Third thoughts

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Sian/Michael one-shot

Six months later

Sian stared into space. Well, she had done it. She had made her choice. She wanted to be with Jez. Jez was kind, Jez was full of life. So why was she having second thoughts? She thought back to the pain she had put him and the kids through. He didn't deserve it. And, in a rush of adrenaline, she had told him that she loved him, rushed to the airport to stop him even. But now that things had calmed down, she was having second thoughts. Tears formed in her eyes, she had done it again, acted on impulse and allowed the rush of adrenaline to go to her head. Closing her eyes, she thought of Michael and his arms that had wrapped around her. She thought about how she had snuggled into him. She quickly realised that she needed that again, she needed him. She had been terrified when she had heard he was in hospital, heartbroken even. That couldn't be right. She quickly realised that she had done it again.

'Alright love?' She looked up as Jez came in. Darling Jez, so forgiving even after everything she'd put him through, yet… He wasn't Michael.

'Jez…' She begun, tears formed in her eyes.

Jez looked at her, 'Hey! Hey! What is it?' Sian didn't reply and realisation dawned on him, 'You-you're still thinking of him aren't you?'

'I-I'm sorry!' Sian sobbed, 'I-I don't know what's wrong with me… I-I thought I was happy…'

Jez smiled, 'It's alright, I understand… you-you never truly get over your first love… Why I've never really gotten over mine… A brainless cheerleader from high school, never told you that in case you got jealous!' Sian laughed and Jez smiled, 'It's always been him hasn't it?'

Sian felt terrible, 'I-I am so so sorry! I've tried! Really I have!'

He nodded 'it's OK!'

'I-I just need time after everything that's all, I'll be fine.'

Jez fell silent for a while then, 'You should go.

Sian looked at him amazed, 'W-What?'

'You should go…be with him.'

'B-but I'm with you!'

Jez smiled and shook his head, 'He's the one you really want. I know' Tears spark his eyes, 'I've tried but I understand I can't compete. I've seen it in your eyes Sian. You should be with him, It would be cruel for me to force you to stay…'

Sian stared at him for a while then hugged him hard, 'I'll always love you.' She whispered

He laughed, 'I know, I will too.'

Michael stared into space. He was in his new apartment but something was missing. He thought back to the previous year's events and tears formed in his eyes. He had lost Sian for a second time. She had chosen Jez. Slowly he dried his eyes and downed the rest of his whisky. Suddenly there was a ring at the door. Frowning, he went to open the door. To his immense surprise, there stood Sian… his Sian with a suitcase. She looked into his eyes with her tear-filled ones and slowly, pulled him into a passionate kiss. Overjoyed, Michael wrapped his arms around her waist and passionately kissed her back. What Sian really wanted was loud and clear.