Title: What If ?

Rating: T, will go up in future chapters.

Genre: Romance, and Adventure

Summary: What if Tsuna was the sky arcobaleno? What if Giotto was No-good and Vongola Decimo ? What if there was no curse for the sky arcobaleno to live a short life? What if Xanxus was like Tsuna brother? What if Reborn was Giotto tutor? What if...

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Two figures enter a bar, the first one was a man in black suit, and he had black hair with curly sideburns and a lizard on top of his fedora. The other was a baby with an orange pacifier around his neck, a white button shirt, orange shorts, white and orange converse, and a lion-cub on his head.

Inside the bar there were two men in suit drinking.

"It's Reborn and Tsuna; it seems the old man called you again," the first man said (Me: let's call him man A).

"Must be tough being popular where are you going next, Roma? Venezia?" the second man asked (Me: let's call him man B.)

"Japan," the baby known as Tsuna answered.

"WHAT!" the two men yelled in unison.

"Seems like the old man finally made up his mind," man B muttered to himself shock.

"It seems like it's going to be a long trip," the man knows as Reborn said to Tsuna.

Tsuna only nodded his head in agreement jumping in Reborn arms.


"Mou, you came in middle of class again, what do you plan to do in the future?" a woman said entering a very messy room; she got brown hair and brown eyes as well. She was also known as Sawada Nana.

"DON'T COME INTO MY ROOM WITHOUT KNOCKING FIRST!" a boy yell standing up from his bed, he got blond hair and sky blue eyes. He was known as Sawada Giotto or Dame-Gio by his classmates.

"I'm not telling you that you have to go to a good high school or college you know," she said but was sadly ignored by her son.

"I don't want you to live your life so boring; I want you to live it happily so I want you to shout. It's great to be alive," she said while extending her arms wide open.

"Don't say that, it would be embarrassing if someone heard you," Giotto said, turning away from his mother and sitting on the bed.

"Gio-kun you're getting home tutors," she said, putting a hand on her hip.

"HOME TUTORS?" Giotto screamed, almost falling from his bed.

"There was a flyer in the mail box this morning," she said, taking out a flyer and begin to read it "We will raise your kid to be the leader of the next generation grade and subject doesn't matter, Reborn and Tsuna.

"IT SMELLS LIKE A SCAM!" he yelled not believing what his mother was telling him.

"It's probably two professional tutors; I've always wanted tutors like that for you," she said, excited that someone was willing to teach his son.

"I REFUSE TO HAVE TUTOR'S!" he yelled upset.

Then they heard a "Chaos and Hi." They both turn around and saw a man in black suit with a fedora on top of it was a lizard and a baby with an orange pacifier around his neck a lion-cub on his head sleeping.

"We arrive early but we'll evaluate you now," Reborn said looking at Giotto with his piercing obsidian eyes making Giotto shiver slightly.

"Who are you?" Nana asked, surprised that they could enter the house without her and Giotto hearing or noticing.

"I'm Reborn," Reborn said, introducing himself, he took her hand and kiss the back of it making her blush slightly, he delicately let go of her hand.

"I'm Tsuna," Tsuna said smiling cutely at her.

"Awww, how cute!" she squealed and begin to cuddle him.

"Haha t-that's f-funny what could c-can a b-baby and o-old man t-teach m-me Haha!" Giotto said in between his laughter.

"So you're Giotto," Reborn said but it came out more like and statement than a question, you could see him twitching slightly at the mention of him been an old man.

"I'm s-sorry b-but, there's nothing I c-can learn from you Haha," Giotto said still laughing while clutching his stomach. That earned him a smack on the head by Reborn.

"Ouch!" Giotto yelped cradling his head which was in pain because of the harsh blow.

"Well, nice to meet you my name is Sawada Nana," she said introducing herself while shaking hands with Reborn. Tsuna was still in her arms. "But you can call me maman," she continued.

She looked down when she felt Tsuna tugging on her sleeve trying to get her attention.

"Maman, I'm hungry," Tsuna said, looking at her with his big-brown eyes.

"Kyaaa!" She squealed, hugging him tightly against her putting her face in his fluffy brown hair. She look at him for a moment, putting him down next to Reborn.

"I'm going to do dinner~" she sing-sang leaving the room.

Giotto was still cradling his head. Tsuna got concern and walked towards him while asking. "You okay?"

"Let him be, Tsuna, He's overreacting," Reborn said, sitting on the bed.

"Overreacting! You hit my head hard," Giotto said, standing up then continue. "And you, how can you even be a tutor you're just a baby." He then continue babbling nonsense.

Tsuna slightly pissed kick him on the head. Then he went to Reborn and sat on his lap while facing Giotto and said. "That's rude."

Giotto was mad that Tsuna and Reborn had hit him. So he went in front of them and try to punch them but Reborn smoothly dodge the punch. He then put Tsuna next to him and took a gun out of nowhere and said. "Don't even try to attack us, we don't have openings. My true line of work is assassination."

"And our real job is to make you a mafia boss," Tsuna continue talking for Reborn and he as well took a gun out of nowhere.

"A MAFIA BOSS!" Giotto yelled in disbelief.

"We were assigned by a certain man to train you to be an astounding mafia boss," Reborn said pointing his gun at Giotto. Tsuna followed his example and did the same thing.

"You're both crazy!" Giotto yelled, pulling on his hair.

"Should we shoot you once?" Reborn said, smirking at Giotto's scared expression.

"Hey," Giotto said nervous, looking at the gun which look very real.

"But not now," Tsuna and Reborn said at the same time, hiding their gun's.

"We are hungry," Reborn said, Tsuna was on his shoulder.

"Ciao ciao!" Tsuna said before they disappeared.

"What a crazy duo, I hope mom learned her lesson," Giotto murmured to himself while walking down stairs.

"Gio-kun you're not going to eat dinner?" Nana asked, coming out of the kitchen.

"I'm eating out, so can I have some money?" Giotto asked then continue. "And about the tutors..." He started, but got interrupted by his mom.

"The contract also states that Tsu-kun and Reborn-kun will live here until your grade's go up," She said while Giotto look at the duo who were sitting in the table eating.

*Scene Change*

"Why are you following me?" Giotto yelled then point at Tsuna. "And don't you have to go to Grade school?"

"A mafioso doesn't go to Grade school," Tsuna responded, he and Reborn were following Giotto since he left the house to go to school.

"You're not a mafioso!" Giotto exclaimed then he stop walking and hid behind a wall, which was confusing to both Tsuna and Reborn. Then a girl with orange and brown-ish hair and big caramel eyes, with the girls school uniform from Namimori Middle appeared. When she turns around the corner she saw Tsuna and Reborn.

'What is SHE doing here I thought she was with Them,' Tsuna thought confused.

"How cute!" she squealed and begin to walk towards them, she then quickly recognized Tsuna and Reborn, but the look in Tsuna eyes were telling her that they would talk about it later, so she went in front on him and asked, "why do you have a little lion?" tilting her head to the side with fake curiosity, already knowing the answer.

"Because he's my partner," he responded kindly.

"What's his name?" she asked, getting closer to him.

"Natsu," he responded, not minding her being so close to him.

'How can Sasagawa Kyoko like this brat,' Giotto thought, upset that Kyoko like Tsuna so fast.

"Well good luck, bye bye," she said, waving her hand leaving.

"Ciao ciao," he responded, waving back.

"That's mafia seduction," Reborn said, picking Tsuna up holding him in his arms.

"HE'S NOT A MAFIOSO!" Giotto exclaimed tired of their little game, but to his dismissed they ignored him.

"You have a crush on her?" Reborn asked, amusement dancing in his eyes.

"That's none of your business!" Giotto yelled, his face bright red.

"It seems that you do," Tsuna said smirking.

"Just leave me alone," Giotto said in despair.

"No," Reborn responded, smacking Giotto head.

"Oww," Giotto yelped in pain.

"Have you told her yet?" Tsuna asked curiously.

"Of course not," Giotto responded in embarrassement, he hated the fact that they could find out about his crush on Kyoko so easily.

"Sasagawa Kyoko is the school idol, I'm not in her league, it's not use confessing my feelings," he said like it was the most obvious thing in the world.

"Your loser complex is amazing!" Tsuna amazed that Giotto looked at himself so low.

"Shut up," Giotto snapped at Tsuna, but he was unfazed by how Giotto responded to him.

"It's finally time," Reborn said which got Giotto confused.

"Die," Reborn said, transforming his partner Leon into a gun and point it at Giotto.

"It's not real, Right?" Giotto asked sweating.

"Go die at once," Tsuna said, smirking at Giotto reaction.

"I don't see the point in me getting kill!" Giotto yelled mad, thinking that they were making fun of him.

"You'll know when you die," Reborn responded and shoot him in the forehead.

'I'm going to die. What a waste, if I had the will I would have told Sasagawa how I felt,' Giotto thought, falling backwards. Many people were surrounding Giotto body, Reborn smoothly hid the gun but Tsuna was calmly watching the scene in front of him. Then Giotto clothes rip apart and he came out in his underwear, but there was a flame in his forehead.

"REBORN!" He yelled, then continue, "I'M GOING TO TELL SASAGAWA KYOKO HOW I FEEL WITH MY DYING WILL!" and he began to run towards the direction Kyoko went to, the people start to whisper to each other things like "what a crazy kid" and other stuff.

"Its dying will time," Reborn whispered to Tsuna, smirking in amusement at the turn of events.

Giotto was running towards the same direction Kyoko went off, but tripped over someone who was delivering food and fell backwards on a small cliff but he took hold of a pole. He then pull himself up and jumped in front of Kyoko who was walking besides a boy who look a little older than her his named was Mochida.

"SASAGAWA KYOKO PLEASE GO OUT WITH ME!" Giotto yelled, pointing at her who visible paled.

"KYAAA!" she screamed, running towards the school.

Mochida punched him in the jaw and yelled, "YOU BASTARD, YOU ARE A HENTAI!" and went after Kyoko.

'Oh no I confess my feelings to her and at this rate everyone is going to think I'm a hentai,' Giotto thought in despair.

"The dying will bullet lasts only 5 minutes. After 5 minutes you revert back to normal," Reborn explained, appearing out of nowhere while Tsuna was sitting on his shoulder, looking like he was remembering something.

"A BULLET!" Giotto yelled in disbelief snapping Tsuna out of his daze, he was about to say something, but got interrupted by two voices.

"GIOTTO!" two red-hair boys yelled while running his way.

"G, COZART!" Giotto yelled relieved that his friends were with him.

"What the fuck is wrong with you? only an idiot would confess in front of the whole school on his underwear," G said while smacking the blond-hair boy, only for Giotto to whined saying it wasn't his fault.

"You okay?" Cozart asked concerned about his friend well-being.

"Y-yeah, I'm okay," Giotto said, rubbing his head.

"So you must be G," Tsuna said, pointing at the on Giotto's right with red-hair boy with the tattoo then he said, "and you must be Cozart," pointing at the on Giotto's left who also had red-hair but no tattoo.

"Who the hell are you?" G asked Reborn and Tsuna.

'Damn I forgot about them,' Giotto thought, cursing himself for forgetting that they were with him.

"I'm Reborn and that's Tsuna," Reborn said then continued, "we're Dame-Gio home tutors."

"What the fuck!" G cursed, looking at Tsuna in disbelief.

"Let's go to the roof so we can explain everything," Tsuna suggested, but it came out more like a command.

Wveryone nodded in agreement.

*On the Roof*

Tsuna gave Giotto a bag with clothes in it, so Giotto was already dressed.

"So you two are Giotto tutors?" G asked, extremely calm that it creep Giotto and Cozart out. It was like the calmness before the storm.

"Yeah," Tsuna responded, watching in amusement the expression the other two wore in their faces.

"I understand him," G begin pointing at Reborn then he pointed at Tsuna, "BUT HE'S BABY!"

"DID YOU FUCKING SUNK SO LOW THAT A BABY HAVE TO TEACH YOU!" G asked, yelling at Giotto at the same time shaking him harshly. Cozart stayed quiet during the whole conversation, looking at Tsuna intently.

"We came to make him a mafia boss," Reborn said, looking at the scene in front of him calmly.

"WHAT!" G and Cozart yelled, not believing that they're friend was in the mafia.

"Look here," Tsuna said showing them a paper with names in it then continued. "Your great great great grandfather was Vongola Primo so you're a direct candidate to become Vongola Decimo, someone kill the other candidates."

"So it's true," Giotto whispered, his sky blue eyes widen, he didn't want to be mafia boss.

"Vongola?" Cozart asked.

"Vongola is the most powerful mafia in Italy," Reborn responded.

The three teenagers paled when he said that. Cozart and G now remembered what their brothers told them about the Vongola Famiglia.

"Herbivores," acold voice said and a boy with platinum blond hair appeared, his named was Alaude.

"Leave or I will arrest you," he threated, taking out a pair of cuffs, but he was looking at Reborn and Tsuna.

"O-ok, let's go," Giotto said while dragging his two friends away. G was glaring at Alaude but allowed Giotto to drag him, when Alaude saw that the trio left he turned to the other duo.

"What are you doing here, Baby and Carnivore?"

"We came to tutor Vongola Decimo," Tsuna said seriously, Alaude was shocked that the Ninth had finally decided.

"So he finally decide, Huh?" he whispered shocked, but didn't really show it. His expression was still emotionless.

Reborn nodded his head.

"Which of those three herbivores that left is going to be Vongola Decimo?" Alaude asked, not looking at the duo at all.

"Sawada Giotto," Tsuna said, looking at Alaude.

"Do you want to become part of Giotto's familgia?" Reborn asked, looking straight at Alaude steel blue eyes when he raised his head.

"They're herbivores," Alaude said, he then turn to walk away but stopped when he heard Tsuna said. "Test them."

Alaude stop a moment to think and responded, "hm, bring them here tomorrow," when he finished saying that he had already left.

When he left Tsuna gave a tiring sigh and he turned towards Reborn.

"He acts just like him, Right?" he asked, giving him a tiring smile.

"Hm," Reborn said then he turned around, but said over his shoulder.

"Someone is here to talk to you I guess it's private, ciao ciao." When he finish talking, he had already disappear.

"You can come out now...Kyoko," Tsuna said and Kyoko came out from behind the door.

"It's been a while Kyoko," he said, smiling warmly at her.

"Tsu-kun I missed you," she said, running towards her and she pick him up hugging tightly against her.

"Are you alone? I thought that they were with you," he said, looking around seeing if there were anyone besides them in the roof. Even though he knew that he didn't tell them anything, he still wanted to check.

"Hm, they decided to stay in Italy a little longer," she responded then continued talking,"does Giotto know?"

"No, he will know when the time is right," Tsuna said, smirking sadistically imagining his student reaction when he found out.

*Scene Change*

"Look it's the underwear hentai!" a random boy yelled, pointing at him while everyone else laugh at him. Everyone was making more fun of him than usual because of the events that happened earlier.

"Shut up!" G snapped while glaring at everyone in the room who were making fun of Giotto.

Then a random boy entered the room he was walking towards Giotto and he stop in front of him saying, "Mochida-sempai said he challenge you to a battle now in the dojo," when he finished talking he quickly left. Everyone in the room start to snickered at his misfortune while he paled in fear.

"WHAT!" Giotto screamed, he didn't want to go but he felt a little better that his friends went with him.

"I don't want to go, his going to beat me," Giotto complained while he was dragged to the dojo by G and Cozart.

"Come on go, we will be cheering for you," Cozart said when they got in front of the entrance of the dojo.

"Che, just go," G snapped while glaring at him.

"O-ok," Giotto stuttered out, going into the dojo his legs were trembling in fear, but G and Cozart were behind him so that gave him a bit of courage.

"So you came," Mochida said, starting to get cocky when Giotto went in front of him. G and Cozart went next to Kyoko and her best friend, Hana.

"The rules are simple you just have to hit me one time and you win but if I hit you one time I win," Mochida explained. He then turn around and point at Kyoko while saying, "and Kyoko is the prize." Kyoko was trying to get free from Hana grip but couldn't. Hana was holding Kyoko back from going to slap Mochida, even though she wanted to do the same thing.

Giotto and Mochida were facing each other, both of them got a bamboo sword in their hands.

"GOD MAY FORGIVE A PIECE OF CRAP LIKE YOU BUT I WON'T. I SHALL SMACK YOU!" Mochida said, leaping towards Giotto when the referee blows his whistle, only for Giotto to dodge clumsily and begin to run away.

"COME BACK HERE YOU COWARD!" Mochida yelled, chasing after him.

"GO/YOU CAN DO IT/SHOW HIM WHAT YOU GOT!" Kyoko, Cozart, and G yelled, cheering him and Mochida both turned around, shock at the trio outburst.

"It's time," Reborn whispered to Tsuna, they were in a nearby balcony and then he shoot Giotto with the dying will bullet in the forehead.

Giotto fall backwards, making Kyoko glance briefly at the direction the bullet came from only to meet with Tsuna gazed, he then smirked at her, making her blush slightly as she turned her attention back at the scene just in time to see Giotto in his boxers and flame in his forehead and she heard him yelled, "REBORN!"

"I'LL BEAT MOCHIDA WITH MY DYING WILL!" Giotto yelled, then ran towards Mochida hitting him in the face breaking his nose, turning towards the referee to see if he won, the referee didn't said nothing, so he begin to rip Mochida hair. The referee couldn't take it anymore and gave him the point. Giotto then went back to normal.

"H-he won!" some people shouted, amaze that Giotto actual won at something. Cozart and G were surprised and happy that their friend won, they then went to congratulate him.

*Time Skip*

"Today was a good day," Giotto muttering to himself, flopping on his bed.

"So you accept your position as the next Vongola boss?" Tsuna asked, appearing out of nowhere with Reborn in their P.J.

"NO, IM NOT GOING TO BE A MAFIA BOSS!" Giotto screamed then calm down and asked, "what did you shoot me with earlier?"

"This is the dying will bullet," Tsuna said, showing him a red bullet, then Reborn continued for him.

"A person that is shoot with this bullet will resurrect with dying will after dying. Your dying will it's based on what you regret when you die."

"What if I didn't regret anything?" Giotto hesitantly asked, having a bad feeling at the way Reborn smirked.

"I'm an assassin," Reborn said emotionless.

"I WOULD HAVE DIED!" Giotto screamed, pulling his hair. He then saw that Reborn and Tsuna were sleeping on his bed and he snapped.

"GET OFF!" He yelled, walking towards the bed.

"I put bombs around the bed and if you disturbed us you will die," Reborn said, going back to sleep.

"You know what? I'll just sleep in the couch," Giotto grumbled to himself as he took a blanket and pillow, getting out of the room.


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