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A/N2: BTW, this takes place about a year after Apocalypse.

~Chapter 1

It was a beautiful summer day and everyone was lounging around and playing in the swimming pool. Everyone that is, except for Rogue.

She never wanted to join the others when they went swimming for the very simple fact that she couldn't risk exposing too much skin and putting the others in harms way. One little touch and she could land them in a coma…or worse…

Instead, Rogue decided she would go for a walk. As she walked, Rogue made her way to a nearby park and sat down on a bench as she watched children running and playing, parents embracing their kids, and lovers kissing. Rogue took it all in and longed to one day be able to experience it all.

She was enjoying the serene sounds of birds chirping and children's laughter until she was brought back to reality by a gentle thud. Rogue looked down. A small ball had hit her leg, and then she noticed a little girl running toward her.

"Excuse me, miss!" The little girl exclaimed politely. "Have you seen my ball?"

Rogue smiled down at the girl and picked the ball up. "Ya mean this ball?" Then she gave it back to the girl.

Her face lit up like a Christmas tree. "Yay! Thank you!" The girl threw her small arms around Rogue in the biggest hug she can muster.

Rogue was a little caught off guard to say the least. She awkwardly returned the hug. It was a short one. "You're very welcome, sweetie. Now, you be careful. Alright?"

"OK!" Cried the little girl as she ran back to her parents.

Rogue could swear she heard them say something along the lines of "freak" or "weirdo". It didn't matter to her anyway. She'd heard it all before. All the bigots would do was spout the same stuff over and over again. Rogue shook it off and let her mind drift to other things…

She thought back to the day she had her little adventure in New Orleans with Gambit. She had been thinking about that day since he slipped the Queen of Hearts card in her hand and uttered the words, "You'll be fine, Cherie. You got people watchin' out for you."

The more she thought about it, the more she realized that is he had just simply asked her for her assistance and been honest with her from the start, instead of resorting to kidnapping, she probably would have been more willing to go along with him.

A smile crossed her lips as memories of them walking along the streets of the French Quarter and eating at that small café right before they were attacked by the Rippers.

She was so caught up in her own world that she didn't even notice the familiar figure of Logan approaching her, then placing his hand on her shoulder, effectively scaring the shit out of her.

Rogue screamed as she grabbed the arm of her "attacker", and flipped him over her head. This caused him to land on his back with a hard THUD.

Only then did Rogue realize who had snuck up on her. "Oh mah gawd! Logan, Ah'm so sorry!" She kneeled down beside him to help him sit up.

"Hehe, nice to see you too, Stripes." Logan stood up, dusted himself off, and helped Rogue to her feet. "I came out here to tell you that dinner would be ready soon, so we should be heading back."

"Ah didn't realize Ah'd been out here so long."

"Yeah. You looked like you were lost in thought there, kid. You wanna tell me what's on your mind?" Logan inquired.

Rogue looked down at her gloved hands as they made their way back to the mansion. "It was nothin' really…"

Logan knew it wasn't really "nothin'", but he decided to not push the matter any further; at least not for now…

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