He said with a smile… Harry couldn't help but smile back.

"So, Tell me little one… You're name is Harry potter, is it not?" The man's eyes went to the scar on his head as he asked. Harry nodded his head and refused to speak.. The man smilied happily in return. But it was a smile that made Harry feel uncomfortable…

"Very good, Harry. I have to say I'm very pleased to meet you. My name's Crowley… Fergus Crowley, King of the crossroad Demons." Harry's throat went dry at that statement, as he looked at the man with a new amount of fear and amazement…

"But… From now on." The man say, as his smile turned into more of a smirk. "You can call me 'Dad'.."