"I'm so hungry...and I'm tired...and...I want Germany." The lithe brunette complained to himself, wiping his teary eyes for the umpteenth time that day. Ever since exiting the building, everyone had split up, leaving Italy to fend for himself. Even Germany had left him, telling him 'Find your brother, keep each other safe.' He then glanced to the amber eyed man's back pocket as if he knew what he held before walking off.

Sniffling, the brunette wiped his eyes once again then stopped as he heard a noise. Immediately he tensed up, reaching for his white flag in case the noise happened to be someone coming to attack him. He listened intently before figuring out the sound was a dog-actually a few dogs, barking in the distance. "Puppies!" He cried out in joy, running towards the sounds. Maybe he could stay with the dogs and he wouldn't be so lonely anymore.

What he found hadn't been a group of tame lap dogs. Instead, he found a pack of vicious, very large dogs surrounding a car with a little boy cowering on top. Correction, a little boy with a bleeding leg cowering on top. As the man ran up to the animals, the creatures turned to look at him, lips raised in snarls. "Uh, n-nice puppies." The Italian stuttered, slowly backing up. "Please don't hurt me! I have friends who have dogs!" He said, glancing from pack to boy.

The child couldn't have been more than nine or ten, staring at the brunette with gray-green eyes. He looked hurt, confused, and most of all scared. As much as the man's instincts were telling him to run as quickly as he could...he couldn't. He couldn't let a helpless, human child face these dogs all by himself. He could die and by the looks of it, a very painful death.

Swallowing loudly, Italy took one more step back before bolting to the side. As quickly as he took off, the dogs were after them, barking and howling, eyes a light with a hunt. "Don't worry!" Feliciano called back to the boy, making a sharp turn. "I'll help you!" As he turned, he then made a bee line for the car. But then who was going to save him?

Bending his knees, the half-country jumped onto the car, hitting the top with a thud. "Made it," He grunted, sitting up before his eyes widen as one of the dogs attempted to jump up with him. With a cry, the man kicked his leg out, hitting the dog in the face. "Oh, I'm so sorry Mr. Doggie!" He apologized, scooting closer to the boy.

"Who-who are you?" The boy asked, trying to scoot closer to the middle of the roof, then winced as he moved his leg.

"I'm Feliciano!" The brunette replied, wrapping his arms around the boy and pulled him close. "I won't let them hurt you."

"I'm Richard. How are we going to get down? There's five of them?" The blond asked.

"I-I'll figure out a way. I'm pretty sure one of my friends will come to rescue us!" The Italian nodded his head, more to himself than to the boy, hoping he was right. Germany always came to save him! He'd be there...maybe. "Ludwig!" He called, his voice ringing in the air around him. "Ludwig! Help me!" He screamed. All around him the dogs growled and snapped, attempting to jump to their prey. If Germany didn't get here soon, both the boy and Italy would be dead.

"L-let me see your leg," Feliciano said, remembering the boy's bleeding appendage. Slowly, Richard lifted up his pant leg to show him the deep mark one of the dogs had left.

"One of them bit me," The blond explained, then whimpered as he jerked to the side as one of the dogs jumped at them.

'Germany, where are you?' Italy thought, arms tightening around the child. He couldn't save the boy all by himself, he needed help like he always did.

"I don't think your friend is coming," Richard said.

"B-but he has to. Ludwig always comes to save me!" Biting his lip, Italy heard the voice of his friend in his head. 'I can't always be there to protect you. Remember, you have to learn to fight for yourself sometime. When worse comes to worse, count on your instincts. You're Italian, you know more than running away and surrendering.' He had been right about that, but it was Romano who had those type of instincts not him. Of course, that never stopped him from keeping something other than white flag in his pocket just in case.

Just then, Richard screamed as one of the creatures managed to jump up to the car and grab onto his foot. "No!" He screamed, trying to shake him off but the dog held tight.

'No! No! Germany! You have to come save us! You...but he can't...'cause he's not here.' Swallowing thickly, Italy grabbed his white flag before breaking it over the dogs head.

"Let him go!" He shouted, reaching into his back pocket to pull out the hand gun he had and shot the animal through the head, watching it fall limp to the ground. With a scowl that could rival his brothers, the Northern half of Italy aimed the weapon at another dog then took fire. The creature yelped, falling to the ground as it's leg was shot, though not dead like it's leader. The other animals growled, but began to back away, this meal too hard to get, eventually the last one gimping after them.

Jumping to the ground, Feliciano helped the boy down, his face becoming blank as he look to the dead animal. "Thank you," Richard said quietly, as the gun fell out of the taller man's hand. "Feliciano?" He whispered before the Italian dropped to his knees, tears streaming down his cheeks.

"I didn't want to," Feliciano cried, gently laying his hands on the animal's side. "I didn't want to but I had to! He...he was hurting you. And I..." He sobbed loudly, not bothering to wipe the tears from his face. "I'm sorry!" He whimpered, taking in a stuttering breath.

He then flinched as Richard placed a hand on his arm then looked up to the boy. "I didn't want to do it..." He cried to him.

"You had to. I'd be dead right now but I'm not. You had to," He repeated as the Italian stood up, grabbing the weapon off the ground and placed it back in it's rightful spot.

"I know," Sniffling, the brunette wiped his eyes. "Can you walk?" He said, noticing the boy leaning on his right side more than left.

"I don't think so," He replied, attempting to take a few steps before wincing and stopping.

"Get on my back. I'll take you home," The Italian said sadly, bending down to allow the boy on his back. As the two walked off, he continued to wipe the tears off his face, a frown on his lips. He should be happy that he saved someone, yet...all he was felt was an over whelming sadness. As a country, he had killed others before-you couldn't be as old as him(he was older than Germany even)and not have done your fair share of murder. But each time it happened, he could never feel satisfied with himself. 'I'm sorry, God. I killed one of your creatures. I saved someone though, that should count for something...but if so, why do I still feel like I did something wrong?'

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