Confession (Raj x Howard)

It wasn't just curiosity.

The feelings were there – present all the time.

Denying them wasn't an option any longer. Were they too strong, too penetrating.

He held the slim body in his arms, pressing on his own chest, felt the warmth and tasted the passionate kiss. Their tongues were playing, teasing and the sweet taste of his lips made him crazy.

What happened?

He felt his arms sliding over his back, answering the erotic, hot, passionate embrace.

What exactly had happened that he was kissing his best friend?

Why had he variance in his principles, he had adherent so much and declined into his obsession?

Oh yeah, he remembered.

"Do you really think I'm a good looking man as you said at the park?", Howard asked a little bit embarrassed.

"Dude, you're not George Clooney, but you're kind of attractive.", Raj said with his Indian accent.

"Kind of?", he asked a little confused.

But Raj didn't answer; he was only looking shyly on the floor. And when he looked up and met Howard's eyes he felt the strong, transparent thread, which was pulling him closer to his best friend, wanting him more – to touch him.

It wasn't right.

"Sorry, I can't..", Raj wanted to leave the room, but Howard caught his arm.

Just their eyes met, were looking inside the other one. The world didn't seem to move any more.

"Do you remember when we tested your 'Internet kissing'-machine for Leonard?"

"Of course I remember."

"I … I want to use it. I mean try it again – without the machine."

Yeah, that was the whole story. He looked at Howard with his puppy-eyed glance and a second later their lips touched. Raj's heart was pounding so fast in his torso and he couldn't let his arms well alone from Howard, whose tongue agreed to the play of his one. It was like the 'Internet kiss' but so more intense, so more passionate, so more real.

They fell back on the couch, Howard under the Indian, holding him close.

Had Leonard's mother figured out the whole hidden story between them before both could realize it? Just with spending some minutes with them at the cafeteria?

Was the denying in front of her and all their friends unnecessary?

Howard was special for Raj.

And Raj was special for Howard.

But so special?

That kind of special?

Raj slipped with his right hand under his best friend's clothes, moving upwards to his chest. Howard gasped into the kiss, was washed away by the tender feelings and Raj's talented tongue.

When the kiss found to an end, both were heavily breathing and looking at each other.

"Sorry, I couldn't stifle them any more.", Raj apologized.

La Li Ho!

The shortest story I ever have written. And a new pairing - yes, Howard and Raj are a very cute couple. Hope you liked it!

My inspiration was the video "Obsession - Raj/Howard" on Youtube.

chu Kujira