"Dad!" Luke shook his father's shoulder energetically, "Wake up!"

Anakin rolled over and glared at his clock, "Do you ever sleep longer than four hours?"

"Sometimes," Luke conceded, "but that was an interesting lesson we were half-way through."

"Go back to bed."

Luke made a face, "Please, Dad?"

"You need your sleep."

"I can't sleep if I'm excited about something."

Anakin rolled out of bed, bleary eyed, "There are times I really hate you, Luke."

Luke smiled innocently, "I can be annoying, can't I?"

"You can be. But I can't hate you for very long." Anakin fluffed his son's hair and they headed out of the base.

"Any requests?" Anakin pushed a holocron into his son's hands.

Luke activated the device and quickly sorted through the various lessons. "How about this one?" he asked his father, pointing to a lesson.

"Force jumping? I should have known." Anakin took the holocron back. "Let's get farther into the forest OK?"

Luke nodded and they set off. Anakin started the lesson in the middle of a forest clearing and taught his son how to jump distances. After he was quite sure that Luke was capable and in control he started teaching the boy how to add height to the equation.

"Well, well. Isn't that sweet. Daddy's teaching his little boy how to play silly games."

Anakin and Luke spun. A man stood at a gap in the trees. His face was covered by a deep, dark hood. One wizened hand held an equally twisted cane.

"Palpatine." Anakin felt hatred rise in him. He quickly pushed it away, the Dark Side had gotten him into this mess and he had no intention of running back to it for help now.

"Yes. I thought you had forgotten me. Not returning calls is very rude, Lord Vader."

"My name is Anakin Skywalker."

"Minor details."

"To you maybe it is, but to me it's important!" Luke spoke up from behind Anakin.

Anakin grabbed his son's arm to stop him from doing anything too ridiculously rash. "Leave it, Luke. Let me deal with him."

"Jumping up to defend Daddy, are we?" Palpatine cackled.

Luke ignored his father's caution, "At least I have someone to defend! You worthless worm ridden corpse! You wouldn't know love if it bit you on your ugly nose!"

"Luke!" Anakin carefully made sure that he was right between his old master and his son.

"Don't be hypocritical, Vader. You would have acted the same way. As amusing as it is to watch your little argument I'm afraid that I have more important matters to deal with." With that the Emperor drew his saber and ignited it.

Anakin slipped one hand behind him to hook his lightsaber off his son's belt. "Get away from my family."

"Oh, you've had your chance at a family, this is Luke's chance. I hope you don't mess it up for him."

"Luke, go back to the base. No-wait! Stay here, just stay out of the way."

Luke slipped into the bushes. He quietly pulled his blaster off of his belt. If you hurt my dad, I swear you will have six smoking holes in your grotesque head before you hear the blaster working.

Anakin ignited his saber and moved towards his master. "You destroyed my family and, seeing as you don't have a family, I'm just gonna destroy you."

"Brave words for a fallen Jedi." The Emperor twirled his saber into a wheel of death.

"I fell, but you can get back up." Anakin flew at his master, saber at the ready.

They exchanged blows for a few moments, but Anakin had the disadvantage of trying to protect something. Namely, Luke. Palpatine pushed his student into the dirt, saber at Anakin's throat.

"Stupid Jedi. You can never win."

No! Dad! Luke braced his blaster against a fork in a branch of his tree and fired. True to his word several large holes appeared in the side of the Emperor's head. Gotcha. I guess what goes around really does come around.

Anakin scrambled up and ran to his son's hiding place. "Luke! Are you all right?"

"I'm fine. Are you OK?" Luke crawled out of the bush, pulling twigs out of his hair.

"He didn't get me. Thanks to you," Anakin reached out to his son and pulled him close.

Luke laughed and submitted, "I do have one small problem."

"What's that?"

"Take a closer look at that bush. Thorns. I would not recommend it as a place to hide."

Anakin smiled, "At least we both survived."

Luke looked at the Emperor's corpse, "Yeah. What should we do about him?"

"Nothing. He can rot out here. Look, he's already half decomposed."

They laughed and started back to the base.

"When they ask, you killed him. Got it?" Luke said as he took his saber back from his father.

"But I didn't. You did."

"That's completely irrelevant. You would have if you could."

"That's true, I suppose."

"You were right about needing sleep. First thing when we get back, I'm going to bed." Luke yawned hugely and leaned on his father.

Anakin slipped one arm around his son, "I'm afraid that you have to wait until we've explained this morning's events to your leaders."

Luke moaned softly, "Yuck. I just want some sleep."

"I know you do." Anakin pressed his lips against his son's hair, "Don't worry, I'll be quick."