So I've decided to break the ice in this section. And what better way to do it, than shedding a little light on the After War universe. So I've decided to write a short side story depicting the events in my view of the seventh space war, which led to the A.W. becoming the post apocalyptic world it is. As always, please read and review.

Time to make these puppets dance!


"Yeah… hi… I'm Jamil Neate how about… umm… NO!" Jamil smiled as he made his way out of the room.

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The Seventh Space War: A Newtype soldier's tale.

Ch. 1

"Alright boys, here's your stop! Welcome to basic!" The bus driver yelled back as the bus stopped at the U.N.E. military base.

The cadet's started to gather their belongings and make their way off the bus "Whoa… she's stacked!"

"I heard that cadet!" The woman with long honey blond hair snapped, wearing a light brown officers uniform she stood in front of them "Form ranks!" She ordered.

"Crap… he just had to go and piss her off…" Jamil thought as he fell in.

"I HEARD THAT!" The woman snapped her attention to Jamil, causing him to freeze.

She made her way over, and stood directly in front of him "Do you know why you were selected for this unit?" the woman asked as she looked down the line of young men and women "WELL?"

"NO MA'AM!" They replied in unison.

"Allow me to enlighten you then, you were selected based on the possibility that you might have what it takes to pilot our latest series of mobile suits!" The woman looked down the line.

"You!" She pointed at Jamil "What's your name boy?"

Jamil saluted "Cadet Jamil Neate, Ma'am!"

"What's my name?" She asked.

"I don't know Ma'am!" Jamil replied.

"Try harder!" She ordered.

"How does she expect me to guess her name?" Jamil thought to himself.

"My name's Lucille Liliant, it's nice to meet you Jamil Neate, learn to use your abilities more." Lucille looked at him and smiled not moving her mouth.

Jamil looked at her rank, "My apologies, Lieutenant Liliant!"

"Good…" Lucille smiled "The rest of you have a lot of work to do… not all of you will make this unit! Try your hardest, because the best of you will get to pilot our latest suit, the GX-9900, Gundam X."


"This is the dawn of a new age of mankind!" Seidel Rasso stood at the black and gold podium looking out at the officers wearing the black and gold uniforms of the colony's new army "It is the dawn of the age of the Newtype! Earth seeks to oppress our nation when we long for our independence from the Oldtype's! They seek to rid us from the world, to manipulate and control us! I as the leader of our great nation vow to never let that happen!"

The thunderous cheers from outside the palace grounds could be heard as he stood before the army.

"Long live Cloud 9 and long live the S.R.A.!" Seidel thrust his fist into the air.

"Long live the S.R.A.!" The army shouted in unison as they stood before their leader.

"Long live the S.R.A.!" They echoed again and the young man in the center of the forward most formation smiled, knowing his nation would be free thanks to his abilities.

Lancerow Dawell joined in the chorus of his comrades in the Newtype corps. "LONG LIVE CLOUD 9 AND LONG LIVE THE S.R.A.!"


"Professor, how long until they're ready?" General Nada El asked.

Professor Dorat smiled "Any day now, the Patulia and Bertigo's will put a swift end to the U.N.E. with Operation Lilac's success."

"Daddy…" A soft voice called causing Nada to turn his attention to the door. The little girl wearing the over sized long blue t-shirt with short deep red hair, his four year old daughter Ennil El "I can't sleep…"

"Oh… Ennil…" Nada sighed "come here… I'll read you a story and put you to bed." He got up and walked over to the little girl scooping her up in his arms smiling at her.

Ennil giggled "Daddy your beard tickles!"

Nada turned and looked at the professor "If that's all, professor…"

"Certainly, General El." Professor Dorat bowed politely and made his way to the door.


"Is it finished yet?" Fixx Bloodman one of the leader's of the U.N.E. asked.

"It was completed as ordered just the other day sir. We can respond at any time." The scientist nodded "All we're waiting for is their training to be completed."

"Make them quicken the pace. They're just tools, learn how to use them." Fixx looked back at the scientist.

"But sir, they're still hum…" He stopped as a shot rang out.

"No they're not." Fixx looked at the man who froze the shot imbedded in the wall right next to his head "It's because of that kind of talk, that the Colonies are on the verge of rebellion. Remember your place Dr. Salsamille."

"Yes, sir." Dr. Salsamille replied looking at Fixx.

"Soon as the Flash system is complete, get working on the next project." Fixx tossed a file towards him.

Dr. Salsamille picked up the file and looked at it "Operation L?"


"Hey, Jamil." Lucille smiled as she walked over "Sorry about singling you out… you're the only one that show's any real promise out of them…"

"What?" Jamil blinked looking at his commanding officer a little surprised.

"It's just nice to finally see someone who might actually be able to use it…" Lucille smiled as she walked past him.

"What's that mean?" Jamil asked as he started to follow her "Hey…" he trailed off as he was grabbed and pulled into the hangar by her.

"I've already filed my report… it's been decided, you'll pilot the GX-9900." Lucille smiled as Jamil's jaw dropped looking at the white, blue, and red machine.

"You like it?" Lucille asked as she activated the lights in the hangar.

"Yeah… it's amazing!" Jamil's eyes went wide as he looked at the machines flanking it.

"Those are the GX-9900 GX-Bits." Lucille smiled as she looked at the machines "All that's left is your training… it uses the Flash system to communicate remotely with the bit suits." She walked out in front of him "The same way we can communicate, allows you to give commands to the suits, and D.O.M.E., the central hub of the flash system." She smiled.

"But I'm nowhere near as good as you Lieutenant!" Jamil gaped looking at her as she smiled at him.

"Given a little time, patients, and practice… and you will be, Jamil." Lucille smiled.


Like I said, this is short it'll take about three small chapters to depict the events that led to the A.W. coming into existence. And You could call this a sort of prelude to another fic that I'll be writing in coming months, which is the continuation of a mass cross over series I have been writing. It might wind up being a four or five chapter story in total to depict the events in total. Again, as always, thank you for reading.