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Harry blinked at the man asked him to call him 'Dad.' He made Harry wary and nervous, but he been also more than welcoming… and was already much nicer to him then Vernon. Harry decided to give him a chance. Besides; Harry really REALLY wanted his own Daddy.

Crowley opened his arms, and motioned for Harry to come to him. The five-year-old immediately got up, and went into the Demon's open arms. He was easily lifted and placed on the man's hip. Making sure that Harry was fastened to him, The man swiftly turned and made his way out the door.

"First thing is first.. Let's go into my office, shall we?" Crowley said, as young Harry nodded. They made their way out of the walkway and down the hall. They entered a large set of wooden doors, and found themselves in an ornate office. Sitting on one of the plush chairs in the corner of the room was the red-dressed woman Harry had seen earlier at the crossroads. She was still swimming in silk, with pale white skin and hazel eyes. Not crimson like he had seen earlier.

He smiled at the woman as she rose regally from her chair. She had a supernatural grace about her, and carried herself as if she was the most important woman in the world. He noticed her dark hair was now pinned up into waves. It looked very pretty. Harry was entraced immediately.

"Harry, this is Anne… You probably recognize her as the one that brought you here." Harry smiled happily at the woman and waved. She gave a smile back to Harry that seemed warm, but keep her hands folded properly in front of her. Harry began to like her even more. She didn't scare him nearly as much as Crowley did…

"She'll be in charge of your care and education. Understood?" Crowley said with a serious look. Harry nodded, and turned back to the pretty red woman.

"Does that mean you are going to be my Mummy?.." Harry asked bluntly. The woman's eyes got very wide. She looked to Crowley, completely speechless. Crowley chuckled to himself as the woman seemed to wait for a response from him.

"What do you say.. Darling? Are you going to be his Mummy?" Crowley chuckled. It seems there was a private joke that Harry didn't get because only Crowley and Anne knew.. Anne sent a spine-chilling glare to the king, before turning back to Harry and smiling.

"If you want me to be your Mummy, Harrison, then I will.." She said as she stepped forward and looked into his eyes with a smile. "I only had one child before when I was human; She was a girl, and it was a very long time ago.. So you'll have to be patient with me. Alright?"

Harry smiled brightly as he nodded his head. He was overjoyed! He got a new Mummy and a new Daddy on the same day! This was wonderful! He quickly jumped from Crowley's arms to Anne's, a large smile on his face. Anne looked shocked at the motion, but quickly righted herself and held on to the boy. He was obviously starved for attention; she didn't feel like denying him.

Crowley had an odd smile on his face that Harry couldn't place.. The kind of smile that uncle Vernon got when he saw a big, fat bonus check… Harry didn't know if he liked it, but since he was in Anne's arms now he decided to let it go. He was far to happy to let a smile bother him. Crowley motioned back to his desk.

Harry looked at it, and his eyes went wide.

There was a pentagram with more than a few creepy symbols stretched across the surface of the desk. A knife, a black candle, and an old weather book that was no where Near English also rested on the table. Harry felt fear start to rise in his chest. Crowley saw the look on his face, and realized where it had come from. He immediately started running interference.

"Oh; No, no, no, Little one… Those aren't for you…. Well, they are FOR you, but they aren't going to be used ON you.." Crowley started. Anne placed a soft finger under Harry's chin, and turned his face toward hers.

"Harrison… What do you know of magic?" Anne asked. Her pretty hazel eyes looking into his emerald-green. Harry blinked and gulped.

"Uncle Vernon and Aunt petunia said that there is no such thing as magic.. But then Vernon said that there IS magic, that it killed my parents, and that it comes from Demons and I use It." Harry said, As Anne's eyes grew harsh.

"Well, of course the ignorant muggle fool would say that…" Anne said, half to herself.

She turned her body with Harry on her hip and pointed to the table. "This, Harrison, is only one type of magic. Yes, it is demon magic as me and his highness are Demons… This is the kind of magic you hear about in fairy tales. This is the kind that people practice and study, and even sell their souls to gain access to." Harry looked back to the table with even more fear than before. Anne put her finger back under his chin, and made him look at her again.

"BUT.. That is not the magic you have." Harry blinked. His fear started to melt away as he heard those words. Anne smiled again as she saw him relax.

"The magic you have is more of an… Active magic. It's call sorcery. For Wizards and Witches like Merlin and Morgana… It is just as powerful. But it does not come from Demons. It comes from the universe itself." Anne was still staring into Harry's eyes.

"Do you understand, Harrison?.." Harry nodded at the Demoness that was now his mummy. She smiled back at the 5-year-old in delight. She moved in closer so she could talk into his ear..

"And do you want to know a secret, little one?.." She whispered as if it was a conspiracy. Harry smiled and nodded furiously back. He had always wanted to know a Secret! He'd never really known one before.

"I have that kind of magic, too…" She whispered back. Harry gasped. He looked at his new mummy with a sense of wonder and awe. His mummy was like him, AND like his new daddy! This was WONDERFUL!

"What we are going to do little one, is take Crowley's blood, and trace it on the symbol.. We are then going to use it to put a mark on your head. We are then going to chant; and tell magic itself that Crowley claims you as his son… Your body will get hot; But it won't hurt.. Then you will start to have OUR magic growing inside of you as well… in about 5 years, it will start to surface actively… and you will be a true Half-Demon.. A Cambion."

"Do you have any questions before this happens?.."

Harry turned and looked at the table again for a moment. He seemed to ponddr over this new information. After a beat or two, he turned back to Anne.

"Will I look different?.."

Anne looked pleased at the smartly asked question. "No, Child.. You will look the same as you do now."

Crowley watched fondly as he grinned at the two. Anne carried on the conversation until Harry was comfortable with how the Blood adoption would work.. He KNEW he had made the right choice when he asked Anne to stick around and help him with the kid.. But he never dreamed it would have turned out THIS well… The boy would be begging to learn from 'Mummy and Daddy' before the week's end..

And that yellow-eyed dick and Lilith could kiss his kilted Scottish born Arse…

He knew that Azazel was brewing up a new round of Physic kids this year, and Lilith had been more than a little busy downstairs with the Seven deadlies… And if there was one thing Crowley was good at, it was planning for the future…

And now he had Harry, and he had an entirely new future to plan; for him and his little prince…

And it looked magnificent.

"So.. Harrison; before we begin I have to ask; Do you want to keep your name?" Anne said as she brushed his cheek softly with her hand.

Harry blinked as for a few moments as he though this over, too. He shook his head.

"No.. No I don't want my name anymore…" Harry looked at Crowley. "Can I have your last name?…"

"Crowley?…' the king said with a gleam in his eye. "Of course you can. I can arrange that.." Crowley took out his cell phone and sent a text message to one of his many blood-thirsty lawyers. He was sure the ball would be rolling on the adoption papers tomorrow morning… Being filthy rich had its perks.

"Anything else we should know?.. Allergies, Aliases, any particular likes or dislikes?.." Crowley asked as he prepared to send another text if need be. Harry seemed to think, his eyes squinted as he mulled things over in his mind… Harry came back to reality a few minutes later as he looked back to the two Demons that stood by him.

"Well… I Really, REALLY don't like cats." Harry responded, his mind on Miss fig's dozen felines.

Crowley just looked even more pleased. He took Harry from Anne, and held him in his arms.

"Cats I can understand. But tell me; How do you feel about Doggies?…"

-One year later-

Outside number 4 privet drive, a rush of air was heard. Standing where there had been just empty space moments before were four people. A woman wearing a lovely knee-length dress. A light brown racer back with tan fringe on the bottom. A grown man in midnight blue Armani suit. His back was straight and he looked proud and smug. A smaller man, a teenager also wearing a suit. This suit was of lesser quality, and plain black. But the most odd out of all of them was the little Six-year-old boy.

He had well-styled and trimmed black hair that framed his face. He was wearing an age appropriate outfit that one would see kids wearing at church, or when going over to their rich grandparents for Christmas. A pair of khaki pants, a white dress shirt with a tan jumper over it. He looked happy and well taken care of… and at that moment. A tad bit upset.

The woman on the other hand watched the house with the same glint in his eyes that the Armani guy had.

"Dad.. Will it be over soon?" The boy asked quietly.

The man pulled down his sleeve and looked at his watch.

"The blood wards will be down in… 30 seconds. Then we can go in and finish this." The man said. The woman stepped forward with a flourish. She put her hand gently on the boy's shoulder.

"Are you sure that you want to be here for this? You don't have to watch." The boy took her hand off his shoulder, but he held on to it.

"They have hidden behind the wards long enough... An entire YEAR the wards kept them safe after they kicked me out… I know what they did was wrong, Mummy. I WANT to see them punished." The boy said in a voice that sounded more confident than he looked.

A pleased but vindictive smile crossed her face as she looked back to the house.

"Very well, My little prince… if that is what you want."

The Armani man then turned and looked to the other suit behind him.

"When the wards go down; you possess the boy up stairs. He is the key to reinstating the blood wards. Only they will be working for US next time… Punish him and treat him how you will; I don't care.. But keep that meatsuit alive until Harry turns 17.. Understood?" The teen nodded curtly.

"After you get out, we will send the hell-hounds in. You'll serve Harry from then on out.. Got it?"

The teen nodded again. The four stood around quietly and waited for another few minutes. A flash of light surrounded the house as it showed itself.. And just as slowly, faded. The message behind sight was obvious; The wards had come down.

Immediately after the wards finished fading the black-suit man tilted his head up. He released a thick black mass from the back of his throat. It moved on its own and billowed around like a poisonous cloud. The body it had inhabited fell limply to the ground, dead… The black mass moved quickly. It swarmed into the home and up the stairs. Moments later a pig-like blonde boy wearing a sleeper came down the steps, opened the front door, and walked out. Leaving the door ajar behind him. He walked straight to the middle of street and joined the others as the Armani man looked over to his left.

Two load growls were heard, as well as the sound of paw prints hitting the pavement at the spot the Armani man had looked at... He chuckled as he looked to the little boy next to him.

"Well, Conner… Would you like to do the honors?" The boy blinked back, as he took his father's hand into his own as well. He blinked and looked at the house one last time. He turned sad eyes back to his dad.

"They really do deserve it… Right?"

"They sure do, love. Probably more, in fact… Just think of all the things they have done to you.." The man said, as he nudged his head to the pups. "Now.. Go on, son. Get on with it."

Conner nodded, then turned and stared at the hell-hounds right in the eye. They stared back at him without an inch of fear. He pointed toward the upstairs room, then yelled loudly; "SIC 'EM BOYS!"

The two hell-hounds barked and leapt into action. They flew into the house through the open door… Seconds later, the sounds of Petunia and Vernon Dursley being ripped to shreds could be heard load and clear, even from the group's place in the middle of the street… Three of the four figures stood and laughed lively as the silhouettes of the two were seen being ripped to pieces through the windows. Conner watched aimlessly, not really knowing what to think, or what to feel.

"Alright… Sad to say, but I believe we have taken long enough; The headmaster will know that the wards have failed by now… We need to go."

The blonde pig-boy nodded, as he to a last look at his earlier (and now dead) meat suit, and snickered. He disappeared a moment later. Armani checked his watch again. And nodding, looking back to the other two.

"The flight for New York leaves at noon… We should be packed and ready to go by nine.. Alright?.."

The woman nodded as she picked up the little boy. "Very well… Nine it will be." The man nodded, leaned forward, and kissed the boy on the forehead. He then looked the lad right in the eyes.

"I'm proud of you, Conner.. You handled yourself and the Hounds well tonight. Now go straight to sleep when you get home, all right?"

"Allright…" The boy said, in a soft voice. The man nodded and took off just like the other. Conner looked back to his mother.

"Mum… Was… Was that… Right?"

The woman blinked as her face went flat.

"What ever do you mean by that Conner? You have to speak clearly if you want me to answer."

"I mean; Was that the right thing to do?" Conner rephrased.

"No; Not entirely, Love…" Anne answered honestly. "They didn't technically make a deal or have ten years… But to be fair, they where severely abusive and neglectful. And you should know by now, my boy…" She said as she moved him forward, and placed a kiss on his nose.

"Absolutely no one gets away with hurting my little prince…"

When with another smile and a flourish of fabric, the last two left Privet drive…

Moments later wizards and witches descended upon the house like a beehive. But it was already far to late. Harry Potter, now known as Conner Crowley, and his cousin where long gone… And there was nothing that anyone could do to find them...