I do not own Fullmetal, just the characters I made up.

It was an unusually cold, silent night that was interrupted by the brisk clanking of high heels. A young, beautiful women in a dark dress, coat, head scarf, and sun glasses quickly to her rendezvous point to deliver the object in her arms. It was an ordinary looking woven basket that made her look like she was returning from the grocery store, but it had a lid on it, and looked desperate to keep its contence hidden.

She arrived at her point of destination, and when she saw that no one was there, she felt a mix of anxiety, worry, and fear.

'He should have been here by now. Where is he? They'll die if I keep them.' She thought as she looked longingly at the basket.

She looked to see if the coast was clear, when she was that it was, she lifted the lid. Inside where a pair of odd looking baby girls. One had long (long for a newborn) black hair and pale skin. She wore purple clothes that covered her mysterious snake tattoos on her arms, but failed to hide the ouroboros tattoo on her tiny hand. The second was smaller, and had had less hair and had a spider tattoo on her shoulder and had an ouroboros tattoo on her collarbone. They were swaddled in soft violet blankets and had an extra soft and fluffy pillow for a bed.

The woman smiled at the infants as she removed her glasses and head scarf, revealing a beautiful woman with long, wavy black hair, pale skin, and purple eyes.

The older baby began to cry, somehow sensing the depart.

"Hush my child. Everything will be alright." She said sweetly in an attempt to comfort her. When this failed, she began singing lullabies.

Hush now, my baby

Be still now, don't cry

Sleep as you're rocked by the stream

Sleep and remember my last lullaby,

So I'll be with you when you dream

When it did not help, she sung more lullabies.

On the wind, cross the sea

Hear this song and remember

Soon you'll be home with me

Once upon a December.

When she finished, the child had fallen back asleep. She smiled as the child slowly closed her eyes and drifted into slumber. She was so worried about someone finding her she was terrified when she heard the sound of soft clapping.

"Bravo 'mommy' I didn't know you could sing." Said a tall, handsome young man as he walked out of the shadows.

She glared at him.

"You're late Greed." She said to the man known as Greed.

"I know I know. I'm sorry, but do you have any idea how hard it is to leave chimera in charge of running a business?" He asked defensively.

She glared at him.

"So Lusty, did you bring them?"

She rolled her eyes.

"Of course I brought them. The one with the snake tattoos is Medusa. The one with the spider tattoo is Arachne. I gave you some things to give them incase anything bad happens. I also left some presents for when they got older. Please take care of them."

Greed eyed the children.

"Wow, they look a lot like us."

Lust sighed.

"I know that! Just take care of them!"

"Fine." He said as he picked up the basket and walked away, taking them to their new home.

"I'm gonna be one hell of a dad."

Sorry it was short. I was tired when I wrote this.