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Alex picked up the glass of orange juice in front of her wishing it could be laced with at least one measure of vodka. She rolled her eyes as she pushed all thoughts of alcohol to the back of her mind. If not for the fact she was now four months pregnant with her third child she was certain she would be as drunk as most of the other women on Shaz Grainger's Hen Night.

"Alex?" Annie perched on the seat next to her as Luigi good naturedly tried to quieten down the roudy bridemaids at the other end of the bar.


"You ok?"


"Gene looking after the girls?" Alex nodded.

"Sam looking after Danny?"

"Yeah." Annie picked up her drink. "I bet Molly is looking forward to having another baby in the house."

"Once she got over the fact that we are still 'doing it at our ages.'" Annie laughed as she pictured the teenagers' face. Molly had been thrilled at the news and Ruby had just laughed and clapped her hands. She was still too little to really understand but seemed to know that things were changing around her. Alex couldn't help but smile as she thought about her girls. Both women cringed as they heard Phyllis start singing Material Girl on the kareoke. It was clear the woman would not be bothering the X Factor any time soon.

"Oh Ma'am make 'er stop!" Shaz laughed as Alex shook her head. The bride to be was whisked off by her cousin and friends so quickly that Annie was certain she had seen the L plates the baby of the team was wearing fly off on their own.

"You never had a hen night." Annie announced.

"There very nearly wasn't a wedding." Alex replied, remembering the chaos of her wedding day. She couldn't help but smile slightly as she remembered the way Gene had looked at her as they had made their vows. She had known then that all the arguing, teasing and bickering had been worth it. They were forever. Annie waited as Alex shook herself of the memory and back to the present day.

"I remember how much you two hated each other." Annie watched as Alex raised an eyebrow.

"I was so relieved to get away from Morgan and the Vice Squad."

"Remember that phone call, when I told you we were taking over CID at Fenchurch East? That the Guv had asked for you to be transferred because you were a proflier? He wanted another DI. A Londoner that knew the area. I mentioned that I'd met you at Uni and that was that."

"I was so nervous."

"I noticed that when you fainted at his feet!" Annie giggled as Alex blushed.

"I did not!"

"And in that dress. You could see what you 'ad for breakfast."

"He hated me on sight. Gobby, posh and mouthy. The last thing he wanted as a DI."

"He fancied the pants off you." Annie smiled.

"Bit like you and Sam then?" Alex retorted as Annie shrugged her shoulders. Somewhere in the distance Shaz' cousin Mary was laughing loudly as the stripper she had organised turned up looking for Shaz who had promptly tried to hide behind Phyllis. Maya wandered over to them, the only other sober woman in the room.

"Exactly like you and Sam."

"And what would you know?" Annie still didn't like the woman. But she was heavily pregnant with Ray's baby so she felt she had to at least be civil to her.

"What I see. You and Sam, I was jealous. I admit that now." She rested a hand on her abdomen as the baby kicked.

"When are you due?" Alex asked as the sound of Hot Chocolate's You Sexy Thing rang out through the resteraunt. Luigi threw his hands in the air and walked away, clearly giving up on the senorinas.

"In two weeks. Just been saying my goodbyes to Sharon. Ray is picking me up. For what it's worth. I have grown up and I am sorry. For everything." Maya watched as Annie's eyes filled with tears. Alex nodded as she touched her friend's hand.

"Goodnight Maya."

"Yeah." Maya sighed as Annie smiled slightly.


Maya nodded as she fastened her coat and headed out into the winter air.


"I'm drunk!" Shaz announced as she failed to get herself onto the bar stool.

"So it would seem." Alex smiled. "Have you enjoyed your night?"

"Yesss Ma'am." Annie laughed as she helped her friend get onto the barstool with varying degrees of success. "Christmas soon!"

"Not long after your wedding." Annie announced.

"Yes, I'm marrying Chris. He's lovely. Isn't he lovely my Chris?"

"He is." Alex tried not to laugh.

"You think I'm doing the right thing? My Chrissy."

"Yes." Both women answered.

"Good. Ma'am how did you and Gene get together? The Guv I mean."

"You were there."

"Yeah. But we didn't really know about you pair until Ray caught you." Shaz giggled. Alex rolled her eyes. She knew there was no way she was going to live down the fact Ray, of all people had caught her kissing Gene in his office.

"We didn't get along at first. " Alex explained. "Then, I dunno."

"You fancied him." Shaz announced. "We all knew he fancied you."

Alex blushed. She knew Gene would be mortified if he heard what was being said. She bit her lip as she felt the baby move.

"Look, you are doing the right thing. Yes I fancied Gene. I still do." She smiled as she thought of the sandy haired detective. She knew that she had been in love with him since the day they had met. "And now I am going home. To him and my girls. See you tomorrow."



Gene brushed Ruby's dark hair from her face as she finally closed her eyes. She was already sleeping by the time that he had settled her in the cot.

"Going to have to think about you having a bed soon. Getting too big for this." He whispered as his daughter slept peacefully. He couldn't believe he was the father to a thirteen month old girl and a teenager that he had been privilaged to adopt. Now there was another baby on the way and he couldn't be happier. He watched the little girl for a moment longer before heading back downstairs as he heard the front door open and the taxi that had delievered his wife home pull away.

"Hi." She smiled coyly as he walked towards her.

"Good night."

"Missed you." She sighed as she realised his tie had been abandoned long ago. She tried not to look at the opened shirt as he approached her. She had been telling the truth when she told Shaz she still faniced her husband.

"Glad to hear it Bollykecks." He pulled her into his arms and kissed her.

"We were talking about you." He paused as he wondered what his wife had actually said. "Shaz asked how we got together."

"Spandau Ballet has alot to answer for." He smiled as she raised an eyebrow. "Our first dance, remember. In that flat you and Molly had. I think she was with Evan fot the night or at a sleep over. You found a CD with True on and that was that."

"Our first kiss too." Alex smiled.

"First of many." He kissed her as she ran her fingers through his hair. "God I'd wanted to kiss you for so long."

"I love you Gene Hunt." She whispered as he pulled away. "God, I love you."

"Feeling is mutual." He tugged her to him as he began leading her up the stairs. "So, what exactly were you saying about me?"

Alex smiled as she felt his hands rest on her waist. "Oh, not much. Just told them the story of how we got together?"

"Bloody Hell Bolls, thats one hell of a story."

"It is." Alex agreed as they tiptoed past Molly's bedroom. "It certainly is."


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