"Man, she can run."

"No kidding. Where'd she go?"

"I don't know, but we should rest hear for the time being."

Eden watched them set up camp, then she rested on the ground near a tree. She chased Damien to the next to the next town. He was resting there for the night, so she decided to get to him tomorrow. The tree shifted from under her. The bark rippled and transformed. Its branches stretched out and curved into pointed wooden fingers. Its face was of a woman her face twisted into a long frown that had long pointed teeth and blank eyes.

Eden reached for her dagger only to find it missing. Goddess, help me.

There was a sudden glint of light, then she heard the creature screech in agony. It seemed to be battling an invisible being, and unable to fight back.

Sae came through the bushes and launched an arrow at the monster's face. Both the invisible being and Sae battled to the death with the creature trying to find its week spot. The tree turned its trunk, and there Eden saw some rot from the beetles devouring it. Eden took a sharp rock and launched it at the creature. It went through the bark and into its heart. The branches stopped and wilted, then the whole tree broke down and fell to soft damp soil.

Under the rubble grew a small flower that bloomed almost instantly. It had blood red petals but its tips were dipped in the lightest yellow.

A foot came down and broke the stem of the flower and within was a bright liquid. She reached out to catch the tiny drop. A tear.

"What did you do that for, you idiot." Eden screamed at him. He looked at her in surprise.

"I just saved your life and all you worry about is a little flower! I would at least appreciate a thank you." Sae yelled back. Two heads popped up behind him.

"Its ok she's just in shock. She'll come around eventually." Said one.

"Yeah, don't worry about it." Said the other. Eden looked at the tall persons and crossed her arms.

"And you are?" She asked.

"Oh right, we haven't properly introduced ourselves. I'm Garrett." The one with blue eyes said.

"And I'm Darren." The one with green eyes replied, "That's Sae. He is a bit stubborn."

Sae rolled his eyes. Eden looked around for the other person who helped defeat the monster, but there was no one other than them.

"Oy, what's your name?" Garrett asked. She sighed and curtsied.

"Marigold is my dancing name, my real name is Eden Lolland. So now that introductions are covered, do you want to tell me why you're following me?"

"I've been asking the same thing." Sae muttered. Garrett elbowed him in the ribs.

"Because we want you to join us in our journey to greatness." Darren said.

"Well that's fun and all, but I'm sort of busy. I have to find this guy and a treasure


"Treasure? That sounds awesome!" Darren exclaimed. Eden smiled and thought for a second. Maybe I can make them help me, but they would probably want something in return…

"Hey how about you guys help me find the treasure?" Eden asked.

"What? Are you crazy? And battle things like that? No freaking way." Sae grabbed Darren and Garrett's shirts, "We are going back to the village. We can become famous without her, plus she's not pretty enough."

"How about we help you find treasure and in return you join our band?" Darren asked. Eden agreed, though in the end she would have to kill them, it wasn't something she wanted to do but it couldn't be avoided.

Sae returned to his tent flustered. Darren and Garrett set up a tent for her and told her not to worry about Sae and that he would come around eventually. Eden didn't believe it though.

The only problem was Damien. She needed the map that the queen gave him. Without it they would never find the book.

She went through the forest and searched for the village. She found a cliff that looked over the village. Eden quickly mapped it out and marked the inns. She traveled down the cliff and started searching. The inns she marked said they never seen a man with the features she described.

Eden sat on the road thinking of where else to look.

"He has such strange eyes. They're such a unique grey color." A woman said.

"Yes, but he is so handsome! Did you see that face? It had to be carved by the goddess herself." Another woman said. They both giggled in glee. Eden lifted her head at the news.

"Where can I find him?" She asked the woman.

"Oh, at this little house a family rents out for people. Nobody calls it an inn though. Its right over there." The woman said pointing to a house near the end of the street.

" But if you think you can impress him with your looks you must be delusional." Her friend laughed. Eden turned away and raced towards the house. She peeked inside and found him flirting with some girls. Eden rolled her eyes and went to the back of the house. There were vines that lead to the windows. She climbed up the vines and into one of the open windows. It was a child's room that was colored pink and purple. There was a child sleeping in the bed next to the window. Her face was in the pillow making it difficult to breath. Eden carefully placed the child's head to the right angle then headed towards the door.

She looked around the corner and found a room at the end of the hall. She slightly opened the door. She searched through the bags and found Damien's clothing.

Eden went through cabinets and drawers but couldn't find the map.

There was a sudden chill in the back of her neck.

"Looking for something princess?" A voice said. She turned and found Damien standing over her smiling.

"Strange I don't remember asking for a maid to…clean, my room." He said. Eden tried to shrug him away but was unable to.

"I'm not a maid I just lost something." Eden replied.

"Oh forgive me I must have forgotten your name while everyone was in here." Damien said. He really doesn't remember her? And who did what in his room? She thought.

"Well I'll look for it by myself if you don't mind." She said in her most girly voice. Damien backed up a bit, just enough to let her breath then he took her by the waist. He laughed and whispered in her ear.

"I know exactly who you are, Eden." She tried to push him away but he was too strong.

"Damien let me go." She hissed. A small ray of the sunrise shown through the curtains and his grip loosened. She took advantage of his momentary blank and swiped his legs from under him. Damien fell hard on the ground, knocked out. Eden heard footsteps climbing up the stairs.

I'll have to find the map later.

She opened Damien's window and leaped.

The thief sets with the moon as the dancer rises with the sun.