Title: Darkness
Summary: The absence of light, both physical and metaphorical. Sandry/Briar ficlet.
Note: Ficlet written for Em over at Goldenlake in thanks for her general awesomeness (i.e. there was a specific reason but I have forgotten).

The night is dark, and Sandry stares at the ceiling, listless in the summer heat. She has the power to create things of beauty and things of use. The two are not mutually exclusive though, and she turns the thought over in her mind. She can see the use of a well-made ball gown, and the beauty of bandages that heal a wound faster. Not all things are one or the other; some are both, and Sandry prefers that.

Sandry likes to be surrounded by people who are both beautiful and useful too. But pretty and useful people are much more complex than pretty and useful things. Things can be put back as they were, and mended by magic. A skillful mage can make it so that the break never happened.

People are different though. Emotional scars cannot be smoothed over with spells, and confidence cannot be put back together with invisible glue. Mages are limited in their abilities to heal wounds of the heart and mind.

As she feels Briar toss and turn in the bed, trapped in another nightmare, she wraps one slender arm over him and tries to soothe him. Her heart aches for him, and she wishes she could do something.

Some people, no matter how beautiful or useful, cannot be mended.