Title: Headlines

Summary: A moment between, brothers, Jamie and Danny Reagan. When Jamie's cover gets blown, there's only one person that he calls to help him.

Disclaimer: Wished I owed but sadly CBS owns all the rights of 'Blue Bloods.'

Set after 'Black and Blue.'

Merry Christmas!

Part Three

*** Blue Bloods ***

Jamie grabbed his older's brothers shoulder for support as he painfully sat on the family couch. "Thanks..." Jamie whispered as he turned his body around, so he could lie on the couch.

"Remember, the doctor said takes it easy." Danny warned his little brother. "I'll be back with your medince and a beer. Do you need anything else?"

Jamie shook his head no.

"Alright." Danny said.

Frank entered the living room with a black blanket as Danny left to the kitchen. Frank laid the blanket on his youngest son, and asked him, "Are you comfy?"

"As much as I can be." Jamie yawned. He just wanted to be home, in his own bed but knew it was a bad idea. The doctor said he needed to be looked after for a couple days and it isn't worth fighting about. He'd stay with his grandpa and dad and make everyone feel better.

"Jamie." Frank said.

It took a few seconds, but Jamie looked at him. "Yes?"

"Are you sure you're okay?" Frank asked, and looked to Jamie, who only gave him a non-verbal cue of saying, "Yes."

Frank sat down on the chair next to the couch, and turned his favorite show on.

*** Blue Bloods ***

Danny knew that Jamie was okay, but he still didn't want to leave Jamie's side. The Reagan house was quiet and he knew he was the only person up.

"Kid," Danny said to himself. "You scared the hell out of me today; me seeing you like that. Scared the shit out me. I can't lose you ki...Jamie. You are my little brother and..." Danny stopped talking. He needed to get his thoughts together. He hated seeing his brother injured, he hated seeing anyone injured that was close to him but with Jamie, it was something different.

But then again, Danny was always over protective of Jamie, even when they were younger.

Danny sighed, "You can't scare me like that again. I lost Joe already. Losing you or Erin, I just couldn't handle it."

*** Blue Bloods ***

Jamie woke up from a nightmare. He screamed, waking up his family members in the house, screaming to get them off him.

Danny was the first one to the youngest Reagan. Danny knew how the nightmares felt, from the memories that kept him awake from Iraq, so he knew not to touch Jamie.

"Jamie." Danny said quietly, but loudly enough where his younger brother could him.

It took a couple times of saying Jamie's name but he finally opened his eyes. "Danny?" Jamie asked, opening his eyes and closing them again.

"I'm here." Danny replied. "Did you have a nightmare?" Jamie shook his head, yes, awkwardly. "Do you want to talk about it?" Jamie shook his head.

"I'm tired." Jamie said, gripping his arm around his chest.

"I'll go get you some pain medince."

"Thanks." Jamie said quietly to his older brother. He felt like an idiot right now, but he was thankful that his older brother was here watching over him.

He was lucky for Danny.

**** Blue Bloods ***

Here's the end of the third part, but, I'm working on the fourth part (which will be A LOT longer)

I just gotta get back to my family, but I wanted to update for you guys.

Hope you enjoyed && Merry Xmas!

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