"Nymphadora Tonks, I love you."

The words came out in a bit of a slurred fashion as Remus came stumbling through the door to the pink-haired woman's flat. He walked in a line that was nowhere near straight to her couch, tripping over something on the floor (most likely the rug) and grabbing onto it as he was overcome with loud, drunken laughter. He went to stand up, only to slip again, and fall down against the floor with a small thud.

"Your floor keeps moving."

"Yes, it's most definitely the floors fault," she said with an irritated grumble, leaning down to pull him up from his place on the floor and put him onto the couch itself. She walked off in search of water and some sobering potion, Remus' voice calling out after her.

"I doooo!" He paused, before snickering, and his intoxicated singing began to fill the room instead, "'Cause Iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii will always love… yooo-OOOO-ooou…" He laughed harder at his voice cracking, another thud echoing from the living room, and Tonks came back into the room to find him once more lying on the floor. He gazed up at her, grinning, before grabbing her hand. She had just enough time to put down the potion she'd grabbed before she was pulled down on top of him, holding her close, and placing kisses over her cheeks and neck. "You're amazing and funny and smart and funny and—."

"You said funny."

"Oh. Well you're really funny. Really smart too. Really pretty. You're gorgeous and I love every bit of you and-."

"You're drunk off your arse."

"Well, yes, but that doesn't make my points any less valid." He nodded, leaning up to try and kiss her, but his head fell back after a moment, and he sighed. "The room's spinning."

"Bathroom's down the hall," she muttered, rolling off of him quickly. Without much of a response, he pushed himself up and ran in the direction of the loo. "Hopefully you still love me in the morning."