The wind caressed her face as she stood on the very top of the palace. It overlooked the forest and the houses of the nearby villagers. Archer flew around her head flying freely in the never-ending sky. His wings were large and brilliant, his feathers as golden as the finest jewelry in the kingdom. He belongs to no man or woman. Nothing and no one can bring him down to earth.

He rests on her shoulder gently rubbing his head against her cheek. She breathed in the fresh air then she jumped.

Cold water surrounded her. The sound of guards clacking around the palace walls sent a burst of excitement through her.

"Lost again. Remember Eden you are no longer safe! Death to those who steal from the kingdom!" The General exclaimed.

That's not such a bad idea. She thought. Arrows flew down into the moat making the water dark and murky. A sharp pain began in her right arm. Eden quickly leaped out of the water and into the waiting dark forest. She ran to the house beyond the river separating the kingdom and the free land. It was where she received her medicine and essentials to provide for the family. A petite little woman named Lynda owned it. She was known for those sort of things and was willing to give anyone anything they needed…for a price. Today she asked for gold from the Raise Kingdom. Usually the tasks were not to far, but today she was out for the newborn child's golden locket. Eden didn't normally steal from children much less newborns. This was different though because she needed to help her family and eight kids are more important than one.

"Quite slow today aren't we?" Lynda said smiling using the only teeth she had. Eden placed the locket on the table.

"Good job little one. Your basket is over by the door." She said. Eden lifted the box and quickly looked through it.

"There are no blankets. I need more we only have two left!" Eden exclaimed. Lynda only smiled and disappeared beyond the heavy black curtains that lead to a world unknown.

That beastly woman! She sighed. The locket still lay on the table. It wasn't really a sense of justice, more like revenge for the child and her family. If I don't get my share neither do you. She snuck the locket in her pant pocket and ran out the door, basket of materials in hand.

Copyright © 2011 by J.M Bryce