Title: What If ?

Rating: T, will go up in future chapters.

Genre: Romance, and Adventure

Summary: What if Tsuna was the sky arcobaleno? What if Giotto was No-good and Vongola Decimo ? What if there was no curse for the sky arcobaleno to live a short life? What if Xanxus was like Tsuna's brother? What if Reborn was Giotto's tutor? What if...

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The next day Asari went with them to school, and that meant that there was a new addition to Giotto's group, which G was not happy about.

It wasn't that he was not happy that Giotto made a new friend, but he didn't understand why it had to be Asari.

'He annoys me so much, but not as much as that idiot cow,' G thought when he heard the way Asari was laughing. It was that friendly laugh that made it sound like nothing was wrong with the world at all. He looked at Lampo and scowled.

He met Asari and Lampo before because both of their brothers knew each other. No, it wasn't his Onii-chan, who he knew and he cared for. This was his half-brother, even though his blood related brother loved him. G also cared for him but it wasn't the same as his Onii-chan. No, he had a stronger relationship with him than with his real half-brother.

Anyways, they met, but Asari was way too friendly with him, and he didn't like that since he was never like that himself. He start getting more irritated with Asari with each passing day. And with Lampo, he was way too lazy and he thought that everyone was supposed to do what he wanted, which pissed G off to no extent.

He snap out of his thoughts when he heard Cozart asking him something.

"What?" G became curious when he saw the way Cozart was looking at him.

"Oh, nothing. I was asking why were you so quiet." Cozart responded worriedly.

"I was remembering how I met that idiot and that cow over there," G said while he point to Asari. When Asari noticed that, he waved at G while Lampo just gave him a bored look.

G just scowled at Asari and Lampo, showing his displeasure.

Cozart nodded, knowing that G's irritation towards Asari and Lampo - which was worse.

He never met Asari and Lampo before, except when he just saw them in parties of some Mafia families, but never talk to them. He did met G though. It had something to do with his brother, but he also remembered there was a person who G was clinging to. But he still didn't really remember the man's face, the only thing he remembered was that the man's eyes were warm and gentle.

Cozart looked at Tsuna, who was sitting on Giotto's head. He had a feeling he met Tsuna before, but he didn't remember when. Tsuna turned to look at him and smirked, making Cozart shiver.

Reborn look at Tsuna and then at Cozart while he shaking his head.

'Tsuna, you're something else,' Reborn thought while he sensed someone on a roof. When he looked, he knew exactly who it was.

Tsuna also looked towards a roof and paled slightly when he saw the person.

'Shit, one of them is here. I'm screwed,' Tsuna thought while jumping in Reborn's arms, surprising Giotto.

"What's wrong, Tsuna?" Giotto asked while looking at him. He didn't know why but he felt something was wrong with Tsuna.

"Nothing. All of you go to school by yourselves. Lampo you coming with me and Reborn," Tsuna ordered while giving off a boss aura. He knew if the other person got more irritated, he wouldn't hold back.

All of them nodded while Lampo went with the duo.

'Tsuna, what's wrong,' Giotto thought while he went with the others.

*With Tsuna*

Lampo and Reborn jumped on the same roof that other person was on while Tsuna was being hold. When the baby saw them, he turned their way.

"Why did you leave like that again?" The other baby asked while giving off an irritated aura.

"Well, the 9th asked me to so...I couldn't say no," Tsuna responded while sweating. The other baby gave a more dangerous aura and Lampo paled. It was a heavy aura, and it was like it was suffocating him. Reborn was only slightly affected since he sense Tsuna's aura before, and that was much worse than the one this person was giving off.

Tsuna sighed, not affected at all.

"Don't worry. I'm fine. . . Mukuro."

Mukuro looked at him and sighed, but quickly went back to his playful self.

"Kufufu, I'm wasn't worry about you. It's just that the others were more annoying than usual, and I was about to show them what hell is like. I came to bring you back so that they stop being annoying," Mukuro explained while he flipped his hair.

He was wearing a black jacket, a white T-shirt, a black necktie, and black trousers with boots, including two white belts while his blue hair was long and tied up at the back. He had an indigo pacifier around his neck, showing that he was an Arcobaleno. His blue and red eyes showed playfulness and mischief.

Tsuna looked at Mukuro and sighed, knowing that he was worried about him, like the others. He just knew that they would come as well.

"What did that Mafia boss want you to do this time?" Mukuro asked, saying the word Mafia boss with disgust.

"He want me and Reborn to train the next Vongola Boss." Tsuna responded while jumping out of Reborn's arms, landing in front of Mukuro but still kind of far away.

"Kufufu. It seems like there is finally someone who is going to take that Mafia Boss's place," Mukuro said,. Even though he hated the Mafia, he had some respect towards the 9th. He knew that the 9th was slightly different than the others. Tsuna just nodded.

Mukuro turn to look at Reborn and Lampo, his eyes darken in irritation.

"Kufufu. You always seem to let Tsunayoshi do whatever he likes, hitman," Mukuro said, glaring at him.

Tsuna sighed, yet again. It seems like he was doing that all day. He knew how overprotective his guardians were, and all of the other people he knew.

"I do what I want, illusionist," Reborn said, also glaring right back.

They started a glaring contest while giving off killing intent. Lampo shiver at the intensity since he didn't want to be there anymore.

"Mukuro, Reborn. Enough." Tsuna said with authority. Mukuro scoffed while Reborn put his fedora down, but both of them stopped.

"Mukuro, how's everyone?" Tsuna asked while he jump in Lampo's arms.

"Mad," Mukuro responded.

Tsuna paled at that. He didn't need an explanation as to why. He knew the answer to that.

'I feel bad for myself.'

*Back with Giotto*

When Giotto and the others got into the classroom, he turn to the trio.

"D-did you know about the m-mafia?" He asked with hesitation.

G and Cozart sighed, but they knew that they had to tell Giotto the truth.

"I have a half-brother and he's in the Mafia," G responded while all of them sat down at their assigned desks, which were close to each other.

"My brother is also in the Mafia," Cozart said.

"And I also have a half-brother in the Mafia. That's how I know Tsuna and Reborn," Asari said while Giotto looked at all of them in shock. He couldn't believed that all of his friends were in the Mafia!

"W-why did you n-never tell me?" Giotto asked, hurt that the duo didn't tell him anything. He felt like they couldn't trust him.

"Because we didn't want you to freak out. We were going to tell you, but not now," G responded. Giotto sighed, accepting it. After all, they were his friends and he would accept them as they were.

"Fine, but tell me more," Giotto said while pouting slightly.

"Okay, me and Cozart knew each other since we were kids but we just talk and saw each other about 3 times. The flute-bastard and that cow bastard knew me since our brothers also know each other. The idiot, the cow, and I talked and saw each other many times," G explained while he threw looks at Asari when he said 'flute-bastard' and 'idiot,' he knew that he didn't have to tell him who the cow was. After all, who else wears that cow print shirt but Lampo.

Giotto looked at them in shock, he didn't know that the three of them knew each other since a long time ago, but he did know that Lampo was in the Mafia. After all, he introduced himself as a Bovino hitman.

"Is that all?" Giotto asked while snapping out of his shock.

"Pretty much," Cozart said while rubbing his forehead. Asari stayed silent, listening, of course. He remembered G and Lampo as well, and he saw Cozart sometimes at parties he attended with his brother when his brother needed to talk to some Mafia Families.

"I also saw Asari and Lampo since his brother sometimes came to talk to my brother," Cozart said.

*With Tsuna*

Tsuna and the others were looking at them from the branch of some tree.

"I have a plan," Tsuna said while smirking evilly from Lampo's arms.

"What plan?" Reborn asked, knowing that look.

"Let's make a Famiglia Entrance Test," Tsuna responded.

"Kufufu. You also enjoy torturing people," Mukuro said while he patted his owl head. The owl was named Mukurowl, and he had ordered his pet to stay silent until he told it to come out.

"Yare yare, but its going to take so much work," Lampo said while he leaned against the tree.

"Nope, is going to be with just our weapons," Tsuna said while the others listen carefully to his directions.

*Time Skip*

It was finally time to get out of school, until Tsuna came out of nowhere, telling them to go to the baseball field of the school.

"What's going on, now?" Giotto asked Tsuna when he jump into his arms.

"You're about to find out," Tsuna responded while he smirked slightly. The other three decided to stay quiet. When they got there Tsuna jumped out of Giotto's arms and jump onto Reborn's shoulder. Giotto and the others recognized all of the people there except one. It was a baby there with an indigo pacifier like Tsuna's except the color.

"Who is that?" Giotto asked Tsuna referring to Mukuro.

"That's Mukuro," Tsuna answered. He then he looked at the four of them.

"The four of you. Introduce yourselves."

"Fine. I'm Sawada Giotto," Giotto said.

Mukuro looked at Tsuna while he tilted his head. Tsuna nodded.

'It seems like that's the future Vongola Decimo,' Mukuro thought.

"G," G said while he scowled at him. Mukuro noted that he was nothing like his half-brother.

"I'm Shimon Cozart," Cozart said. Mukuro remembered him from when there were meetings, but that was when Cozart was smaller so, of course he wouldn't remember.

"I'm Ugetsu Asari," Asari was while bowing slightly in politeness. Mukuro hadn't met him, but he did see him with his brother, even though Asari's brother didn't show it, he was rather protective of his younger brother.

Now that G, Cozart, and Giotto remembered, Tsuna told them that the Arcobaleno had pacifiers.

"You're an Arcobaleno, right?" Cozart asked Mukuro who chuckled.

"I am," Mukuro responded, knowing about his curiosity,

"Which one?" G asked. The Arcobaleno topic was interesting.

"Why should I tell you?" Mukuro asked. After all, they didn't need to know about them. But he saw that Tsuna looked at him and nodded. It seems like his boss was allowing him to tell them.

'Tsunayoshi must be planning something,' Mukuro thought in amusement.

Mukuro looked at them and noted that they had different reactions. G was obviously irritated, while Cozart looked down, and Giotto was looking at him.

"Kufufu, I'm the Mist Arcobaleno," Mukuro said.

'Seems like I was wrong,' Cozart thought while G and Giotto looked at them, wondering what that meant.

Asari looked at them with curiosity until he remembered his brother telling him something about them being the strongest of the Mafia world, but he didn't know that Tsuna was one of them and that the other baby named Mukuro also was.

"You're an Arcobaleno, Tsuna?" Asari asked. He wanted to see if he was right.

"Yes," Tsuna responded. Lampo was looking at them bored. He didn't introduced himself since he and Mukuro already knew each other.

Reborn, on the other hand, was getting irritated. When were they going to start the test? He decided to tell Tsuna who seemed to have forgotten.

"Tsuna, remember the test," Reborn whispered in his ear while Tsuna shiver when the hot breath that came in contact with his ear.

G, Giotto, Asari, and Cozart felt something inside them. It was like anger, yet it was different.

Lampo twitched at what Reborn did, and Mukuro's playfulness was gone from his eyes.

"Hitman, don't cross the line," Mukuro almost growled out.

"I didn't do anything wrong," Reborn said with fake innocence, but his eyes showed that he was taunting Mukuro.

"Enough," Tsuna said while his eyes showed a hint of orange as they harden.

They immediately stop, not wanting to suffer Tsuna's wrath.

Tsuna jump off Reborn's arms, landing in front of the G, Cozart, Giotto, and Asari.

"We're going to have a Family Entrance Test," Tsuna said while the four of them paled slightly.

"B-but I didn't agree to this!" Giotto exclaimed while pulling his hair.

"Anyways, the one doing the test is Asari," Tsuna said, ignoring Giotto.

"Eh? Me," Asari asked. Sure he was the newest to the group, but he didn't think he needed a test for it.

"Yes you. You're first test will be on stamina," Tsuna said.

Asari was confused. He knew about the mafia, but he didn't think that he needed to start training now. His father told him a little about the way of the sword, but he never paid any attention. He always preferred playing the flute over kendo or any other sword fighting. Although, he did think it was a bit interesting.

"Of course, sooner or later, I want to test you all to see which weapon will suit you the most, but for now, this is just a Family Entrance Test," Tsuna said.

Reborn sighed again. Tsuna was going easy on them. He would have given Asari a weapon right there.

"You will all begin training soon enough, so don't get your hopes up that this will get you out of it." Giotto groaned at Tsuna's words. Was there really no escape?

Tsuna turned to Mukuro and nodded. Mukuro smirked in response and got ready. The kanji in his red eye changed to one and the scenery changed.

"Welcome to the First Realm: The Realm of Hell," Mukuro said, as everyone except Asari seemed to vanish. Asari looked around and found himself on a . . . Beach? Wasn't he just at school?

"Good luck," he heard a voice say. The next thing he knew, everything was falling apart.


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