"Okay, everyone fucking listen up!" All fighting and screaming stopped as each nation looked to the blond, a fierce look in his eyes.

"A-america?" England said.

"Why can't you stop fighting?" The American growled, pushing his glasses up his face. "Do you know what is going on out there right now? People are dieing! People are starving, wounded, burning in their own homes! And what are you all doing? Fighting over stupid things!" All nations in the room looked shocked as Alfred looked to them sternly. Where had this attitude come from? He looked more serious than anyone had ever seen him. There was a fire in his eyes that only few had seen, that some feared and others admired. "How about we stop fighting for once and go out there and do something?" He said, looking everyone in the eyes.

There was more silence before England stood up, a small smile on his face. "I agree with the lad. Let's do something for once!" He said, catching a smile from his little brother. One by one the nations stood up, all the same fire raising in their eyes.

"What are we standing around for? Let's go!" Alfred shouted, opening the door and ran out in the carnage, glasses reflecting the fire's burning around him, the people screaming in panic or pain, broken glass shattered over the streets, and so much more.

"We can do this, eh." Feeling a hand on his shoulder, he looked over to see his brother, encouragement in his violet eyes.

"Right," The blond agreed with a nod of his head, covering the hand on his shoulder with his own before snapping his head to the side as a near by scream came to his ear. "Come on, Mattie! We gotta go!" He said, running toward the screaming, dodging the debris littering the ground.

"Go away!" The girl screamed, on her knees, attempting to back away from her offender, brown eyes wide in fear, her heart beating in her chest like a caged bird.

"Just give me what you got, bitch!" The man screamed at the girl, gun pointed her way, finger on the trigger.

"I-i don't have anything!" She cried, flinching as the man fired, the bullet embedding itself in the building she had backed into.

"Last time, give me what you got!" The man shouted, unaware of the looming shadows behind him.

"Back away from the girl!" Alfred growled, gloved hands balled into fist, a scowl on his face.

"Make me!" The gunman hissed back, pulling the hammer of the gun back, taking a step closer to the girl.

"He said get away from her." Mathew said, glaring at the offending man, one hand on the large bear at his side. The man's eyes widen, taking one more step closer to the girl, the young woman whimpering gently in fear. "Kuma," Mathew said, the bear growling lowly at the human, taking a lunge forward. The man gasped, pulling the trigger once again, the girl screaming.

Suddenly, Alfred ran forward, grabbing the man's arm and twisted it until he heard a crack, the gun dropping of his hand. "Fuck!" The gunman screamed, attempting to use his other arm to punch his attacker. The American growled, kicking his leg up and caught the man in his stomach before swinging his fist forward, connecting with his face, the man dropping to the ground.

"Now get out of here before I do some actual damage!" He growled, blue eyes reflecting a near by fire, turning his eyes a fierce amber. The man struggled to get back up before staggering off, never once looking back.

Alfred huffed, dragging a hand through his hair before turning to look at his brother who was helping the young girl up.

"It'll be alright now," The Canadian whispered to the scared girl, bending down and held out a hand. "We won't hurt you," He said, smiling at her. Hesitantly, she took his hand before she wrapped her arms around him, crying into his shoulder. "You're fine, now. It's okay." Mathew whispered, rubbing circles on her back.

"How's she doing, Mattie? No blood?" Alfred asked, clapping a hand onto his brother's shoulder.

"She's fine. The last bullet didn't hit." Mathew replied, looking down to the girl as she lifted her head to look at Alfred.

"Hi," Alfred said, smiling at the girl.

"G-gracias," The girl whispered, leaving Mathew's arms for Alfred's. "Muchas gracias. Dios te bendiga." She told him, wiping her eyes and smiled back. "May God bless you both." She said, grabbing both the blond's hands and held them to her heart. "Thank you so much,"

"That's what we do, honey." Alfred said, bending down to kiss her head. "Now, you should get home before anything else happens." He told her and she nodded.

"Thank you, again. Both of you." She said, beginning to walk away before turning around to look at them, gratitude shining in her eyes. "You two are my hero's. I wish the world was full of more people like you." She said, before walking away, disappearing into the carnage of the world.

"Well, that's one person saved." Alfred said, motioning for his brother to follow him.

"So many more to go," Mathew finished for him, fixing his glasses. "But we can do it,"

"Yeah. We're hero's. Saving people is what we do!" The American said, a smile lighting up his face. "Even if we have to do it one by one."

A/N: I'm such a lazy person, always taking what I say off of DA. This story is the result of this song http:/ www. /watch?v= 3Y5KhFwzXzU&feature= feedlik , me being incredibly depressed, needing something to cheer me up for a few seconds, and my friend Canada! This is for you Mattie! I was thinking of turning this into different one shots with different characters saving people's OC's. It may give me something to do between school and being all out depressed. But I don't know if I even have time. What do you people think? Comments always appreciated! ~Ciao! Love Stripes!