Hello! I'm back from the world of lazy! Yeah, I'm a horrible person but there is a reason for some of it! I am writing a full size story which I may one day publish! Well, POSSIBLY. Anyway, this is a KLAINE fic, if anyone bothers to regularly read my pieces. So… on with it! (And yeah, I get it, no line breaks).

Anyway, this will be a series of relatively short one-shots and prompts will be accepted! I can only think of so much! And I don't own glee. If I did, I really don't think I would be here!

"Kurt, you and the New Directions are amazing." Blaine said, as the video of the glee group singing at regionals came to a finish.

"Not good enough too win, though" Kurt said with a sigh.

Yeah, but to me, you guys couldn't have been better."

"I will be right back; I think our hot chocolate is almost done." Kurt said blushing.

Kurt and Blaine had been having a Disney movie marathon when it started to snow, and by the time Blaine was going to leave, there was a full fledged snowstorm outside. So Burt, not wanting his son's boyfriend to be in a wreck, was letting him stay the night.

As Kurt was going up the stairs to his bedroom with the steaming hot chocolate, he heard a familiar tune. This tune was to a video one of the things he knew Blaine Anderson should never see.

The Single Ladies Song.

Kurt raced upstairs trying not to spill the drinks and plunked them down on a bedside table. What he saw was Blaine looking mesmerized with his mouth agape.

"NO! BLAINE YOU SHOULD HAVE NEVER SEEN THAT!" Kurt cried. But Blaine took no notice.

Kurt flopped down onto his bed face first and groaned.

Luckily, the video was only about one minute long and it soon stopped.


"You were never meant to see that. EVER!" Kurt moaned, picking his head up slightly from his bed.

"Kurt, look at me." Blaine said.

Kurt propped himself up and looked into his eyes.

"I think that was one of the hottest things I have ever seen."



Kurt gave a mischievous grin and lent in to kiss his boyfriend.

"Then I have something else to show you," Kurt said and went over to the computer and started typing in 'Kurt Hummel 4 minutes'.

Let's just say some things lead to another and now Finn is scarred for life as he walked into a steamy Klaine make out session.

Okay, Mash Off was great!

Blaine in short shorts…. Must I say more?

Oh my gosh, Rachel Berry just did the least selfish act she has ever done in her entire life.


For Hot for Teacher, they either bribed Blaine with Redvines or they blackmailed him. Seriously. Wait… one-shot coming on!