Its weird. Nowadays the only reason I blush is because I screw up. Sure I'm happy but why don't I blush. When my boyfriend says things or does to me that would make girls blush I don't. When he kisses me the heat doesn't go to my face and limbs.

It's not that I don't love Hiro, I do. It's just that nothing surprise me anymore. With George I went through everything. He put me through every trial; tested me in everything, and in the end I didn't pass.

He left and I cried, but I got over it. I found my own life that didn't involve all the stress, that one with him would have asked for. With Hiro everything is much simpler, much freer.

"Are you happy Yukari", Hiro asked me one day.

"Why wouldn't I be?"

"It's just you don't spend much relaxing, you're always at work. We barely spend any time together."

"Well I don't have anything planed next Friday, you could come over", I answered wondering why our schedules couldn't coexist more happily, with more times to our selves than at work.

"It's not that it just that we come home and go to sleep and never see each other", Hiro said slowly, " So I was thinking we could move in together."

To George and I that had always been something normal. As may times as I had blushed when I thought about it still had been perfectly normal. A couple living in a house together never seemed so important. But once I saw the look in Hiro's eyes I new this meant more to him than I could imagine .

"Yes it would defiantly give us more time to be together, I'd like to."

"And maybe," Hiro said with a slow smile creeping across his face, "We could get married."

It felt overwhelming to go from not living in the same house and only seeing each other for two hours a week to married. But I knew that if I was with Hiro I would be okay. There would be no stress no silent treatment as there was with George. I could just be happy with no strings attached.

I started to think about wedding and all of the sudden I remembered what couples do after the wedding. Which was something that hadn't ever happened with Hiro. It would even be his first time, as far as I new.

And for the first time in years I blushed. And this time not of embarrassment.