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Note: And so another episode begins; this episode is one I have been planning out since the start of the story due to how huge and important it is. I won't say anything else here, just read on and enjoy…


Spider and Quana stood on the Dock of Shame ready to give the intro to the episode; it was quite dark and late at night; there were a lot of clouds in the sky and a faint wind was blowing through the camp.

"Last time on Total Drama Letterama; the six remaining campers were focusing on getting themselves to the end of the contest through the use of alliance Everyone had a final two deal with someone else; Winnie and VayVay were partnered up as were Lankston and Rheneas. Max and Opal allied with each other and Max felt guilty about voting for her in the previous episode. He even said that he would build a robot suit for her. Before the challenge Lankston tried to convince Winnie to ally with him and Rheneas since it would be a 'better deal for her', though she gently denied him." Began Spider.

"The challenge was originally going to be grabbing thongs of each other with the camper holding all of them winning … however; this didn't happen for two reasons. The first was because they belonged to Lavender and she was not happy about them being used. The other reason was that Carlton mutated. Yeah, basically Wallace had made him a potion that would cure his panophobia … but something was a little bit wrong with the formula and Carlton became Monster Carlton. He also ran off with Fifi so the campers were given armour, weapons and a new challenge … defeat Monster Carlton and turn him back to normal. I'm just glad Wallace had the foresight to make an antidote." Said Quana in relief.

"The campers split up into three groups, they each went with their closest ally and tried different ways of taking down Monster Carlton. Winnie and VayVay made traps … which failed. Max and Opal tried hurling a boulder at him … this failed too. Rheneas and Lankston tried to snipe him … this failed because the dart bounced off him. In the end it looked like the only way to turn him back to normal … was to use force. VayVay was very reluctant to do this due to what happened back in the nineteenth episode. Can't say I blame her really." Murmured Spider.

"The fight was very intense; Max's suit was damaged, Lankston was knocked out and the others couldn't hurt Monster Carlton due to him being too strong. But VayVay managed to defeat him sing words and calling out to him to make Carlton remember who he is. Rheneas helped her with this and they managed to get Carlton to stop being aggressive. After that he fainted, the antidote was administrated and he turned back to normal. VayVay won immunity due to being the one to inject Carlton and Fifi and Carton got together … and Carlton kept the benefits of the panophobia cure and is now fearless and brave, what a happy ending." Cooed Quana sweetly.

"At the bonfire ceremony Lankston got the most votes … but Lankston played his Immunity Alphabet Idol at the right time which meant Max was eliminated due to having the second highest amount of votes. Max took his elimination well and was content with how he did in the game. It's always good to see a good sport." Smiled Spider.

"Only five are left in the game now; the final challenge is on the near horizon. Hopefully we won't have any more incidents in the last four episodes." Said Quana hopefully.

"Hopefully." Agreed Spider. "So, will Lankston survive elimination without his Idol? Will the remaining three Mankini Bunch members stick together? Will the campers be able to handle a challenge in the dark? And who will be the next person voted out of the game?"

"Find out right now on Total Drama Letterama!" exclaimed Quana.

(Theme song, I wanna be famous)

Rheneas and Lankston were in one of the bedrooms of the Champion Cabin; currently Lankston was talking to Rheneas about the recent vote.

"I know it doesn't matter since I had the Immunity Alphabet Idol ... but is there any reason that you voted for me? Only that you don't seem like the backstabber type. I take it that you had some kind of reason?" Guessed Lankston.

"Yeah, I had no idea you had the Immunity Alphabet Idol ... and Max told me everyone else was voting for you. I knew my vote wouldn't make a difference either way so I voted for you ... and I guess I prevented a tie breaker by doing so." Mused Rheneas. "Why didn't you tell me that you had the Immunity Alphabet idol anyway?"

"I actually did; after the SAW challenge I said that I had a secret weapon." Reminded Rheneas.

"But then Sasha played her idol on you ... I thought your secret weapon was making a deal with Sasha. I take it that you were going to play your idol but she beat you to it." Guessed Rheneas.

"Exactly." Nodded Lankston. "It was pure luck ...though I am wise enough to not rely on luck in a game like this. The Idol is gone now so we're really gonna need that Uzuri idol more than ever."

"Got that right." Nodded Rheneas. "By the way, where did you find the idol anyway? I don't remember you ever going Idol hunting by yourself."

"... If I tell you do you promise to not tell the others?" Asked Lankston seriously.

"I promise." Nodded Rheneas.

"... I stole it from Kim the day I returned." Admitted Lankston. "I figured out she had it due to her confidence despite everyone hating her. I then made her humiliate herself for a fake that I made. I was utterly disgusted by how she acted and felt that she no longer deserved to be in the game; technically you could say that I saved Sasha from elimination. I may have had some selfish intentions ... but I did have noble intentions as well; nobody like Kim should be allowed anywhere close to the prize."

Rheneas looked stunned.

"That's amazing!" Exclaimed Rheneas. "If you told the others that then there's no way they'd want to vote you out. You're practically a hero; you took down one of the most evil people in the history of reality TV! Why didn't you tell anyone?"

"First of all, I'm no hero. I'm just cynical outcast with muscle deficiencies. And if I told anyone then they'd take out you and I need you in this game for me to progress. Besides, I'll tell the others at a moment where it would work most to my advantage. And if I told the others by myself then they'd never believe me, I'm not exactly the most well liked guy." Sighed Lankston. "I don't really have any friends back home and I blew most of the chances I had to make friends here. If I win then I'll split the money with Nina and move near her; I have no reason to stay in my home town."

"What about your family?" Asked Rheneas.

"With the exception of my granddad they don't really care. They're obsessed with sports and shit like that; they don't value brains. I try not to care." Stated Lankston. "Anyway, I had an encounter with Nakia yesterday. She wanted me to split the prize money with her and hurt her enemies and in return she'd tell me about the future challenges and tell me where the Uzuri Idol is. I refused due to how immoral that was and she got a bit hostile; I stood up to her with my words and she ended up in the water. That girl is friggin mental."

"Got that right; she used to pick on Tabitha a lot." Nodded Rheneas. "You might have made her snap though; she was already pretty insane."

"I don't care; she's a horrible person so why the heck should I give a damn?" Asked Lankston. "Besides, she's about as dangerous as a mud pie; I could take her in a fight ... though I'd prefer to not hit a girl."

"Me too." Agreed Rheneas. "So, speaking of girls; who are we going to vote for next?"

"I was thinking we should vote for VayVay; you saw her in the last challenge, she made Carlton come back to his senses using just her words. If that isn't an indicator she's a threat then I don't know what is. But I know for a fact Winnie won't vote for her ... we'll have to either find the Uzuri Idol or convince Opal to vote for her."

"I'd rather not vote for VayVay since she's nice ... but I guess we don't have much choice." Nodded Rheneas. "We'll look for the Uzuri Idol tomorrow; since they can't start the ceremony until we're all there we could spend a bit of extra time looking for the idol."

"Sounds like a plan." Nodded Lankston. "You know, if this was Survivor it'd probably be much easier since that game is more about strategy than challenges and immunity. It's entirely possible to win that game without winning immunity and having weakness ... sadly I'm not old enough to audition since you have to be eighteen to enter and I'm seventeen."

"What about 'if the Price is Right'? That's got a good cash prize." Suggested Rheneas.

"I hate that show, it's just annoying." Stated Lankston. "But maybe 'Who Wants to be a Millionaire' could be worth considering id I don't win Total Drama; it just relies on intelligence and I have that in spades. But I think after this show is over I'll take a hiatus from reality TV, it's taking its toll on me in terms of stress and moral issues."

"If you're feeling guilty then you could apologize." Suggested Rheneas.

"I doubt anyone would accept an apology; I have been quite a jerk at times." Sighed Lankston.

At that moment there was a strange and horrible type of scream from outside that was from the woods. Whatever made the scream clearly wasn't human ... or friendly.

"What the heck was that?" Blinked Lankston nervously. "You heard it didn't you?"

"I did." Nodded Rheneas. "What do you think it was?"

"I have no idea ...but whatever it was, it wasn't anything I've heard before. That scream was just ... beastly. Do you think there's a monster on the island? Something more ferocious than Sasquatchinakwa?" Asked Lankston nervously. "I'm not too strong so if I came across whatever it was I'd be taken down pretty easily."

"I wouldn't worry; it's far away from us and no animals ever come into camp. And if there were a real danger then we'd all be alerted. Trust me, we'll be fine." Assured Rheneas. "With Kasimar gone and Carlton back to normal we're all safe now

"That's good to know." Agreed Lankston.

At that moment there was a knock at the door and Tabitha entered the room.

"Good evening guys." Greeted Tabitha.

"Hello Tabby." Greeted Rheneas. "Need something?"

"I just came to hang out with you; the challenge of the day is done and I have some free time, so now is probably a good time to spend some time with you." Smiled Tabitha.

"I'd better get going then." Said Lankston as he prepared to leave.

"You can stay if you want to Lankston; we aren't going to do anything naughty." Assured Tabitha.

"Aren't we?" Said Rheneas in mock surprise while Tabitha rolled her eyes with a smile.

"It's fine, I wouldn't want to eavesdrop on your romantic time." Assured Lankston. "It's getting late anyway so I'd best turn in for the night."

"Before you go, I've got a letter for you." Said Tabitha as she took a letter out of her pocket and passed it to Lankston. "It's from Nina just so you know. You're not a bad guy Lankston; if Rheneas doesn't win then I hope you do."

"This is indeed a good day; I've idoled a big threat and now I have another letter from Nina; thank you." Nodded Lankston in appreciation as he left the room.

Confessional: What monster could that roar have belonged to?

Lankston: It's nice that Nina is writing to me; it really gives me the strength to go on ... metaphorically since I'm anything but strong. It keeps my moral up though and that's the important thing. But still, what creature made that roar? It sounded very unnatural...

Rheneas: Me and Lankston are the only guys left in the game now; I find that ironic because I was originally the highest ranked member of Team Everest and Lankston was the lowest ranked member before he returned. We're gonna need to work together because the girls out number us; I know he won't take me to the finals ... but if we're going to progress in the game then I'll have to trust him and he'll have to trust me. And to be honest he's a pretty cool guy when you get to know him. I mean, he took down Kim! Definitely a good thing.

After Lankston had left Tabitha shut the door and sat down next to Rheneas on the bed; she looked a little worried about something. Rheneas immediately noticed this and put a comforting arm around Tabitha.

"What's wrong Tabby? You look worried about something." Noted Rheneas in concern.

"I got another threatening message." Mumbled Tabitha. "It said 'one day ... prepare to die'. I know for a fact somebody is intended to harm me and I ... feel scared. I know there's not much chance of them getting on the island, but I still can't help but feel afraid. Is it alright if I sleep with you tonight?"

"Of course you can." Nodded Rheneas. "And trust me, I'm not gonna let anything happen to you; I know how to fight and I'll take down whatever is sent to try and harm you."

"Do you have any weapons? You know, just in case?" Asked Tabitha.

"Well, I do own a beam katana ... but I don't use it for combat; it's really just for show though it does have the potential to hurt someone." Stated Rheneas. "I bought it with me for good luck ... I didn't use it on Carlton since I didn't want to leave him with any injuries."

"Understandable." Nodded Tabitha. "Hey Rheneas; would it be alright if you gave me a massage? I feel like I could use some stress relief."

"Sure thing; lay down and I'll get started." Nodded Rheneas. "Though I've never given a massage before."

"I'm sure you'll do fine." Smiled Tabitha as she lay on her belly. "By the way, I've got some news that you might be interested in hearing."

"What is it?" Asked Rheneas curiously as he started to massage Tabitha's shoulders which made her let out a content sigh.

"I hear that the producers are planning another season ... it's going to be a bit of an all stars; contestants from Letterz and Letterama are being bought back along with a bunch of newbie's as well. It'll be a big season apparently. I also hear that both me and you are being considered, but I'll only agree to it if you're going to be here as well." Explained Tabitha. "If I had another chance I'd play without backstabbings or manipulation; I don't need the money so it would just be for fun."

"It's cool to play the game, and with new faces as well as old ones. I hope to get chosen; I've sort of gotten used to being around everyone. I wonder who will be bought back and who won't be." Pondered Rheneas.

"Well, I know for certain that Kasimar and Kim aren't being bought back; good riddance I say." Said Tabitha in content before letting out another sigh. "This is so nice; even though I feel worried ... I feel happy."

"Glad to hear it." Smiled Rheneas.

Confessional: Yep, TDL3 will have new and old faces ... though the cast won't be alphabet themed. Despite that, it will still have an alphabet theme to a degree.

Rheneas: A second chance sounds really cool ... but am I enough of a star to be bought back? Well, I've got pretty far and done quite a lot of things during my time here, so maybe I am good enough to come back. Though if I win this season it'll be just for fun and for seeing everyone again.

Tabitha: I've had quite an emotional journey in my time on this show so I think I'll be bought back; but I'm interested to hear about the new contestants, what will they be like?

Opal, VayVay and Winnie were in a different room of the Champion Cabin; they were in their pyjamas and were talking about the vote off and how unexpected it had been.

"I never expected Lankston to have the Immunity Alphabet Idol; I really didn't see it coming." Mused VayVay. "A unanimous vote turned into the most suspenseful vote of the season; I really had no idea who was going."

"You were immune so you needn't have worried." Stated Opal.

"I know, but I was worried that I was going to lose one of you guys; thankfully Lankston took out the person in our alliance I'm the least closed to. Shame though, Max was a nice guy." Said VayVay while blowing a red bang of hair out of her face. "Now our alliance is down to just three."

"It may be a tad mean to say it, but I'm kinda glad that Max is gone; he would have very hard to beat if he had gotten any further; and we still have a numbers advantage so I guess that in the long run it doesn't really matter." Mused Winnie. "Still, we're gonna have to make sure that we do everything we can to all make it past the next challenge; if we do then we'll have a good chance of all being in the final three."

"Unless whoever we don't vote off wins immunity one day after two days before the day after tomorrow." Pointed out VayVay.

"Huh?" Blinked Winnie.

"That means when only four of us are left." Rephrased VayVay.

"Oh, right." Nodded Winnie.

"You know, I feel a little disappointed Max is gone. He was a really, hahaha, cool guy." Admitted Opal. "He even said he was going to build me a robot suit ... I guess we all know that isn't going to happen anymore."

"I wish I had a robot suit." Said Winnie longingly. "Of course I've had kitty ears and a cat tail on mine; you know, the essentials."

"I don't see how a cat tail is essential, but ok." Giggled Opal.

"I just noticed something; the three of us are the last girls in the competition ... and we're a blond, a brunette and a red head." Mused VayVay. "Well, Opal's hair is dyed, but it's normally black."

"I'm representing my fellow brunettes all across the world!" Declared Opal.

"Good one." Giggled Winnie. "You know VayVay; I'm really impressed with you. You managed to get Carlton back to normal by just using your words; that's really something."

"I knew he was in there somewhere; it was just a matter of bringing him to his senses." Smiled VayVay. "But I may not have been able to do it if not for Rheneas' help."

"It was still really cool though." Assured Winnie.

"As cool as a refreshing smoothie." Added Opal. "But good for Rheneas to help you."

"Speaking of Rheneas; do you think we could vote out Lankston before him? He may be stronger than Lankston … but he's a nice guy and he deserves to be in the final four with us. I'd really prefer to not vote for him next time." Requested VayVay.

"Fine by me." Nodded Opal.

"I can agree with that." Nodded Winnie. "But I have to wonder though; do you think Lankston has got anymore idols? It'd be quite a problem for us if he did."

"Maybe he has the Barney Idol." Pondered VayVay.

"He doesn't." Assured Opal.

"What makes you so sure?" Asked Winnie.

"Because I've got it." Stated Opal as she reached into a pocket of her shirt and took out the Barney Idol. "I found it a couple of days ago on the, hahaha, thousand foot cliff; I think I'll win immunity a little easier with a head start in a challenge."

"Why didn't you tell us that you had it before now?" Asked Winnie suspiciously.

"You never asked." Replied Opal.

"It's true, we didn't." Agreed VayVay. "So; we have the Barney idol, nobody has the Uzuri Idol as far as we know … and the rest of the idols have been used. Pretty soon they're all gonna be gone and then we'll have to rely on our wits and natural strengths in order to win challenges."

"Maybe we should look for the Uzuri Idol just in case." Suggested Winnie. "We shouldn't presume anything since the tables could always be turned."

"Good idea; we can do that in the morning." Nodded Opal. "So, we're all going to the, hahaha, final three right? At that point may the best girl win."

"Sounds like a plan." Nodded VayVay. "We'll get there together or fail trying."

"It'll be a friendship finale!" Cheered Winnie.

At that moment there was the sound of an inhumane screechy roar from outside the cabin which made all of the girls jump, especially Winnie.

"W-w-what was that?" Asked Winnie nervously.

"I have no idea." Admitted VayVay.

Winnie got up and walked over to the window to look outside; a few moments later she dashed away from the window and huddled underneath the bed sheets.

"I … I saw something moving out there; it looked like a monster." Whimpered Winnie in fear. "It had a lot of legs … I couldn't see what it was, but I think I saw it dragging something off into the woods."

"I'm sure you were just imagining it, fear can make people do that." Comforted VayVay. "And even if there was something out there; it's far away and we're safe in here."

"VayVay's right, don't worry be happy." Nodded Opal.

"I guess you're right…" Said Winnie uncertainly. "But … do you think that you could stay with me tonight? I'm just feeling really on edge all of a sudden … I really think I saw that monster dragging someone away…"

"Sure, we'll stay with you." Nodded VayVay.

"Not in the same bed." Added Winnie.

"… Darn!" Said VayVay in a tone that showed she was just joking. "I'll go and get a sleeping bag … or two if Opal will be staying here as well."

"Sure will, it'll be like a sleepover!" Cheered Opal. "I've got some snacks we could enjoy, I'll go get them."

"… Thanks guys." Said Winnie gratefully.

Confessional: Who could it have been dragging away?

Opal: I don't believe in monsters … well, not the type that aren't evil humans anyway. Hopefully this will, hahaha, all be forgotten by the morning.

VayVay: I'm sure Winnie was just imagining things since monsters aren't real unless you count Ronald MacDonald. Still, she's my friend so it was my job to comfort her. The sleepover was very enjoyable, it was phantasmagoric!

Opal: I'm surprised I've made it so far, but now I actually have an opportunity to, hahaha, actually win the game; I never thought I could do it but here I am in the, hahaha, final five. I don't mind if I'm voted off, I'm already, hahaha, content with how I've done … but winning would be very nice as well.

Lankston was by himself in one of the rooms in the Champion Cabin; he was sitting on the bed and was reading through the letter that Nina had sent him.

"It's nice that I can still keep in touch with her even though she's out of the game … maybe I should write her a letter sometime, but would it be allowed?" Pondered Lankston. "I do miss her; hopefully I can see her again sometime."

Lankston continued to read through the letter and smiled while he did so; here is what the letter said.

Lankston my sweet

I am really proud of you for getting so far in the game; you're nearly at the end! I am rooting for you every step of the way and a lot of fans of the show are as well. When you said you would give me the money I felt so touched … but you don't have to do that; if you win then it is rightfully yours and it wouldn't feel right if you gave it to me. Even so, maybe we could spend some of it on getting a fancy dinner reservation for a date or something.

I'm really proud that you admitted to feeling a little bad for splitting up the couples; I'm not saying that you were at fault, but you're really growing as a person and you're just becoming an even more wonderful young man. I feel so proud that you voted for Winnie to try and help Sasha even though you wanted to face Winnie in the finals. You may call yourself cynical and mean, but you're way better than you think you are. Never forget that people do care about you; if your parents don't then they're just jackasses.

I was very impressed with how you took out Max; I do like Max but I am glad that you managed to stay in the game. You really took control of that elimination. You've nearly got to the finals; just a few more days and you'll be there. Rest assured that I'll be proud of you no matter what happens. Just remember that I love you and will be there every step of the way. I may not be there with you, but I'll always be thinking of you.

With much love


Lankston smiled to himself as he finished reading the letter; it was nice to know he had someone cheering for him … one person more than the usual amount.

"It's been quite a long game … I took Fripp on as a pawn to make people not suspicious of my true plan, I threw the game, I had a wonderful time at the playa, screwed Kim over, fell in love … and now I'm in the final five. Things have been very hard and not at all easy; most of the time it's been strenuous … so why do I feel like I've had the best time of my life?" Pondered Lankston. "I guess I came to care about everyone more than I thought I would … maybe people called me cynical and mean so much I believed them and lost sight of who I really am."

Lankston folded the letter and put it into his suitcase before looking out the window.

"It's not been an easy game … now that I've come to accept Nina's elimination I feel guilty for separating the couples … but I have to keep my head in the game; only four days are left and anything could happen in that time. I just need to play smart." Said Lankston while gazing up at the starry night sky. "I hope I can make mum and dad proud of me … but to do that I'd need to do some sort of monumentally big athletic achievement and I just can't do that."

Lankston sighed to himself.

"If I can find the Uzuri Idol I should be set until the finals; from there I'll just have to hope my opponent isn't too hard to beat. This isn't about money, this is about respect." Said Lankston out loud. "… I wonder what my parents will think of Nina; they've never taken an interest in my life before, so if they interfere now that I've found someone who likes me for me I'll show them a piece of my mind."

Confessional: Can Lankston even be considered a villain at this point?

Lankston: Nina's letters are really nice to read; they give me morale boosts. Im in the minority with a guy who I can't take to the finals, so a nice romantic letter is exactly what I need. Nina truly is a changed girl … and in that regard, I guess I'm a changed guy to some degree. Maybe if I wasn't in constant danger of being voted off I could relax and just hang out with the others a bit … but I can't. I wonder what it'll be like to kiss Nina … I have to admit I'm rather looking forward to it.

Rheneas and Tabitha were cuddled up in bed and were just lying in peaceful silence; it was quite enjoyable for them to just snuggle and forget about the competition for at least a little while.

"This is so nice." Whispered Tabitha. "I've never really had the luxury of being cuddled before; when I was little my parents never really hugged me, not that I can remember at least. I'm ready to leave my past behind; everything is perfect now and I hope things will stay that way; the only reason I would ever go back to Barrington Manor is to get Shadow."

"Who's shadow?" Asked Rheneas.

"My pet cat; she was a birthday present from my Grandma when I was fourteen … you know, it's really just my parents who are bad; the rest of my family is quite nice. I don't know how they got away with it for so long; maybe I should have spoken up sooner, but it isn't an easy thing to do." Mused Tabitha in regret. "I hope mum and daddy didn't do anything bad to Shadow."

"I hope they haven't as well; but if they did it's another thing we can use against them in court … but I'd rather it didn't come to an animal getting hurt." Said Rheneas. "How many scars did your parents give you overall anyway?"

"I don't know, I've never counted … I'd guess upwards of forty though. I wonder if there's a way to get rid of them somehow; it'd be nice to have a perfectly flawless body instead of one covered in scars." Said Tabitha as she subconsciously trailed a finger on her hip.

"I'm really not sure, I'm no expert in medical." Said Rheneas apologetically. "But from a boyfriend's point of view your scars don't make you any less cute or attractive; Fleur wasn't bothered by Bill's scars and I'm not bothered by yours."

"Good thing I wasn't bitten by a werewolf." Giggled Tabitha.

There was a sudden loud strike of lighting outside along with a monstrous howl; Tabitha huddled against Rheneas looking a little nervous.

"You alright Tabby?" Asked Rheneas gently.

"Sorry, it's just that I'm a little scared of storms." Admitted Tabitha. "My worst fear is my parents and bees are a distant second … but I don't like storms very much."

"I can understand that, I'm not just scared of bats, I'm also scared of the game Slender." Said Rheneas while holding Tabitha close.

"I've heard of that game though I haven't played it." Stated Tabitha. "It's about that guy without a face right?"

"Yep. I personally consider it to be a metaphor for paying the taxes." Said Rheneas.

"… What do you mean?" Asked Tabitha curiously.

"Well, everyone always loses tax papers hence why they are spread apart across the map. We don't want to do them, yet we do anyway just like how people force themselves to play Slender. Slender man is the tax collector hence why he can find us no matter where we go. You die if you look at him because people get confused and annoyed when paying taxes. It's also dark and fear inducing in the game, just like how people feel when paying taxes. Also, it is paranoia inducing just like how not paying the taxes makes people paranoid. I'd say it's a pretty accurate theory." Explained Rheneas in mock seriousness.

Tabitha was silent for a moment before she started laughing.

"You sure know how to make me feel better." Laughed Tabitha in amusement as she gave Rheneas a kiss and cuddled up against him.

"It's what I do." Said Rheneas in an attempt at modestly despite looking pleased with himself.

"I always thought pyro's were a little insane … but you're a real sweetheart." Whispered Tabitha.

"What can I say; I like to break away from the norm." Replied Rheneas as he and Tabitha settled down.

Confessional: Slender Bender; it's what Bender becomes when he goes on a low booze diet!

Rheneas: One difference between me and Tabitha is that I like storms and she doesn't. I wonder what other differences we have. I'm not used to sharing a bed with someone … but when Tabitha comes home with me I'd probably best get used to it … I don't think that'll be very hard to do. (Rheneas chuckles). But still, what was making that howling? … Maybe it was the wind or something. Still, if it was anything dangerous we'd probably be told about it immediately so it should be alright.

Tabitha: I guess I don't like storms because of the loud noise and the fact they can potentially hurt people. But the biggest reason is that when I was five my mum told me that there was a man in the clouds who created storms to scare bad children and only worthless children would be scared and that I had to be perfect to be immune to fear… she also said he struck down and fried children who didn't obey their parents. Looking back it's obviously not true … but when you're a little kid you don't realise that; for some reason it's always stuck with me even though I know it was a lie. Gee, my childhood sure was messed up huh?

The next morning the five campers were eating breakfast in the Mess Hall; they were all at the same table and the atmosphere was fairly pleasant due to conflict being pretty much non-existent.

"So guys, did you sleep well?" Asked VayVay.

"I did." Nodded Rheneas. "But when you have your girlfriend huddled against you it's kinda hard to not sleep well."

"I completely understand that feeling." Agreed VayVay. "You know, it's nice … there's really no conflict between us anymore; all there is now is four challenges and three more vote offs. It's simply a matter of not getting voted off, no need for nasty nastiness."

"I agree, all we have to do now is work hard and have fun." Nodded Opal rapidly. "It reminds me of my earliest memories. I had, hahaha, a nice childhood before Ryan entered my life. I remember once that my dad was painting the roof of the house; he went inside to get a drink and then I, hahaha, climbed up the ladder and onto the roof. I can remember the horrified look on mum's face to this day. Nowadays we just laugh about it."

"I bet all of us have done pretty silly things when we were kids." Agreed Winnie. "I remember one time I ate cat food. My kitties like it and I thought it tasted good because of that … oh how very wrong I was, ick!"

"That's nothing. When I was seven I watched an episode of the Simpson's where Bart prank calls Moe … so I did the same thing; I wonder to this day if the barman was serious about his threats." Said Rheneas nervously. "He was pretty descriptive … but maybe he was just playing along in the role of Moe? I'll probably never know."

"I have done some splendidly silly things as well." Added VayVay. "One time when I was eight I tried to write my homework with alphabet soup; needless to say it, but mum didn't let me take it to school and I had to start again. I never did see the problematic problemo problem; it was still legible."

"That's funny." Giggled Opal. "What about you Lankston, do you have any, hahaha, memories to share?"

"… Well, one of the few good memories that I can recall is when my granddad taught me some fighting moves be knew when he was in the army; he's a really great man and the only real role model I have." Stated Lankston before changing the subject. "So, did any of you hear a howling scream last night? Only that I'm not sure if I imagined it or not."

"I heard it a few times." Nodded Rheneas.

"Me and the girls heard it as well; we slept in the same room since Winnie got scared." Stated Opal.

"Just a little…" Mumbled Winnie. "Well, we haven't been given any danger warnings ... so I guess there is no reason to worry about it."

"Exactly, besides, everyone knows that monster prefer the taste of gummy bears to human flesh, its first grade knowledge." Said VayVay as though she was talking about the weather.

"… Yeah, let's just go with that to prevent any more confusion." Shrugged Lankston.

At that moment Spider entered the Mess Hall, though Quana was not with him.

"Hey guys, have any of you seen Quana?" Asked Spider. "I haven't seen her today and we always have breakfast together; also she's my co-host so she's supposed to be with me for the challenge introductions; I can't help but feel worried."

"Don't worry Spider, she might have gone off to tan herself; we all know how she gets her tan ... she probably, hahaha, went to a private sunny spot." Reasoned Opal.

"I guess that's possible." Nodded Spider. "I'm sure she's just relaxing somewhere, I shouldn't worry just yet; though if she's not back by nightfall I will be though."

"Night time is hours away, no need to worry." Assured Winnie.

"Yes … you're right." Agreed Spider.

"So, what's our challenge today?" Asked Lankston. "Is it something intellectual?"

"Well its actually not time for your challenge yet; today's challenge will start at sundown after darkness descends. Until then you have some free time to enjoy yourselves." Explained Spider. "But I do have something for you as a bit of a reward for making it to the final five."

"Is it flowers?" Asked VayVay hopefully.

"Even better; you guys have got some messages from home." Said Spider as he took out five DVD's. "I'll just get the TV set up so that you can watch them; I haven't watched them just so you know. I'm sure your families will be cheering you on."

Most of the campers looked excited while Lankston looked a tad surprised.

Confessional: Time to meet some new characters for a short while.

Opal: Ah my family, they're the ones who are, hahaha, always there for me no matter what; I hope they're proud of me … and I really hope they approve of me, hahaha, dating Zed.

Rheneas: It'll be nice to get a message from mum and dad; I miss them so it'll be nice to hear from them. I wonder what they'll have to say.

Winnie: I really miss mummy and daddy … and I miss my kitties a lot as well. Hearing from them will be just what I need to get me through the last few days of the competition; they're really wonderful parents … and my kitties are just super special to me.

VayVay: It'll be nice to hear from mum and dad; they're really nice and have been there for me like good parents should. When I came out I was worried what they would think … but they accepted it instantly; they're just super like that.

Lankston: When messages from home were announced I didn't expect to get one … this is quite a nice surprise. I doubt mum and dad would have bothered to send anything, but I'm hoping granddad sent it; I could use some words of wisdom from him.

Soon enough a TV and DVD player were set up and thus the messages from home were about to be played.

"So, whose message is going to be played first?" Asked Winnie.

"I'm going to select them randomly to make it fair." Said Spider as he picked up a DVD without looking. "Ok, the first message from home is addressed to VayVay."

VayVay smiled and focused on the TV as Spider inserted the DVD and pressed play.

The video opened to the living room of a house; the wall paper had a plant pattern on it and several keepsakes were spread around such as carved wooden models, hippie related objects and some unlit scented candles. Sitting on the sofa were a red headed man and women; both looked to be in about their early forties.

"Hello VayVay, it's your parents." Greeted VayVay's dad.

"She knows who we are dear." Stated VayVay's mum. "VayVay my sweet little flower, we really miss you; it's been really different not having you here. But we've been watching every episode; you've really done a lot of great things, good thing you didn't arrive too late."

"We're really proud of you; the way you stood up for your friends really shows that we did a good job of raising you; I was particular proud of how you helped out Irene, that was so nice of you." Smiled VayVay's dad. "Still, we were really worried when you went head to head with that demonic monster Kasimar; I know you feel guilty … but you needn't be. You did the right thing, though you could have left it to the police. Either way, we're very proud of you and we hope you can go all the way."

"And before we end this video, we want you to know we're delighted that you've found a boyfriend. We're looking forward to meeting Paul; he seems like a real gentleman. After all you've done … it's clear you aren't a little girl anymore. Good luck VayVay, we're rooting for you big time." Beamed VayVay's mum.

The video ended and VayVay looked quite happy with the message she had been sent.

"Your parents look like really nice people." Noted Winnie.

"That they are." Agreed VayVay.

Confessional: Niceness is close to Godliness.

VayVay: It was nice to hear from my parents; I miss them so it's really sweet to get some support. I'm glad they're proud of me and support my romance with Paul; then again, they support most of the things I do.

Spider picked up another DVD at random.

"Next up is Rheneas message." Said Spider.

Rheneas smiled to himself as he looked at the TV as Spider pressed play.

The video opened to a living room; the house room seemed quite modern and clean. Sitting on a sofa were a man and a woman in their mid-forties; also of note was a couple of anime posters on the walls.

"Hello Rheneas, we're just sending you a message to let you know that we miss you and we're so proud of you. After watching all the episodes … you're really become a man; I guess my little pyro is all grown up" Cooed Rheneas's mum.

"Every kid has to grow up eventually Xipil; it's just as well that ours grew up into such a badass." Grinned Rheneas's dad. "He's the star of the show … but since Rheneas is my son I suppose I'm biased. But after how he has helped out Tabitha, how could I not be biased?"

"Rheneas, you are a truly wonderful boy. Tabitha is lucky to have you; the way you've stuck up for her and been a source of comfort for her is truly inspiring. We're looking forward to meeting her … and since she's coming home with you I don't think we have very long to wait. Just promise me one thing; don't get intimate with each other too quickly, ok?" Requested Rheneas's mum. "You can share a bed but there are rules ok?"

"Dear, I think you might end up embarrassing Rheneas when he sees this." Chuckled Rheneas dad. "But still, we're looking forward to hearing everything that has happened in the show from your perspective; I'm sure you'll have a lot of stories to tell."

"And speaking of stories; we've got the newly released complete box set of Fiona and Lawrence waiting for you when you get home; it has ten exclusive never before seen episodes that I'm sure you'll enjoy." Smiled Rheneas's mum. "Good luck in the rest of the contest my little pyro; we have full confidence in you."

The video ended and Rheneas looked quite embarrassed while the others were sniggering.

"You like soap operas?" Giggled Opal.

"And your mum calls you her 'little pyro'?" Grinned Winnie.

"… Just go to the next DVD." Requested Rheneas with a groan.

Confessional: Aren't parents just the most embarrassing things ever?

Rheneas: Well, that was quite embarrassing, but they're my mum and dad so I can't be annoyed. At least mum didn't call me 'Rennykins' like she did when I was three … aw crap.

Spider picked up a third DVD and put it into the DVD player.

"Next up we have a message for Opal." Stated Spider.

"Awesome!" Cheered Opal.

The DVD opened to show a Chinese man and woman in their late thirties; they were sitting on a red and yellow sofa in a living room that was filled with cultural Chinese objects such as a trio of Meipings, some A Fu clay figures, hanging scrolls on the walls and also some pricy looking carved idols made from jade.

"Hello Opal, it's your mum and dad." Greeted Opal's dad. "We are most proud of you with how far you've gone in the show and how you've been able to overcome so much. You've really come a long way, and I don't just mean in getting so far. You're a true inspiration … you've grown up so much that I'm wondering if I can still call you 'my little mantis' anymore."

"I'm sure Opal wouldn't mind, she's put up with the nickname since you was three years old." Assured Opal's mum. "And speaking of nicknames, our girl has found somebody wonderful; after what happened in the past it's such a relief our little girl has found someone who truly loves and respects her. I suggest we put up camera when Zed visits so no 'hanky panky' goes on when we're not looking."

"I don't think there's any need for that we weren't exactly 'well behaved' when we were teenagers." Reminded Opal's dad. "We're rooting for you Opal; win or lose we'll be proud of you. We're looking forward to hearing all about your adventure on Wawanakwa."

"We're all rooting for you; not just everyone in the family but a lot of people at your school. They've finally grown a few brain cells and have been coming over to give their apologies to us. Rest assured that you'll have quite a few friends when you get back home."£ Smiled Opals mum. "Good luck Opal, we know you can go far."

The video ended and Opal was really smiling in pure happiness

"… People back home like me?" Whispered Opal. "I never thought I'd see the day where they realise, hahaha, friendship is more important than sports. Maybe going back home won't be so bad after all."

"It just goes to show that anyone can change." Nodded Winnie. "So … were you and zed planning on any 'hanky panky' as your mum called it?"

Opal could only blush in embarrassment.

Confessional: Euphemisms are always funny.

Opal: School used to be the worst part of my, hahaha, day … but maybe it might become something I can enjoy.

"Next up we have Winnie's message." Said Spider as he inserted another disc into the DVD player.

"This should be nice; I hope my kitties are doing alright without me." Said Winnie hopefully as the message started.

The video opened to show a colourful living room; there were a few portraits on the wall featuring Winnie as a child with her parents and some with Winnie and her kitties. A blond man and women in their late thirties were sitting on a sofa while five cats were sitting around.

"Hello Winnie; we're sending you a message to tell you how proud we are of you. We had high expectations and you have beyond surpassed everything we thought; lots of people online think that you will win … and we think so too. We really miss you; things have been very quiet without you being here." Said Winnie's mum.

"Indeed, it's been a little dull without having you here … but we know that you've been having a great time. We're glad you've made so many friends, not to mention you've got a boyfriend now; you sure pick them well." Smiled Winnie's dad. "Maybe now you've found something to obsess over besides your kitties, not that there's anything wrong with how much you love them."

"We're getting a big welcome home party ready for you; but don't expect any beer ok? We all know what happened the last time you drank some." Chuckled Winnie's mum.

"She was only a kid dear; still, seeing my daughter running around in her underwear was all I needed to never drink ever again, even at parties." Shuddered Winnie's dad. "I always wanted Winnie to grow up to be like me, but not in that way…"

"Don't worry sweetie, it's all in the past." Assured Winnie's mum. "By the way Winnie, we have some really big news for you. Emerald is expecting kittens thanks to Henry; I'm sure that'll make you smile. We miss you and hope you win, but if not we'll still be proud of you."

Winnie let out a squeal of excitement.

"Emerald is gonna have kittens! I'm gonna be a grandma!" Cheered Winnie.

"So, what's this about you drinking beer and running around in your undies?" Asked Rheneas curiously.

"… Oh look, an ant." Said Winnie in an attempt to change the subject.

Confessional: Ants are very distracting.

Winnie: Yay! One of my kitties is gonna have kittens and so a new generation will start … though mummy and daddy could have gone without mentioning that Don't think bad of my daddy, it was my fault really. He sometimes drank a bit of beer and I wanted some, but he said only adults could drink it. Being the silly girl I was I figured if I drank some I'd become an adult … yeah, I wish I could forget it yet sadly the beer didn't get rid of the memory. Mummy and daddy didn't let me out of their sight for a few weeks in case I did something else.

"By process of elimination, the last message is for Lankston." Said Spider as he put the final disc into the DVD player.

Lankston looked passive as he gazed at the TV screen, but also curious as to what the sender would have to say.

The message opened to the living room of a house; there were several pictures on the walls showing several soldiers as well as Lankston as a child with an army helmet on. Sitting on an old fashioned arm chair was an old man who looked to be in his mid-seventies; his hair had gone grew though he seemed to have an air of kindness and youth around him.

"Hello Lankston; since your mum and dad are currently at the gym working out like always I thought I'd be the one to send you a message. You've really done very well at the game; when you first told me your strategy of losing early on to return midway so as to save energy and study those in the game I thought it was too risky to be worth it … but I can see that it ended up working just fine."

Lankston's granddad picked up a photo and showed it to the camera; it showed Lankston as a young boy wearing a few medals, most likely some his granddad had gotten in his time in the army.

"I remember when you were little you had ambitions to join the army and be just like me; if not for your muscle deficiency I'm sure you could. Hopefully the fact you've gotten so far in the game will make your mum and dad realise that they should love the son they have rather than wish for the son they think they ought to have. Nobody else in the family seems to think you can win … but I have got full confidence in you. You've really become a young man, one I am truly proud to have as a grandson. Not to mention you've found a lady; I hope you and Nina have a happy life together if it works out."

Lankston's granddad took a drink out of a glass before continuing.

"Things are going to get tough when you get nearer and nearer to the end; you're gonna have to fight to stay in the game, though I am proud of how you've made some friends. Nevertheless, you might want to remember those army fighting techniques I taught you when you were younger; some of the interns look a little … 'cuckoo'; honestly, that Nakia girl is as unhinged as the garden gate which I've been meaning to replace … maybe I should just hire a handyman?"

Lankston's granddad chuckled to himself.

"Regardless of if you win or lose I feel honoured, privileged and lucky to have you in the family; the others may not realise it … but even without muscles you are just as strong as they are. Good luck Lankston; play hard, but never lose sight of what's important.

Lankston's granddad saluted the camera.

The video came to an end and Lankston was smiling in a touched way while the rest of the campers were looking at him while unsure of what to say.

"Wait, you lost the game on purpose?" Blinked Opal. "And … wait, hang on … what did your granddad mean when he said that your parents should be proud of you instead of wishing for something else?"

"My personal life is none of your business." Said Lankston sharply. "Let's just say it's complicated and leave it at that. Since the challenge isn't until nightfall I'm going to be making the most of my free time … alone, see you guys later."

Lankston got up and left the Mess Hall.

"Well guys, you're free to do whatever you want until nightfall; dinner will be served after sunset; nice dinner is over I'll give you your challenge. Until then, have fun." Smiled Spider as he took his leave.

"Well, since we've got some free time we could have a, hahaha, game of hide and seek." Offered Opal.

"Count me in." Nodded VayVay.

"Sure, sounds fun." Nodded Winnie.

"Thanks but no thanks; I'm gonna take a walk in the woods." Said Rheneas. "Have fun though."

Confessional: At least someone appreciates Lankston.

Lankston: My granddad is my personal hero; he's the only person who appreciated me in any way before I came on this show … I guess my parents don't appreciate me even now. Well, if I win then they'll have no choice but to acknowledge me as their son. Still, I'd have rather had that message in private than have everyone know about my problems. Well, it's not granddads fault, he didn't know it'd be played for everyone to see. But who knows, maybe I'll be kept around out of sympathy.

The day went by bit by bit; through the day the girl had fun with various games such as hide and seek as well as tag, swimming and cards. Meanwhile Rheneas and Lankston had split up to go looking for the Uzuri Idol, though neither had managed to find it despite searching for hours.

Currently the five campers were back in the Mess Hall finishing off their dinner; the guys were at one table and the girls were at another.

"Ok Lankston, I'm sorry to say it … but I could not find the Uzuri Idol; I covered a lot of ground and I didn't find it anywhere; I think it might be somewhere on the west side of the island since I've searched a lot of the other places. Did you have any luck?" Asked Rheneas hopefully.

"Sadly I was just as unsuccessful in my search as you were; I searched all over the east side of the island; since you searched through the middle area and I searched to the east you' might be onto something with you prediction of it being to the west. Hopefully we'll be able to find it during the challenge, which I predict will take place in the forest. Remember Rheneas, we have to find the idol." Urged Lankston.

"I know; hopefully we'll have a stroke of luck soon. Did you find the Barney Idol by any chance?" Asked Rheneas.

"Sadly I did not; we are currently without any idols." Said Lankston apologetically. "Things are indeed going to be hard."

Over at the girls table the girls were also talking about the Uzuri Idol.

"If the guys find the Uzuri Idol then one of us will be eliminated." Whispered Winnie. "Which of us do you think they would vote out?"

"It could be any of us; it all comes down to who they think is the biggest threat." Replied Opal quietly.

"Hmm ... if that's the case then maybe we should try and appear as unthreatening as possible." Suggested VayVay in a whisper.

"Why are we whispering?" Asked Winnie.

"So Lankston and Rheneas don't hear us talking about them." Replied VayVay. "If they find that idol we're toast … cheese toast to be exact."

"Maybe we should, hahaha, stop the problem before it stars and try to find the Uzuri idol." Suggested Opal. "There are three of us so we should be able to cover ground quickly."

"Sounds like a plan." Nodded Winnie.

At that moment Spider entered the Mess Hall; Quana was not with him and he looked a little uneasy and worried.

"Good evening everyone." Greeted Spider without much enthusiasm. "It's time for your next challenge; hopefully you're feeling awake and ready because this challenge isn't gonna be easy."

"Are you alright Spider?" Asked Opal in concern.

"Yeah, you don't look so good, what's wrong?" Asked Lankston.

"… Quana still isn't back yet … and now that night has fallen I feel a little nervous. There isn't anything dangerous in the woods since we scouted it out before the season began, but I still feel very worried about the idea of her being alone in the darkness … maybe she's gotten lost." Murmured Spider. "Perhaps I should send out a search party if she isn't back by the end of the challenge' she's a strong girl … but the thing is, I haven't spotted her on the cameras, in fact some of them are broken. Maybe Nakia threw rocks at them or something."

"Don't worry Spider; Quana will be alright." Assured VayVay gently. "She's a tough girl, she'll be fine."

"I hope you're right … well, we'd best get the challenge started. Follow me and we can get started." Said Spider.

The campers got up to follow Spider, though Winnie looked a little nervous.

Confessional: Alone in the dark…

Winnie: Ok, I feel worried now … I'm certain I saw someone being dragged off by the 'monster' last night … and now that Quana is missing it sorta adds up. But Spider said there were no monsters in the woods before the season, and they can't just suddenly appear out of nowhere … maybe I'm just over thinking things.

The five campers were gathered near the forest with Spider standing before them; standing of to the side were Uzuri, Tabitha, Xaria, Irene and Raven. A bag of equipment was at Spider's feet.

"Ok guys, your next challenge is going to take you into the depths of the dark woods." Began Spider. "Your objectives are simple in theory, but doing them may be hard since you might get lost. Each of you will be going into the forest and searching for three checkpoints across the island. At each checkpoint you will have to tag a specific object with spray paint; the first person to tag the third checkpoint will win immunity. But I warn you now; the forest is very dark at night, so it's easy to get lost in the darkness. Now, if the third checkpoint has not been tagged by midnight then none of you will win immunity and I'll get all the interns to come and find you."

"Sounds scary." Gulped Winnie.

"So, why are they here?" Asked Opal as she pointed to the Letterz interns.

"What? You don't think I'd send you out into the forest by yourselves did you? Nope; for this challenge you will each be paired up with your favourite Letterz camper. You all know who your favourites are so partner up." Instructed Spider.

"Hang on; both me and Opal have Xaria as our favourite." Pointed out Lankston.

"I feel flattered." Smiled Xaria.

"Lucky, you have two biggest fans." Pouted Uzuri.

"It could be worse; you could have been partnered with Kim." Said Irene.

"Hmm, true." Agreed Uzuri.

"You are right Lankston." Nodded Spider. "Well, since you can't both work with Xaria I devised a solution. Since Opal worked with Xaria back in the fourteenth challenge and you didn't, to keep things fair you'll be working with her today. Raven volunteered to work with Opal so everyone still has a partner."

"… Works for me." Nodded Lankston as he walked over to Xaria.

"I'm ok with that, raven's a sweetie." Smiled Opal as she skipped over to Raven.

"Ok; now before you go, everyone will get a map, a can of spray paint, a compass and two torches; the maps mark out the checkpoints." Explained Spider as he started handing out the equipment. "The checkpoints that you are looking for are the dead tree, the graveyard and the dark cave."

"Graveyard?" Gulped Raven.

"Don't worry, there aren't any monsters." Assured Spider. "Besides, the graves aren't actually real."

Raven looked relieved to hear this.

"Anyway, when I count to three you will start the challenge." Sated Spider.

"Hang on Spider, before we start the challenge I would like to use this." Said Opal as she took out her Barney Idol and passed it to Spider.

"This is indeed the real Barney idol; Opal will get a one minute head start in the challenge. She and Raven will go on my first countdown; the rest of you will start the challenge one minute later." Stated Spider as he pocketed the idol. "Ok then … three … two … one … go!"

Opal and Raven took off running into the woods as they switched on their torches and soon disappeared from sight into the dark forest.

"Ok Tabitha, ready to win another challenge together?" Asked Rheneas.

"I sure am." Nodded Tabitha. "Good thing I'm not scared of the dark."

Confessional: Danger is on the horizon.

Opal: With the head start I should stand a good chance at winning immunity; hopefully Winnie and VayVay will use this as an opportunity to find the Uzuri idol. If the, hahahaha, guys get it then it'll be trouble.

VayVay: Irene can talk to trees, so maybe we can get some directions through the woods … hopefully it isn't cheating since I don't think there is a rule against it.

Rheneas: Me and Tabitha work very well together so this shouldn't be too hard; hopefully I will be able to find the Uzuri Idol since it's now the only idol left in the game. Hopefully I'll come across it at some point. Still, I wonder where Quana is; I have to admit I feel worried about her,

Quana groaned to herself as he eyes slowly fluttered open; her head was aching and she felt somewhat constructed. A damp and earthly smell was in the hair and it was quite dark. As her eyes adjusted to the light she saw that she was in a cave of some kind; she tried to get up but found that she was unable to move; she looked down and saw that below her neck she was wrapped up in spider silk and was stuck in a very large sider web. Quana felt a little uneasy as she tried to remember what had happened; she'd been going for a late night walk to admire the stars … then some giant creature jumped out at her with someone riding it … but who had been riding it?

"Hello? Is someone here? Anybody?" Called Quana into the darkness beyond her sight range.

The sound of a maniacal and deranged laughter greeted her ears. Out of the darkness came a giant spider; it had a fury black body, blood red eyes and very big fangs dripping poison that fizzled on the ground. It was very big and strong, and it's limbs were fleshy at the top but they become bio-mechanical further down and ended in blades. And riding on top of the Spider on some sort of control seat was none other than Nakia.

"Well isn't this ironic? You're sick twisted freak of a boyfriend is called Spider … and tonight you will die because of a spider. It's so poetic I might shed a tear." Said Nakia in a tone of pure insanity.

"Nakia! What are you doing? What am I doing here?" Asked Quana angrily before realising what Nakia had said. "… Die?"

"Oh yes; for too long I have been pushed around and treated so unfairly; people who should have been worshipping me and acting as my foot stools turned on me and made me lose everything that was important to me. I've lost my hair, my looks … everything! But after tonight it won't matter. This is an elimination game show right? Well, by sunrise I'll be the only person left alive on the island! I'll be the winner! Me! Me! I'm the winner!" Seethed Nakia in a truly deranged way.

Quana started to feel scared but tried to put on a brave face.

"Nakia, I can understand you feel upset; but you tried to cripple Spider and you really hurt Barney. You deserved what you got. And what is killing me going to solve? Everyone would still hate you. Please don't go any further down than you have … please try to feel remorse. Please Nakia." Whispered Quana. "Killing someone is the evilest act of all; we may have never really gotten along … but you're better than that, you're no murderer, you're not Kasimar."

Nakia looked at Quana will cold emotionless eyes. The death widow came close to her until it was within biting range.

"There is no good or evil, there is just beautiful people and those who are truly ugly. It is fortunate I found this spider in its dehydrated form last night; I should thank Wallace for making it. It becomes loyal to the first person it sees upon rehydrating. With my loyal steed I will get my revenge once and for all." Whispered Nakia coldly. "I may never grow my hair back … but you have beautiful hair; I'm sure I could cut off your scalp and wear it as my own. At least I'd be putting it to some good use."

Quana was quiet as she started to feel terrified; Nakia had truly snapped she was beyond the point of reasoning with. She fully intended to kill her.

"… Spider will rescue me, he'll know I'm gone and he'll send out a search party." Said Quana more in hope than any other tone.

"Oh sweet naïve Quana; people will come … but they won't save you. This cave happens to be the final checkpoint of the next challenge; I'm going to go out and capture the campers and bring them here; pretty soon a search party will come and I'll capture them too; after that I'll scalp you all and make you see how horrible being bald is. I'll make the Death Widow poison you all; it's poison is very potent you see. And then … well, the web is very flammable, I'll leave the rest up to your logic." Sneered Nakia with no humane tone.

Quana was silent as she silently prayed for everyone's safety.

"I'm not going to kill you yet though; I'll keep you alive to see Spider die … don't worry though, you two won't be separated for very long. I also cut the intercom; nobody will be able to send out any warnings. Tonight is really going to be 'Total Drama' … it'll be an episode to remember."

"… You're insane." Said Quana in a soft voice.

"Am I? Or am I the only one with enough sense to cleanse the island?" Replied Nakia. "Anyway, the challenge should have started by now, so I'm gonna go and find the campers. Maybe you'll have some company soon. I do hope they won't end up dying out of fright … I really want to enjoy this…"

With enough being said Nakia made the death widow jump to the ground; she then exited the cave with her arachnid steed.

Quana was left alone in the darkness; she felt terrified.

"… Help!" Screamed Quana in terror. "Somebody, anyone, help me!"

Whoa … just whoa; Nakia has gone insane. Stay tuned to find out what happens next, it's gonna be big